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10 Best Ways to Market your YouTube Channel Free

To have a successful YouTube channel, it is necessary to get new audiences and retain the existing audience. Paid search advertising is one of the ways to advertise the YouTube channel if budget permits. There are also other ways in which you should let people know about your channel. Here are few of them.

10 Best Ways to Market your YouTube Channel

1. Create a Google + profile and let people know about your YouTube channel.

2. Facebook is one of the best platforms to advertise your YouTube channel. Create a page for your channel and provide the links to your videos on the page.

3. Include call to action on all your videos. Ask the people who watch the video to subscribe to your channel.

4. Another free way to promote your channel is to cross-promote it. Include your video links in email newsletters, blogs, and also social media accounts. It increases visitors to the channel.

5. YouTube Fan Finder feature is another effective way to advertise YouTube channel for free. Submit a channel ad video. To enable this, the user has to go to the settings of YouTube, go to Channel option, Fan Finder, and then enable fan finder. The user then has to accept the terms and select channel ad.

6. YouTube video channel can advertise by submitting the video links in web content serving sites. Few such sites are Digg, Fark, Stumbleupon and Reddit.

7. Ask your family and friends to share your YouTube channel link on their social networking sites and share them with their friends.

8. Share the links to your YouTube channels in the emails that you send to your customers and existing audience.

9. Also, promote your YouTube channel offline through catalogs, sales material and others.

10. Google Adwords is cost-effective and helps in promoting the YouTube channel.

Also follow the tips and strategies of using the right keywords in the title, description, tags of the videos in your channel. Make a playlist of all your videos in the channel.

How to make a YouTube Channel on iPad?

Everyone can create a channel on Computers this could be done as well as on iPad, but it could be a little different to give channel name through mobile.

First we need to sign in to YouTube with our gmail account.

We can do everything that we do computer but it appears as in our Email id.

To create a channel name we need to use a computer.

Sign in with the Gmail account.

Go to the creator studio and click on create a channel.

You can have your own name whatever you want and then click ok.

Your YouTube Channel on iPad is created.

Now we can view this name our iPad and we can upload, like and comment videos.

YouTube is the most seeking platform for million audiences. Most of the creators are building their careers on YouTube. It also a promotion platform for a number of business brands. These brands are exploring their business sales by launching ad campaigns on YouTube.

Ways to Drive Huge Traffic from to your YouTube Channel

The video has changed the world of entertainment and the distribution of content. It had attracted the marketers and advertisers towards it. The Epoxy TV is the best way to connect with the audience through your video content. The interaction starts once you got involved and paid some attention to the comments section of the videos, the reply to comments and connects audience and creators across social platforms from one place.

It also supports to track the growth and completes your creative procedures and publishes your video natively to the Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Instagram. It also makes memes, GIFs, video clips etc. Epoxy is the best tool for the creators and publishers to stay active on social networks. It provides the creators with the power to share the videos across the top social networks at one place immediately by scheduling the shares for the week and also previews clips of YouTube videos to Instagram and vine platforms.

It also provides the tools to join in conversations with the fans around the content and discovers the content along with the practical social media insights and let the creators know how to and what to post and how to tag the content even to the YouTube platform. By using the services one can drive huge traffic towards your YouTube channel as the conversations and efficient usage of the content with great sharing is the key to getting high exposure across the web which can be done using the epoxy.

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10 YouTube Reports You Should Be Running to Boost your YouTube Channel Traffic

To make a YouTube channel successful, there is a need to understand the data, look at the insight, do in-depth analysis etc. The performance of the YouTube channel will be monitored with different reports. Some of them are like this.

1. Determining the success of the video content on YouTube channel is possible by monitoring the views over time for the channel. Total view count for the channel or the video is available under Views reports section.

2. Find the source of the traffic for the channel from Traffic Source’ page.

3. Understanding the audience is important to make the YouTube video marketing strategy a success and therefore determine audience demographics.

4. The demographics page allows knowing from which country the views are coming. This information is display with the details of gender and age group.

5. The ‘Playback Locations’ report displays the number of total views based on playback locations.

6. It is important to run reports to analyze the audience retention report along with monitoring the views. The analyze audience retention reports help in this.

7. The overall reach of the YouTube channel can be monitored with the Subscription Rate report.

8. Check the YouTube Analytics, ‘Sharing’ page to see who shared the channel content on which social platform on which date.

9. Click the comments page on YouTube analytics section and review the comments and also respond to them.

10. Metrics such as likes, dislikes are important metrics for measuring the success of a video. Go to the ‘Likes and Dislikes’ page and analyze them.

Run these YouTube analytics reports and analyze them. Make necessary changes to your channel and increase the channel traffic. These reports help to see the demographics, gender, the popularity of videos, views etc and to take marketing decisions.

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel with Expert Advice

YouTube is the largest video destination on the web, which allows different types of video content related to numerous categories. There is a huge competition between the numerous videos across the platform. It is challenging to get noticed among the millions of videos on the platform. Not every video can become a viral hit, and not every brand can become the first YouTube platform. Some video content was getting successful by approaching the experts for their channel growth. Here are some best ways to grow your channel with expert advice.

YouTube Audience Growth

The audience growth is very important to get good exposure to your channel. By consulting the right expert, you can know how and what tactics to play for grabbing the audience’s attention towards your channel. Many experts can provide the right Roadmap to attract the audience towards your channel. They can also provide best suggestions in campaigns, strategies by analyzing your audience statistics and targeted audience.

YouTube Channel Review and Strategy

By contacting the right channel management consultant for your channel. You can review the channel in the guidance f the experts, and they can reveal the statistics of your channel and the possibilities to explore towards success. So, they will provide a complete channel review indicating the positive and negative points on your channel and how to move on.

Video SEO and Strategies

SEO is very important to face the huge competition and to move forward along with the other content.An experienced video marketing expert advice helps you to optimize the channel and the videos and make search engine friendly. They can also suggest ways to increase the visibility of your video content on the platform. So, you can build the strategy to grow your channel along with the efficient SEO.

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