Samsung's 4K Gear 360 Camera

Samsung’s 4K Gear 360 Camera Facebook Live Streaming

Samsung has launched a new Gear 360 camera with new upgraded features. As we all know, Facebook Live streaming is popular in the market. Samsung’s 4K Gear 360 Camera is specially designed for Facebook Live video streaming.

Samsung Gear bumps for high resolution 4K video camera, it works for iPhones like iPhone 6S,7, Mac and Windows. As it looks perfect with the previous one, but plenty of new improvements inside.

The main improvement in Gear 360-degree camera is now compatible with all smartphones like iPhones, S8, and S8 plus, whereas the previous Gear 360 degree Camera works only with Samsung phones. Samsung Gear 360 cameras as trending now for Live streaming with a 360-degree view of the world as regular 360-degree cameras do.

Best Features Of Samsung’s 4K Gear 360 Camera

The second Gen Samsung 360 degree camera can take high resolution 4K video when it pluged to Samsung Phones, it works like professional Cameras to live streaming on Facebook and YouTube.

The New Gear 4K camera is shaped as Golf ball trapezoidal neck with existing of dual cameras.

The video resolution of new Gear 360 degree Camera is 4,096 x 2,048 with a true 4K video.

It is capable of shooting 60 fps with full HD resolution 1,920 x 1,080 .

The Gear 4K 360 camera can now live stream on YouTube, Facebook platforms and with limited HD live streaming.

New Samsung Gear VR camera is now synchronized to all Samsung devices that works for Bluetooth, WiFi and WiFi direct onboard.

It is beginner friendly, easy to handle with ease to see small display of shooting options for filming.

New Gear 360 can adjust with single lens or dual lens system with 8.4MP COMS sensor.

It gives varies shooting modes including photo, video, Live Streaming, timelapse video, Landscape HRD and looping video.

It was solidly built and fit easily, dust and water resistance. But it was not built with a waterproof design.

The old version needs a tripod to attach for free handling, now it’s designed with Form factor easy to handle.

On handle we can see the record button , memory card tray and USB port to access easily.

The framerate was dropped to 30 Frames per second to 24 frames per second, as we know that low frame rate can improve quality of the picture, especially when we use VR headsets.

The New Samsung Gear 360 degree camera highly portable and adaptable to all Samsung phones , VR headset, iPhones and Mac. This article will guide you to choose best 360 Degree camera for Live streaming on social media networks live Facebook and YouTube.

Samsung Gear VR 360-Degree Video Storytelling for Brands [Review]

Virtual reality with VR Headsets gives immersive experience to the user, which allows us to take apart controlling and action movements to fully experience the VR world. The experience after using Samsung Gear VR 360 can be found here.

The 360-degree video also gives immersive experience, but we can view without the headset. There are two types of users for Samsung Gear VR headsets, Mobile VR and PC VR users.

The majority of the people use Samsung Gear VR for mobile phone headsets. We can go deeply about Samsung Gear VR headset.

Samsung Gear VR:

Samsung Gear VR headset turns like a Samsung smartphone features like it’s portable, wireless virtual reality machine which turns into a headset.

It has an AMOLED screen with a powerful processor using Vivid technology shows surroundings and movements as realistic.

If you have a Samsung Gear VR camera, you can shoot the 360-degree videos, photos can share to Samsung VR app and then you can experience and experiment completely on the Samsung Gear VR headset.

Samsung introduced Samsung Gear VR internet browser app for those who watch 360-degree videos on your PC’s. Also, people can watch 360-degree video from YouTube with Samsung Gear VR headset.

The Samsung Gear VR is designed to provide intuitive untethered experience, users can experience movies, TV shows, games fresh content with this amazing VR headset.

Samsung Gear VR is powered by Oculus, so it’s lightweight to carry anywhere comfortable to fit, it including room for eyeglasses, improved padding gives extra comfort and durability. It comes with upgraded touch pad compatible for more smartphones.

The package includes innovation addition headset, a pouch, lens cleaning cloth, replaceable face forms, warranty information on the user manual.

Advantages of Samsung Gear VR:

Advantageous to watch movies on Netflix, Hulu like streaming media which allow you to experience the Hollywood style Virtual reality experience you may feel like implementing in the center of action format.

Samsung Gear VR gives endless entertainment. Through this you can experience the tour to the virtual reality world, can interact with celebrities with 360 view that gives you the immersive experience with your favorite celebrities.

