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How Brands Can Take Advantage Of YouTube Mobile Live Streaming

YouTube, as we all know, had a considerable name for offering video streaming.  Of late, YouTube started to experiment live streaming on its mobile app.

YouTube has its own commendable name on PC as well as Mobile phones.  The number of users that are hooked to the App is increasing day in and day out.

The latest trend in this direction is live streaming.  YouTube could get the best opportunity to roll out its ambitious plan of Mobile Live Streaming on the occasion when House Democrats live streamed a sit-in to protest the Republican Majority’s inaction on gun control.

Based on the initial success, YouTube is planning to offer the product to many more operators.  At present, the mobile live streaming is available to select operators only.

Advertisement on YouTube has got its own immense impression and Brands are ready to spend unlimited funds to take advantage of advertising on YouTube.

Though the sit-in program gave the edge to Periscope, YouTube is much anxious to roll out its ambitious plans to widen the offer of mobile live streaming.

Now with the latest addition of mobile live streaming, YouTube is gaining dual advantages:

1) It will be directly competing with platforms like Periscope, Facebook, Meerkat etc

2) It will be attracting Brands to go in for huge advertisements on YouTube.

Brands are already aware of the success that advertising on YouTube can bring for their products/services. The latest buzzword being the Mobile Live Streaming, brands can definitely take advantage of the newest technology.

With the established market share of YouTube, Brands are expected to form a queue to renew their partnership with YouTube.  YouTube, as it is, is facing stiff competition from many platforms offering more or less similar programs like video streaming etc.

The mobile live streaming, being a new and challenging technology and that too coming from well-accepted platform like YouTube will definitely find more takers. And this will be a win-win situation for all the stakeholders i.e., YouTube, Brands, customers etc.

The Ultimate Guide to YouNow Live Stream Video Chat

What is YouNow Live Stream Video Chat?

YouNow Live Stream Video Chat, on this platform you can interact with live broadcasters and run live to associate with your audience! Have some good times guesting onscreen, taking selfies, sending gifts, and making moments. Explore: Browse live video and make up for lost time with what you missed at the Moments Feed.

The four-year-old streaming startup recently raised a $15 million round of funding. The interaction amongst performers and their audiences are what separates YouNow from other buzzy live streaming services, for example, Periscope or Meerkat.The normal mobile session length on YouNow is around six minutes. The normal mobile broadcast length is around 18 minutes.

How to use YouNow Live Stream Video Chat

When you open up the app & sign up, you’ll able to pick a few categories you’re keen on, so you’re shown significant streams.

● When you start watching a live stream, you can participate with different users in the group chat.

● Only a couple of YouNow’s prevalent channels: musicians, art, pets, and singing.

● On the upper left-hand corner, you can perceive how lengthy a user has been streaming.

● One charming part of YouNow’s app is “Advice” area. Individuals can take questions live from fans & followers, doling out advice on camera.

● In the upper-right hand corner, you can perceive what number individuals are watching.

● You can “like” a performance that helps your most loved live streamers trend. Interactivity is a tremendous segment of YouNow

Users can likewise offer gifts to their most loved performers, who are like celebrities on the app and according to their fans. YouNow profits by taking a cutoff users’ in-app purchases each time somebody buys “bars,” i.e., the virtual currency used to tip their most loved performers. You can likewise use virtual coins to send interactive goodies, like the animations underneath, to a performer. The more you interrelate with this app, more coins you’re given to use.

Best Practices for YouNow Live Stream Video Chat

The additional time you spend on the app, the more your recommended videos get to be custom fitted to your taste. Spend enough time on YouNow, and you’ll start to recognize the YouNow-well known performers.

Business Promotion using YouNow Live Stream Video Chat

For these YouNow broadcasters, ascending to the top is a kind of self-completed celebrity—yet it’s one that pays.Even though YouNow is not advertising, broadcasters can profit from the videos they post on the exceptionally participatory app.

Users can buy bar bundles (bars are the app’s currency) to purchase virtual products like digital hearts/thumbs up to boost their comment or most loved broadcaster.

What are your thoughts on live broadcasting from a business viewpoint? Incorporating it into existing business models unquestionably isn’t for each company, yet maybe taking activities to boost engagement & focus for YouNow is beneficial for “the lion’s share” of their tips. Obviously.

