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LinkedIn Live Video: How to Live Stream to LinkedIn Live?

There is no doubt that visual content has taken over the internet now and you can gauge it by the popularity of YouTube, Instagram, and the various video-sharing apps. Live video streaming has been started by almost all the popular social media platforms, and LinkedIn has joined the bandwagon through its LinkedIn Live.

Introduction to LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is a live-streaming service launched by LinkedIn to cash-in on the rising popularity of online video contents. Purely for business and career, this feature is directed to the growing professional audience who are looking for ways and means to promote their businesses and services.

Applying for LinkedIn Live Video

Since LinkedIn Live is in the testing phase, it is not open to all. In fact, when it was launched, it began on an invite-only basis in the United States. Others who need LinkedIn Live Video services have to fill an application form.

Only when LinkedIn approves your application, will you be able to use it. The LinkedIn Live Broadcaster application is available online on LinkedIn and you can search for it using the LinkedIn Help tool.

This application can be filled as an individual or on behalf of your organization (LinkedIn page). The application details are simple and you have to give a convincing answer on how well you intend to use this feature. If you are filling it on behalf of your company, LinkedIn gives the streaming access to three more page admins.

Requirements for LinkedIn Live Streaming

  • To go live on LinkedIn, you need to leverage a third-party broadcast tool which then allows for you to go live from your personal profile or organization’s page. The partner tools that are allowed by LinkedIn are
  • Socialive
  • Switcher Studio (for iOS only)
  • Wirecast
  • StreamYard
  • Wowza Cloud and some others.
  • Most of these offer free trails. You will have to pay certain broadcasting associated fees when you use the services of these tools.
  • You should have at least 10 MBPS upload speed in your internet connection.
  • Confirm that the following of your ports are open

TCP port 1935 + 1936
TCP port 2936

These are the LinkedIn Live Stream requirements.

Steps for Using LinkedIn Live

  • Submit an application to LinkedIn and you will be eligible for live streaming after their acceptance.
  • Sign-up for a third-party partner tool to help you to broadcast the video.
  • Authenticate your LinkedIn account using this tool.
  • Check your internet connection speed (Upload speed of 10 MBPS recommended by LinkedIn)
  • Prepare well in advance for the live shot regarding the topic, discussion, camera, audio, background and so on.
  • Start your live broadcast
  • Ask for help from your partner to monitor the live comments and reactions.
  • Click on the ‘End Broadcast’ button when you are done.
  • The video will still be available on Recent Activity or Page feed for viewer access.

How to Broadcast to LinkedIn Live?

  • The first step to start LinkedIn Live is to select an appropriate third-party partner broadcaster tool based on your budget and streaming requirements.
  • The selected tool will then be integrated into your LinkedIn profile.
  • The integration process requires authentication and other processes which will be detailed by the selected broadcaster tool.

Some checkpoints before you start your LinkedIn Live streaming:

  • Your internet should have at least 10 MBPS upload speed.
  • Plan your stream before you go live.
  • Get only the required people inside the room.
  • Use relevant hashtags in the stream description to get more people to watch it.
  • Analyze your audience and select a convenient date and time to go live.
  • You can make use of the sponsored content to boost promotions of your LinkedIn Live Stream.
  • To end live streaming, you have to just click on the ‘End Broadcast’ button on the broadcaster tool that you have selected to stream. The replay will stay on the Page feed as a regular video. You can also view it on ‘Recent Activity’.
  • The live stream can be downloaded for re-purposing it. The live stream can be analyzed for these parameters.
  • Live stream- count of viewers, total minutes watched, viewer count for replay version
  • Engagement- Number of reactions, comments, and likes
  • Location from where it was watched, top pages etc.
  • Use can measure the drop-off point and drop-off rate to see what your viewers did not like.
  • Make use of analytics for LinkedIn Live Video optimization.

How Can Businesses Leverage LinkedIn Live?

Launch of new product /service:

Companies can come live to demonstrate their new product or service. They can also answer viewer queries related to the use of the product or service.

Interviews and Q&A sessions:

If businesses have to demonstrate authority in your field, they can conduct Q&A sessions or interview with their experts to promote their services.


If businesses are conducting an event or are a part of it, then they can cover their sessions live in that event. Events may be celebrations, seminars, conferences, keynotes, the launch of a new product, etc.

Weekly/ fortnightly, or series-based episodes:

In the weekly live streaming, you can share tips, tricks, and best practices regarding your niche. It can be a combination of interviews, Q&A, tips, analysis, insights, reviews, showcasing your talent, etc.

Post- live benefits:

The live videos can be downloaded and its clips can be used by the businesses for promotion purposes on every other social media platforms.

Live Video Analysis:

The analysis of LinkedIn Live video streaming helps organizations to know customer insights. The analysis can be optimized for the next live streaming to attract more viewers and added engagement.

To Sum It All!

LinkedIn Live Streaming 2019 holds promise because video content is the future and it goes without reasoning that businesses need to take advantage of it. Even though other social media platforms have already rolled out their live video streaming, LinkedIn will still rule the roost for professionals and business houses.

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