Video Growth Hack Marketing

Best Live Video Growth Hack Marketing Strategies

Video Growth Hack Marketing Strategies generally is adopted by start-ups and growth hackers are marketers, engineers and product managers. The ultimate goal of growth hacking is building and engaging the user base of business. Growth hacking is taking place in social media.

Startups have limitations regarding their budget as well as ability to promote their products across multiple platforms given the high cost of acquisition (per customer). Growth hacking fulfills this objective to a certain extent whereby the marketer can build an initial database for use by his business. However, this is only a short-term gain, and the marketer has to be more careful in nurturing the prospective buyers (from the database so obtained through growth hacking).

Starting its life in 2010, Growth Hacking helped a lot of startups achieve accelerated growth, and this is the right solution for start-ups who face ‘make or break’ (start-ups either should grow fast enough or they will die). Growth hacking avoids the risk of ‘scalability’ and also gains from ‘words of mouth.’

You will find the following few steps useful to adopt as your marketing strategy:

1) Create product that is required by the users. Obtain feedback from the users and also modify the product as per requirements obtained from the feedback.

2) Ensure your product hits the targeted audience. Frequent QA session is the best solution in this direction.

3) Put out free content if you have no idea of creating a blog or YouTube channel. There will be many comments/remarks for the blogs, and a summary of the same can come handy for you to develop the product as required by the users.

4) Understand the life cycle of your product. The product lifecycle has initial stages of innovators & early adopters. Once these two sections (though small in numbers) endorse your product, you can target the other and end-users of your product.

5) Initial 15% of the market builds the image of your product. You need to focus on captivating the first 15%. Once the product can reach the initial 15% of the market, you need to go viral.

Growth hacking has been agreed, approved, and adopted by many businesses (especially startups) to expand their business. Acquiring a large number of database (prospective customers) becomes very easy via this route and the marketer has to ensure that this product is exactly able to meet the expectations/requirements of his customers.

How To Use Live Video Streaming From Drones

As the living habits of the people are changing the most advanced invention of the devices are playing a role. In that category, the drones are in the first row of the stack. Now they are using to develop the one’s business. The video is the preferred source to gain the attention of the audience at a glance. Most of the social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, etc. are being used to live stream the video.

How to make video live streaming more effective using the latest drones? The drones can deliver the fantastic footage with ultimate quality.

Drones for video live streaming

  • The live video streaming from drones can be viewed on multiple devices by using the video technology that is available.
  • The streaming of live video is available on the wireless and internet applications through the use of drones.
  • Moreover, live streaming with drones will help to more flexible in mobile environments.
  • The use of drones will provide the video delivery which gives excellent competition to the other devices with hard infrastructure.
  • The drone streaming will provide the unique footage, i.e., up to the second footage without folding the event that is not possible with the other equipment while people roaming on the ground.
  • For the events of sports and public safety, the broadcasting of real-time footage is essential.
  • The delivery of video footage in real time is most required as it is cost effective but more reliable and it is possible only through the drones.

The Applications of Drones Where Exist in Real Time

Disaster Management:

When the natural disasters occur in the particular area, then the drones can gather the more information. Hence, the rescue team can help immediately if anyone is suffering to get help. What the drones accurately helps is they won’t let to waste the resources like helicopters. In the same way, provide the higher field of view.

Aerial Photography:

The aerial photography, especially for the real estate industry, can help to develop their business as it gives sharp visuals to the tenants or buyers.

Sports, Films, and Journalism:

The sports, film industries and Journalism are in the use of drones for the live streaming of events like movie releases, the launch of music albums, broadcasting the games and news, etc.

Search and Rescue:

Many disasters are occurring in the late nights when it is most difficult to search for the victims in the dark. In that situations, the Rescue team can quickly search for the victims in an unreachable location.

Graphical 3D Mapping:

The 3D maps of the highly inaccessible areas like mountain tops can be easily created with high-resolution data. It all can be possible only through the use of drones.


The illegal hunting of the animals like elephants, deer, rhinos and big cats, etc. is vanishing the resources of the forest. The drone streaming will helps to monitor the ongoing situation in that area.

Border Patrol and Law Enforcement:

The criminal activities on the border can be identified easily with the help of drone technology.

Challenges of Drones

It is a little bit difficult to manage in cities as the drones require the large takeoff area.

They are unable to fly more than 50 meters of buildings and 100 meters from the people in many cases.

The battery life of the drones should be extended.

Best drones to film video live streaming

GoPro Karma:

It is easy to fly, and there will be handheld stabilizer attached to the GoPro Karma grip which enables to have the shake-free moments. Also includes built-in shoulder strap mount on the camera case. Karma controller will capture each moment.

DJI Phantom4:

It has the most advanced stereo Vision Positioning System which allows it to work without the support of satellite position. With the use of it, the visual tracking is so easy and simple. The sports mode can also be accessed by using Phantom4. The most exciting feature is that it has the extended flight time, i.e., is 28 mins.

Holy Stone X300C Drone Quadcopter:

It has the advanced features like FPV with 3D Flips and the limit button of the throttle. It can reach the distance of 50 to 100 meters.

Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone:

It has the 6 – Axis Gyro Control System along with 3D flips function. It will support the FPV Transmissions of real time. Just it can be easily used by all age group people.

UDI U818A Quadcopter Drone:

The video live streaming through it can deliver the excellent footage with affordable price. It has the HD WIFI camera along with the Gravity Induction and the Feature of FPV.

The live video streaming is the unique strategy that makes the business promotion simply and quickly. Moreover, the best advantage of using a drone is that it can capture all the moments of the event that is impossible with the other equipment.

Live Video Search Engines – The Next Big Thing

Live streaming is setting the stage for yet another type of maker. From scripted or wordy substances to luck and off the cuff engagement, new groups are conforming to the individual brands that unite them at the time. The new Hollywood keeps on developing with cutting-edge studios selecting best in a class ability to adapt to computerized, furthermore common configurations. In the meantime, brands and offices are extending influencer advertising endeavors to band together with well known live streaming identities notwithstanding the always developing list of online networking influencers.

Assets and expenses were the main two obstructions keeping companies from utilizing live video all the more regularly as indicated by the overview’s outcomes. With regards to current research reports, 62 percent of review members said their organization did not have an in-house video creation group; 31 percent said they did. Five percent didn’t have the foggiest idea. When gotten some information about spending plans, 28 percent said their live streaming video spending plans would increment while 66 percent said it would continue as before. Eight percent said their moment streaming video spending plan will diminish.

More than 42 percent of the companies wanting to utilize live streaming video in the coming year said they would not be using an outside video generation service. More than 51 percent of the businesses right now doing live streaming videos likewise reported they would not be utilizing an external hotspot for their live video generation needs. Among the companies considering outside creation assets, around 22 percent said they would utilize a video generation organization or video stage service.

Many best live video tools are now available online on the web as well as several social media platforms are competing for one another in live video space. So, there is a great increase in the number of live video streams across the web. Accessing a particular live stream on different platforms is difficult.


to find the best live stream videos depending upon the category like fashion, sports, etc. must be implemented by the top search engines to help the audience to find out the best stream across the web. We can expect new developments in the future as the live video will continue its rise.

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