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How to Livestream On Facebook : Video Streaming User Guide

Facebook is the most engaging platform on the web, constantly updated with new features for its users, advertisers, and marketers. Live streaming has become the most trending way as most people go live on their devices. The Livestream On Facebook allows users to go live and broadcast their videos with good quality from mobile devices.

Facebook 360-degree Videos became the most buzzed news when YouTube announced its platform and again came forward with the Facebook platform’s announcement about its new 360-degree video features recently. 360-degree videos are getting more prominence today on various platforms and are slowly entering the video advertising industry.

Ways To Promote Facebook Live Stream

Many of you think that live stream can’t go viral across the platforms as it can’t be noticed by the massive audience across the web like standard Video on video platforms. But, it is inaccurate; the live streams can receive great applause from the audience if you can follow the following ways to promote the Facebook live stream on the platform.

Notify your fans about your live stream:

Post the timeline with your upcoming live stream date and time, and also tell them about the live theme. It is the best way to take your first step in promoting live streaming online.

Request the users to subscribe:

Call your fans and friends to subscribe to your live to receive notifications about your upcoming stream across the platform, which can help them watch your stream on time. Also, don’t forget to intimate them before an hour to start your live stream.

Send email notifications:

Send them email notifications, and don’t let them go on any platform; you connect with them, notifying your stream. It helps you to grab the audience towards your stream.

Cross-platform promotion:

Promote your live streaming across other social media platforms like Twitter, start an excellent conversation, and discuss your upcoming live stream.

Content Marketing Using Facebook Live Video

We all know that Facebook had announced its live video application, similar to Periscope, Meerkat, etc. This live video tool now matters big for companies, businesses, and individuals to go with the audiovisual content in real-time across the Facebook pages and profiles of the Facebook platform in real-time. It can explore the opportunities for better interaction and diversification of the content within the community. Here are some practical ways marketers can use the Facebook live video tool.

By posting moments:

The Facebook live video allows users to share their day-to-day moments by posting live videos, photos, and texts. It paves a new way for marketing with real-time hashtags in which the users can leave a comment, enabling quick interaction between the audience and marketers.

Live Broadcasting:

Digital marketers can go with the live broadcasting of an event and ask the users to interact with the live Video by linking the comments. Marketers can encourage their community to live by attracting them with new contests using the Facebook timeline sweepstakes tool.

Promotion of events with the latest updates:

Suppose the company is holding an event for its brand or product. In that case, digital marketers can utilize the Facebook live video tool to promote online activity. Uploading the media to the real-time Facebook live video tool can improve conversion rates.

Go to live training events and webinars to grab audience attention:

Go to live training events and request the audience for their comments and feedback, and go with the live webinars on your products for marketing.

Facebook New Broadcasters Tools For Engaging Live TV Audiences

People share their favorite shows or contests on Facebook during the broadcast. Television viewers connect with the venue during their live favorite programs.

More than 86 percent of people connect with social networks while watching Television. These enabled the Facebook platform to allow the broadcasters to enhance the experience for the viewers by participation in real-time along with all-time engagement of the people on its platform.

Facebook New Tools:

The Facebook platform has made some changes to its existing products to help the broadcasters engage their fans with the programming, as it also matters for presenters to engage the audience.

The new media solutions program on Facebook allows broadcasters to connect with their audience by providing three ways to connect with people on Facebook.

The broadcaster can engage with the audience by inviting their fans to join the programming and get connected. Even the pilling and voting solutions help them to know the audience’s connectivity with their shows.

The hashtag voting is mainly designed for the awards and the shows. The custom icons are also helpful to the broadcasters on the platform.

Facebook is New Live Streaming For Brands

The Facebook platform was frequently updating its platform and related applications to enhance its development. The platform has already become the best platform for reasonable video conversion rates.

The platform has recently announced the live streaming service that was rolled out towards the verified pages on the forum. The Facebook platform has implemented several strategic developments in video features. Live streaming has increased in popularity with new applications like Periscope, Meerkat, etc.