Personal Branding using YouNow Live Stream Video Chat

Users can give digital gifts, basically sticks, fistbumps, like hearts, or beers. These cost coins, which you win from spending time interacting with YouNow. Users can likewise give premium merchandise, which cost money to obtain.

And a 99 cent tip occasionally gets a broadcaster to grin, while more expensive offerings elicit a personal branding or more cozy response. The company won’t share what the revenue split is amongst streamers & YouNow, and saying broadcasters in the partner program get “the lion’s share” of their tips. And here Surely, anybody getting premium merchandise outside the partner program gets no cut.

YouNow Live Stream Video Chat Market Statistics

● YouNow’s topics has 100 million user sessions per month

● Average sessions about 20 minutes each

● 74 percent of users are between the ages of 13 and 24.

● And The supreme famous broadcasters call themselves the 5quad

● Group of boys spending time in age from 15-21 have 1.5 million + fans.

● The normal mobile session length on YouNow is around six minutes.

● The normal mobile broadcast length is around 18 minutes.

One final thing. With this live-streaming app, when you hit the “record” button, you’re directly live-to-air with a potential worldwide audience!

Live-streaming as a medium has been a while yet absence of decent bandwidth and reasonable mobile technology have dependably been a barrier.You might say video live streaming’s time has come. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Live Stream Monetization – The Next Big Thing

Live streaming is popular because people love to watch live events.Technology made it easy now to telecast the live events such as workshops, webinars, sports events, etc.Live streaming is the process of broadcasting live videos that can be accessed by the audience over the internet. They can watch live streaming on computers, tablets, laptops or smartphones.

Various apps such as Periscope and Meerkat are available now for live streaming. Earning money with live video streaming is possible in many ways. Some of these ways are direct, and some are indirect. Advertising for live streaming can be sold to sponsors. Other methods to earn money through live streaming is pay per view and subscription, crowdfunding, etc.

Live streaming can bring revenue when the people are charged to watch it. The audience has to activate the broadcast only after making payment. Pay per View is a paywall setup using which the users can pay a fee and watch the live streaming. Another way to earn money through live streaming is to take subscriptions. The fee is collected from the viewers periodically, and viewers will be allowed to watch broadcasts in that period.

Another way to monetize live streaming is through advertising and sponsorship. Interested advertisers will buy the space to put their advertisement in the lower part f the video or before or after the broadcast. Another form of live streaming monetization is to drive traffic to another product page of the website using the live streaming. This can sometimes increase conversions and can generate revenue.

Live streaming can help to reach out and create bonds with clients. Live streaming is not difficult and helps in customer engagement. Live streaming is easy, and any person with minimal training can use this tool strategically to improve Google search ranks. Apart from all these live streaming is here to stay and creative thinking can help to generate revenue from this.

Fascinating Facts About Netflix

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Challenges Facing the News Industry Right Now using Live Video

The news industry is an important element of mass media focusing on delivering news to the audience.The audience can be the general public or targeted public.The important channels in this industry include print (newspapers), electronic (TV channels).It is a proved fact that both print & electronic media have been able to cater to the requirements of their audience by delivering the news.Each of the channels in both these media is able to prove their niche and harness their audience. Everything about the live video can be found here.

The latest trend that is doing rounds is live video. Many social media platforms are offering this video streaming and that is a real oppurtunity to cater new audiance.

While the earlier media – print & electronic – provided the recorded (not live) news, it enables the viewers to get the instant information on various incidents from anywhere in the world.

Platforms like Facebook,YouTube and Periscope started offering live video streaming facility.The user can use his camera to record and broadcast live incidents through this channel and followers can view, comment & share the same.There are various modalities offered by the channels offering live video streaming. Some of the videos are never repeated while some of the content is enabled for the store and future review as well.

In view of the live video streaming, the news industry is pushed to a defensive position.  Some of the proved facts that can be adopted by the news industry are as follows:

• Improve the use of data in newsrooms.

• Investing more in the online news video.

• Deepening online engagement.

• Increase online revenues.

What changes can be expected in the news industry as a remedy to live to stream?

• Mergers & acquisitions.

• Providing more incentives for start-up companies.

The news industry needs to be all the more careful and practical to counter the challenges posed by live video streaming.

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