Logan Paul’s YouTube Channel and Interesting Facts

Logan Paul has become the number one vlogger especially from the United States by creating and uploading the most innovative and creative videos on YouTube channel named “Logan Paul Vlogs.” From 2015 to now the Logan has established the sensation through his comedy sketches, franks, and short films that exist in real life.

The best vlogging strategy that is being followed by Logan is ‘uploading the videos on a daily basis through which he has clutched the attention of the millions of fans on YouTube.

He is the only YouTuber who has achieved unbeatable success within a very short span while compared to the competitors. Their passion towards the creation since young has made him attach the millions of fan hearts.


It counts as the first uploaded video on ‘Logan Paul Vlogs’YouTube channel. Through this video, the vlogging journey of Logan has reached the more than expected levels by clutching the millions of subscribers. In this video he has shared the fun moments of the real journey and also he has introduced himself that he started vlogging. This video has acquired 3,877,748+ views.

Full song: The Fall Of Jake Paul (official video) feat- Why Don’t We

It has gained 154,345,744+ views within months of the period, and it has obtained the attention of the millions of viewers at an instant due to his innovative activity in expressing the feelings through the song lyrics through amazing performance. This song has made the sensation of the YouTube vlogging history.

The most influential influencer

The vlogging activity of Logan on YouTube has completely thrived his career to acquire the new life as the influencer to promote business brands of others through his video content.

He has become one of the powerful influencers in the present digital marketing industry.

The influencing capabilities and his video content have simulated the international brands like Verizon and Dunkin Donuts to join hands with Logan in displaying the video ads of their brands on his social media profiles.

Marketing through YouTube

  • The passion of YouTube vlogging towards entertainment has made a clear path of reaching the real-time customers from the millions of fans including all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.
  • Yes, he has launched the online shopping site on the name of “MAVERICK.”
  • In this shopping site all the men, women, youth, hats, bags and accessories can purchase. On each product of Maverick site, there will be the special logos that can utter the name of the Logan as the brand.
  • The brilliant way to promote this site on YouTube can be found, i.e., “Maverick Logan Paul” is displayed on the cover page of the YouTube channel.
  • It makes the audiences to recognize it as his online shopping site.

Interesting facts about Logan Paul

  • The Logan has started created online videos for the “Zoosh” YouTube channel at the age of 10.
  • The advertising revenue has been increased to hundreds of thousands through his 6-second videos.
  • He was born in Ohio in April 1995.
  • In YouTube Red’s ‘The Thinning’ movie Lagan has starred in 2016.
  • The other trending and topmost YouTube star “Jack Paul” is the younger brother of Logan Paul.
  • In 2015 he recognized as the 10th influencer, especially on Vine.
  • Before starting the career of vlogging, he went to Ohio University.
  • He has acquired 15,771,948+ subscribers and 3,058,563,011+ views on his YouTube channel “Logan Paul Vlogs.”
  • He recently visited Japan’s ‘Aokigahara’ which is named as the suicide forest and captured the dead body.
  • The video of that Japan suicide forest’s dead body leads to ban from the YouTube’s Google Preferred program.
  • The video “So Sorry” on Japan suicide forest’s dead body has become the sensation in the YouTube by going viral.


The Logan Paul is the present running successful vlogger by broadening all ways to build his vlogging name as the brand ambassador. Behind every success, there will be some hurdles that can flick the career of one’s life through single and simple activities as it happened in Logan’s activity. But still, he is the only YouTube star that no one can stop his success forever.

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