Facebook live streaming services for brands:

The Facebook platform has built a user base, allowing the brands to reach a large audience. The forum suggested that the pages’ owners utilize the live streaming services to target their potential audience across the countries.

The feature is available for all iOS platform users. This service is very interactive for the brands to make their target clear.

Using this service, the page owners can publish the Video by selecting the live Video to shoot the Video. The users can be allowed to add the descriptions also. The application provides the viewers’ details and the names of verified members watching the show.

The number of viewers is also given along with enabling the comments. The broadcast will not get removed and will remain on the brand’s pages. This feature can help the brands connect with the viewers in real-time in the comments section.

The revealing of the verified people watching the show can also be beneficial to target them directly towards the brand on Facebook.

How Facebook Live Streaming Could Help Media Broadcasters

Facebook live streaming was introduced to control the bandwidth and to set higher standards for Video streaming across the platform with less noise in a news feed. Facebook started its live streaming in December.

It tested the usability and popularity of the membership. The new monetization is coming forward with E! Online, which has announced its live streaming show, a daily series called Live from E! Across the Facebook platform.

Facebook was getting a daily live talk show from NBC Universal—e!, a Cable network that pushes premium programming to the live streaming service on the Facebook platform.

Facebook platforms have stepped up the efforts of TV networks and other media companies, sports leagues, and celebrities to go live with the content to the world’s most significant platform. Facebook plans to expand its new features and support media broadcasters to broadcast different good-quality shows.


Introduction to Facebook 360-Degree Videos

The 360-degree videos on the Facebook platform may not be wholly based on virtual reality, but they are easy to create now and can be viewable on the web browsers of smartphones.

So 360-360-degree videos will soon be trending on Facebook news feeds. The new format of 360-degree videos matches precisely with the name 360 degrees. Yes, the viewer can watch in any direction. They can rotate their intelligent devices.

The users can swipe on the screen and move the display according to their comfortable angle and direction. Facebook didn’t make these entirely virtual to make the audience more comfortable along with the creators.

Facebook has also introduced 360-degree videos and tools like Sphericam 2, the name of a camera that costs 1000 dollars. This camera is designed to shoot 360-degree videos correctly, and anyone can buy this camera to upload videos in 360 degrees on the YouTube and Facebook platforms.

Now, Facebook is encouraging its users to upload 360-degree videos on its news feeds. This feature will start within a few days. This feature is expected to bring a significant change to the Facebook platform and is supposed to trigger the forum’s growth shortly.

Oculus Video To Feature Facebook 360° Content

Oculus is a US-based company related to virtual reality. The company has recently announced the new Oculus video, which offers a Facebook tab that allows users to connect with Facebook and open accounts that can enhance the personalized feed relating to virtual reality content.

The new feature can help users access the content and share the videos from the Gear VR directed to the Facebook platform while using the headset. It is the first time the Facebook platform has collaborated with the Oculus Company for the viral reality. So, the platform is –planning to bring the Virtual reality video content to its news feed.

It is a new move, a step forward by Facebook in a video. This level can initiate things and introduce the latest formats with immersive short films and animations. At present, the videos debuting on the Android and web allow the change of view of a field by just tapping on the screen.

Facebook platform is also planning to offer some hints about the plans of Facebook to evolve the news feed into two-dimensional views. The users can be allowed to publish today, but the iOS users cannot access it now, and very soon, the feature can be available for iOS users, too.

Facebook is not the first to introduce 360-degree videos on its platform. The video giant YouTube platform has offered 360-degree videos. The same 360-degree Video works similarly on the Facebook page, which can be tapped by turning the phone sideways to explore the content.


The Facebook news feed is always upwards of one billion people every month, which is the best chance for the platform to reach a large audience that can break through the mainstream on the forum. The above content is an ultimate guide to Video streaming users on How to Go Live using Facebook and related video streaming apps.

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