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LinkedIn Native Video: The Ultimate Guide

The video is the highest form of content accessed on the internet.The native video is most successful on platforms such as Facebook. Twitter. Now LinkedIn also supports native video. The reason why LinkedIn embraced the video is that people want to watch rather than to read the text.

Post a native video on LinkedIn platform to get more engagement.LinkedIn Native video is especially true for B2B marketers because unlike Facebook, LinkedIn audiences are for businesses and for people who are seeking some advance in their career.

How To Share a Video Post On LinkedIn:

Go to the home page of the LinkedIn app, Click on the usual status Update button at the bottom right corner.

Choose the video recorder button to upload a video instead of choosing the camera.

Wait for uploading the file, add text or tag friends or business people to the post. Those people can receive the notifications about the Post.

See the output of the video if it is gd they post it directly on a LinkedIn profile.

If it is not perfect, make some changes, add captions, tag people and update the status.

If the video is 6-7 seconds then it takes 5 minutes to process the video, the mobile and applications pop-ups appear.

After posting the video if you are not willing to stay posted, LinkedIn you can edit, delete, disable the comments from the post.

You can share the video from a personal LinkedIn account and Business LinkedIn account.

Benefits of LinkedIn Native Video:

The analytical capabilities of LinkedIn provide the marketer’s useful data and allow making strategies to deliver the right content to right audience.

Native videos on this platform cannot embed on other sites. Finding the video content is hard on this platform since there is no dedicated video tab for now.

LinkedIn video can include in the marketing strategy to build the brand, show behind the scenes or interviews of the people behind the name.

For B2B marketers LinkedIn video is a must try. Experiment by uploading the native video instead of linking out to YouTube. Analyze the performance.

Use hashtags of trending keywords so that the video found easily. Analyze the data and make necessary changes for your future videos.

While creating videos for LinkedIn, remember to make them appear professional and related to the business. Make the video of about one-minute length.

Tell how the brand or service used for the network. Create a video to inform people on LinkedIn to tell about an upcoming event you are hosting or about a next webinar.

Use infographics to inform the audience. Think creatively and use the new feature of LinkedIn video to get maximum benefits for your business.

LinkedIn Native Video Marketing Tips:

It is different for creating LinkedIn business videos as compared to the standard spontaneous video creation. Here are some Native video marketing tips for LinkedIn.

  • Take more time to create good video content, plan for it what you are building before executing.
  • Include the Catchy Titles, description to the video and then only people can identify and come back to your video otherwise simple scroll down the video.
  • Engage with people who commented on your post. Pay more attention to analytics how your video is reaching the people.
  • Focus on quality sound and visual effects.
  • You can upload testimonial, recruiting, professional and company culture type of videos.

LinkedIn Native Video Best Practices:

Crete high-quality video, because LinkedIn is the more business-focused platform. High-quality videos are more views in this platform as compared to spontaneous videos.

You must create unique videos, different from other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

Spend more time on creating, editing before going to upload on the LinkedIn profiles. Once if you posted on LinkedIn profile then you can share it on other platforms.

If you don’t know to copy the link, just go to the ellipses on the top right corner of the post choose to copy the link options.

Wait for the positive result. Even those if you spend more on creating professional videos be positive to get positive feedback.

LinkedIn has entered into the new trending world of Native Video which is the most awaiting feature for B2B Business promotion using.This new concept will enable the users to upload the LinkedIn Native Video through the LinkedIn Mobile App either horizontally or vertically depending on the user preferences. LinkedIn has launched the pipeline to communicate marketers and advertisers with the relevant audiences through Native Video.

Why LinkedIn Native Video is Very Important for B2B Brands?

This is the only platform where the one business can make communication with other branded businesses. This has boosted the marketers with the launch of a video.

B2B Brand Promotion with Video is a very powerful tool

Enhancing the personal branding:

The brand name of the business can be expanded by promoting on LinkedIn through the medium of video than textual content.

The reach of video to the users is more effective than plain text.

The businesses are allowed launch their testimonials, products or service promotions that exactly reach the other businesses.

Lead Generation:

Through this native video promotion, the potential leads that are apt to purchase or to drive sales for our products, services or tools will be fetched easily as it preferred by professionals of the same industry.

As it is the cost effective and reputed one as the trending social media platforms all the businesses are choosing this as the best marketing tool to explore the business branding.

Most of the users are becoming leads and the approach of clients become active by revising the personal profiles of one’s business on LinkedIn.

Data-Driven Video Analytics

The promoters on LinkedIn can view the complete details of the visitors at the particular video.

Means who had watched the video including their profile information like the name of the job, Company name, the location from where they had watched, comments and likes obtained for a particular video.

This is completely unique from other social media sites. The advertisers can get organic reach by approaching the exact audiences at which the video content has been recommended from one professional to another.

How to Upload LinkedIn Native Video

  • Both the Android and iOS mobile users of a LinkedIn app just visit the share box and click the appeared video icon.
  • Either to upload the video or capture the video by holding video icon.
  • The video can be captured either horizontally or vertically by using the external devices like mic and headphones if your mobile equipment is not worthy.
  • Give the title to the video you have captured and upload in the feed category.
  • This plays at the followers of your profile automatically.

Ways to use LinkedIn Native Video for Business purpose

  1. Customers Feedback Videos.
  2. Product Demo Videos.
  3. How-to videos of your product or Brand.
  4. Brand News Videos.
  5. Behind the scenes Videos.
  6. Team Videos.
  7. Product Update Videos.
  8. Brand Executive Interview Videos.
  9. Brand Executive speech, presentation Videos.
  10. Marketing and Branding Videos.

How to Go Viral on LinkedIn using Native Video?

Upload Native Video.

Write eye catching Title and Description.

Mention Call-to-action links in the description.

Share on your LinkedIn Profile.

Ask your Team to share this native Uploaded Video on their own LinkedIn Profiles.

Share your native Video on LinkedIn Groups.

Share your native Video on your LinkedIn Company Page.

Write a LinkedIn Pulse article and link your LinkedIn Native Video.


Finally, LinkedIn has launched Native video option for business and regular people on LinkedIn Platform. The above is an Ultimate Guide for LinkedIn Native Video. Is it interesting? Of course, it is. Every marketer and advertiser will find a path to be on the track of success by promoting a business brand on the Giant social media communicator LinkedIn.

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