Make Money using Video

50 Ways to Make Money using Video

Open any social website or a blog or a website and there you find them.

These are the videos that we find everywhere online.

Videos perform better than any other type of content. And the reason for this is …

Brain digests visual information and a video influences the customers to make purchase decisions. Videos have become the important tool for the success of any digital marketing strategy. Thus everyone is trying to make money using videos. Mentioned here are few ways to make money.

1. YouTube personality can make money online by sharing their videos on the popular video-sharing site YouTube.

2. Vlogger is the one whose blogging medium is video. Videos attract lot of audience and this can increase the revenue.

3. Web series creator can create series of videos and post them as episodes. This increases audience engagement and number of views.

4. eCommerce video marketer can earn money by promoting products that are sold on eCommerce site.

5. Info product marketer promotes and sells product to audience. Many info product marketers are earning good income.

6. Blog content promoter using video creates videos to promote the blogs so that traffic is diverted to the blog and income is increased.

7. Specialty websites promoter using video a good website promoter tries generating traffic for the websites using a video and the traffic may convert into the sales.

8. Affiliate marketer using video is one of the best jobs to earn money online steadily even when the person is not on the computer.

9. How-to video creator can earn handsome money online because how to videos are the most popular type of videos.

10. Become a YouTube partner and earn money on the videos you upload.

11. Becoming an Adwords partner for Video is another way to earn money using the video.

12. Product tester measures the performance of a product and its properties personally. Shot the details to create a video and upload it online.

13. Product demonstrator demonstrates a product to potential customers using the video.

14. Product reviewer is the person who reviews a new product or service and influence the audience to buy it themselves.

15. YouTube shopping ads allow the advertisers to promote their product on the video sharing site so that the consumers can make the purchases from the videos.

16. YouTube Keyword expert is most required for making the content optimized and discoverable by the search engines.

17. Video has become very important to day and a good Videographer is needed to make quality videos. There is great demand for videographer who can create captivating video.

18. Having animations in videos increases the views and here is where an Animator is needed. Animators can earn good money by creating animations for the videos.

19. YouTube influencer

20. A Musician can take advantage of online videos to earn money by offering online music classes.

21. Actors can promote their programs and shows and increase audience engagement.

22. Comedy videos are sure to become hits. Create comedy videos and entertain the people as well as earn money.

23. Magician can create videos showing their skills and can also promote themselves.

24. Dancers also can make use of online video to promote themselves or to offer online training classes for selected few.

25. Pet Personality offers tips of taking care of the pets. Pet lovers will love to watch the videos and can help the video creator to earn money.

26. Makeup artists can offer tips or can introduce new products in their videos.

27. Hairdresser can help the audience try new hairstyles and can also promote their place.

28. Become a Q&A video creator and try answering the typical questions of the audience in your video.

29. Contribute regularly to some video channel online by becoming a Video Columnist.

30. Infographic Video creator creates videos to explain something or to provide information through the video using graphics.

31. Video Game creator can make lots of money as video games are very popular with the audience online.

32. Be a Professional gamer and upload live videos so that people will enjoy your game.

33. Play a game or try explaining something happening on your desktop by becoming a Screencaster through a video.

34. People with relevant qualification can become Stop-motion videographer and create videos that engage the audience.

35. Teach people who want to learn something you already know, become a Video course creator and offer lessons in your expertise.

36. Video marketing consultant can help the businesses to generate leads and inquiries.

37. Viral video creator knows what type of content can help a video to go viral. Viral videos are sure to help more and more dollars of revenue.

38. Interview is another popular format for online videos and the Interviewer might make the videos popular and earn lot of money.

39. Video tour guide: Show tourist interest places in your video and give complete information of the place and details like how to reach there and where to stay.

40. Testimonial creator creates videos in which he is testimonial for the good performance of the products.

41. Many people are turning to online videos when they feel low. Being a Motivational speaker can thus be a great opportunity to earn money online using these videos.

42. Host webinars and you can earn money by charging money for joining the webinar or can promote your brand and thus increase the sales.

43. Video training service offers training in various subjects and on topics.

44. Promote an event online increase offline engagement or online engagement.

45. Online ads are becoming a part of every advertising strategy and becoming an Online ad producer is a great way to encash the demand for online ads.

46. Video press release service will help to engage more with the audience any time. Thus more and more journalists, bloggers and analysts want their press releases in their format.

47. There are people who prefer to use the videos created by others for their business purposes instead of creating their own. Stock video creators create short videos and sell them on stock video sites online.

48. Presentation creator helps to highlight a product in the visual presentation that will impress the audience.

49. Digital Marketing specialist will try to increase brand awareness and promote the product to drive prospects to conversions.

50. Social Media Specialist helps to interact with the customer’s online, increase web traffic and revenue using the social media marketing roadmap.

Apart from these, upload videos on video sharing sites or in the own website to increase revenue. Some sites also offer money to watch videos. Show video ads on the videos or in the website/blog.

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