10 Live Video Tips and Tricks You May Not Know About

Live video streaming has become the most trending concept today. Live video advertising, marketing, and connecting with the audience has greatly increased and become very easy with the new live streaming applications like Meerkat and Periscope. YouTube and Facebook platforms are also the best destinations for the live video. Here are ten live video tips and tricks that can help you while going live with video.

Live Video Tips and Tricks

Connect with better connections

Improve the connectivity of internet while going live stream. It helps you to take your stream to the next step. It is better to connect with the LAN than a wireless WI-Fi connection to improve the speed of the connections. This helps you to improve the quality and reliability.


Interaction helps you to gain the better viewership. Be prepared to go for right and interesting interaction with the viewers. Make comments, ask questions and start interaction which can impact your live stream.

Signal proximity

If you are unable to connect with the Ethernet cable then it is better to go close to the Wi-Fi router to get good signal strength. So the signal will not be blocked while you go live online.

Backup the things

Backup your live and create the VOD file and make some playlists which keep them accessible to all your viewers. So if anyone who missed your broadcast can access the files.

Plan the things in a right way

Schedule your live stream and promote it before you go live. Start before 3 days you go live streaming. Inform to your friends and relative and public audience using the social media.

Be organized

Keep the required cables and other equipment before you go live. Then only you can go live at right time and stay comfortable during the live too.

Test the broadcast before live

Run the test live and check whether the lighting, sound and other encoder settings and problems. It is better to know before and set them correctly before live.


Utilize the CDN platform for broadcasting to reach more people online. It allows you to go live stream across the globe and you will have the good opportunity to get many viewers from different places. The CDN’s can prevent the servers blocking.

Maintain time

Time maintenance is very important for live streaming. As you have scheduled and promoted the things before live, people will follow you at right time. If you are late you might miss your audience.

Close other applications

Close other applications or programs before going live. So it will not disturb you while going live.

The Ultimate Guide to Live Video Transcoding

Video Transcoding is referred to as the translation of one format to another format at a time, and it is imperative in the live broadcasting. Guide to Live Video Transcoding given here.

There is a great demand for the high-quality videos as the audience are expecting the best quality which can be easy to access across the multiple devices from anywhere at any time. It makes the live streaming video on demand towards delivering high quality.

By Transcoding the video can eliminate the bitrates and other problems related to the format. help you to deliver as a single publishing file with high quality which can deliver the best quality across different devices and compatible with all available formats.

Introduction to Live Video Transcoding software

The live video Transcoding software helps you to deliver the better live encoding and best streaming workflow which saves a bandwidth upload and delivers the best quality output to the specific device.

The video streaming is based on the saving of different video files with different formats and sometimes there is a need of better conversion of files before streaming the video to your viewers.

The software helps you to convert the files before streaming to your viewers.

Along with this, you can transcode the video files that creat. By using the cloud-based Transcoding program, the broadcasters can convert the video and audio files too.

You have to download the Transcoding software to have good control over the Transcoding details. By using the software, you can increase the capability of Transcoding the content for your online broadcasting which helps you deliver the best quality output.

IP Video Transcoding Live

It is professional multichannel live Transcoding software that is designed for the live media streaming over the web. It generally provides the best capability of high-density Transcoding with the low latency.

It generally provides Transcoding up to 64 channels and accepts a different type of media materials. It also provides the on-demand media file streaming and supports the popular streaming protocols. It supports the live streaming with the time shifting.

Wowza Transcoder

Wowza Transcoder completely simplifies the workflow of live streaming with Wowza server by adaptive streaming that automatically trans-rates the streams that are incoming which can create various bitrates streams.

It also helps in changing the format of the stream to match or compatible with the other devices.

It also customizes the stream with the powerful server and helps in building the Transcoding profiles that are very helpful. It also helps in pushing the streams to Wowza streaming engines.

Video Transcoding server open source & Transcoding server open source

The open source video Transcoding server provides the best and reliable video processing which is a file-based workflow.

It performs the fast and realties conversions of various video files and delivers with good adaptive bitrates as outputs.

Many open source transcoder provides the best performance which can accelerate the video compression and ease in management.

The Dos and Don’ts for Using Live Video for Business

Live video streaming was used till recently by only big businesses. But now the availability of some new apps and smartphones made live streaming easy for businesses of all sizes. Periscope and Meerkat are free live streaming apps which are now popular and the businesses are using these to engage the audience. The activity of Live Video for Business is explained here.

Live Video for Business

Live streaming allows the businesses to tell their story in real-time to the right people at the right time. The businesses can provide consumers with what they demand – transparency and accessibility through live streaming. Live streaming is cost-effective and works great for reaching and engaging the customers. There are few things that they have to do and those that they should not do while using live streaming for business promotion.

The Do’s for using Live Steaming for business

Connect with your viewers by interacting with them. It can be done by talking to the camera or through chats. The viewer will feel great if you let them know that you are willing to talk to them. While live streaming, there is no need to stick to one topic.

  • Make things interesting to the viewers by talking on various topics that are related to your business.
  • Increase audience engagement using question and answers, surveys, polling, etc. It helps to keep the audience watching your stream.
  • Your followers will love to know about the events, product launches and will love to watch the events live. Oblige them by live streaming your exclusive events and product launch parties.
  • Make the live streaming interesting by showing the viewers chats with industry bigwigs etc. Live question and answer sessions will allow giving the feeling that your people are readily accessible.
  • Behind the scenes live streaming videos are another sure shot way to gain the attention of the consumers. Show them how your products made.
  • If your business is to offer services, show the viewers what your day-to-day in the office looks like.

Live demo of your products can be showed on live streaming. The viewers can know how it works and makes sure that the video feels unrehearsed and real to the viewers. Make sure that your live streaming is accessible on various devices such as mobile phones and tablets also. Let your viewers re-stream your videos so that they reach expanded. Get instant feedback from the consumers by asking questions about your product or service.

The don’ts for live streaming for business

  • Do not change the day and time of your live streaming event. Let your followers know when you will be broadcasting. Be consistent with the day and time. If you change the day and time, you will lose the viewers.
  • Do not overlook the audio quality aspect. Apart from having good quality video, it is also important that the audio is good.
  • Not testing your equipment before the event should avoid. Test all the equipment before starting the live streaming to avoid any problems in streaming.
  • No two businesses are alike. Do not simply follow what your competitors are doing with live streaming. Make your live streaming unique.
  • Community discussion, interviews and behind the scenes are few types of content that the businesses can create with live streaming platforms.
  • Don’t just decide live streaming without determining the audience.

Live streaming is going to become more and more popular. We are going to see more and more companies using any of the platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and others for live streaming and take advantage of these powerful tools for their successful video marketing in the coming days.

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