Gaming with Samsung Gear VR gives you nothing you have experienced before. Once when you step into the game with the Gear VR headset, you may feel like an action game plan started. That means you feel like physically experiencing the world of VR.

This is best for experience Hollywood entertainments. You can buy and watch Hollywood movies, Oculus cinemas, TV shows, and more. You can watch on mobile phones, on home theatres, and on Hollywood screens.

Samsung Gear VR created history in the Virtual Reality Headsets. Samsung Gear VR headset has a high response and craze when compared to other VR headsets. This is an excellent guide for Samsung Gear VR 360 degree video Storytelling for brands.

Guide to GoPro Omni for Shooting 360 VR Videos

GoPro makes professional 360-degree virtual reality made easy that anyone can use it. The Omni camera was equipped with an array of six cameras as the GoPro devices use the Hero 4 black cameras. A complete Omni kit can be available at $5000, which included the six heroes four cameras, Micro SD cards, batteries, stitching software, and much more. Here is a step by step guide to shooting virtual reality video 360 with GoPro Omni camera.

Guide for using GoPro Omni to shoot 360-degree video

It is straightforward to start and stop the recording on Omni and no need to worry about the footage as the rig automatically tracks using a clap. After capturing the footage you can get a quick preview of the Omni importer software; it gives more options for the different color correction as well as the stabilization.

The camera one acts as the primary one of all other five cameras and you can configure the different changes for all cameras by adjusting the camera one. The multi-GoPro VR rigs will consume time as you have to fix changes in all cameras with identical settings.

Once you are done with the settings on the first camera, simply press the red button on GoPro remote which starts the red light on all six cameras. All cameras will start and as well as stop at one time during testing.

The camera one acts as the main controller for other cameras in Omni-rig and also provides the signal for the synchronization in order to ensure the cameras start at the same time.

After finishing the shoot you can simply remove the microSD cards and readers. The software automatically stitches the six video streams and makes a final output like an equirectangular clipping.

Three different quality versions are there to choose and it depends upon the power of PC or Mac. The Omni Importer software stitches and also manages the data which saves a lot of time and effort.

Finally, the new GoPro Omni is best for shooting 360 VR footage. If your choice is for professional entry then choose Monoscopic 360 content with GoPro package is the best choice you can go with.

Top 10 Samsung Gear VR Games and Apps

Several apps and games are available now to be enjoyed on virtual reality devices. Here is the list of top apps and games for Samsung Gear VR and these can be downloaded via the Oculus store or Samsung Milk VR store.

  1. Minecraft Gear VR Edition is similar to the free pocket edition. Survival and creative modes are available. Minecraft Gear VR Edition priced £5. The game can be played on the television as well in windowed view.
  2. Smash Hit VR is another adoption of a mobile game. The user tosses the ball to shatter the glass panes and sculptures. The experience is dazzling in VR with beautiful sights and satisfying thrills. The game can be played for free.
  3. Hitman Go is a popular mobile game and can be played perfectly on a VR tool. The user needs to find the way through threats and hazards to complete each stage.
  4. Proton Pulse is a simple game that is great to play with Samsung Gear. You play the game in 3D here. The user tries to break bricks with the ball. The price to play the game is £2.29.
  5. Samsung Milk VR is a 360-degree video portal of Samsung. The Gone is the original series on this. A girl disappears, and the user has to piece together what happened by examining the clues.
  6. Discovery VR is an app where you can watch a collection of documentaries. Discovery VR can be downloaded from Oculus.
  7. Next VR allows watching live and on-demand sporting events including heavyweight boxing matches and NFL games. NextVR also can be downloaded from Oculus.
  8. VRINOR is an app that allows watching operations such as hip replacement or tooth implant. The app gives the feeling that the user is the doctor. This fascinating app can be downloaded from Oculus.
  9. Sketchfab VR allows uploading 3D and VR content. Sketchfab VR is for those who appreciate details of paintings or sculptures. The experiences are separated by vehicles, game worlds, animals, places, etc. Download this from Oculus.
  10. Great Header is a game that allows playing soccer with head-on Samsung Gear VR. Oculus is the place from where you can download this.

The above mentioned are only a few popular Samsung Gear VR apps and games available on Oculus. Enjoy them on a Samsung Gear VR headset that comes with a price of around $100.

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