Definitive Guide To Marketing for Video Games

Nowadays Video Games play a Vital role in mass media. If you consider statistics from the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) nearly 59% of the people play Video games in America, mong half of them are Women.

Only eye-catching campaigns can lead your Video Games blockbuster hit to draw millions of Views. The entire landscape of traditional video game marketing has changed. Now the whole world focusing on Digital Marketing using innovative technologies with Modern Game Titles.

Marketing for Video Games Best Practices

Just directly launching the videos in the market does not make sense, we should implement the right techniques in the Campaigns. Here are the some best practices for Video Game Marketing.

Introduce cinematic videos which tell the story and drive awareness among the people.
These trailer videos will review the Game titles. The video should be short and sweet which includes banners.

You must be everywhere with Creative titles and eye catchy designs. Selling the Titles does not mean that campaigning, driving more engagement towards your videos show perfect Game marketing.

Pre-launch your Video Games in the Market. This is the critical time and best platform to start market your game.

Nowadays marketers involved every type of product demands social media activity in their campaigns. Social Media is the best tool to connect with the audience directly.

Target your audience by Geographically through different mediums. Use your Gameplay video in different prospects.

Once targeting the audience is done next introduce your Game Videos get awareness about your game. Test the various versions of gameplay videos which are going more faster in the audience.

Modernized Ways Marketing for Video Games

Introduce daily, Weekly, Monthly series of videos to the market. This will help marketers to get more awareness among the people.

The campaign in all Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Nowadays people are more connected to Insta ads.

Conduct social media surveys to know how much influence your Video Game credited. Repin, reshare, retweet and regram your Video Ads.

Create and share one bite-sized videos to the market. It does not take more time to view your ads.

Video content marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brands. Video game marketers should implement brand new ideas to sustain in the Market.

Go Live and Conduct event on your Video games. Whenever you are launching the Video Game, Go Live and directly interact with your Customers.

These are some of the best Modernized ways to market your Video Games.

Most Successful Video Games Marketing Campaigns

Zombie survival RPG Dead Island :

These series grab the world’s attention in dark emotionally-charged video ad trailer. This trailer’s got 13.4 million views on YouTube.

Skylanders series:

Skylanders series come up with their campaigns with the help of Mcdonalds happy Meal campaigns.

Mario Kart 8:

Mario is a single iconic character in the Video gaming industry. Mario Kart 8 was launched in may 2014. It increased the sales of U.K Video game consoles 666 percent.

Best Examples of Marketing for Video Games

These are the best examples to the modern video game marketing.

Saints Row IV: $1 Million Edition:
Saints Row IV is a one million US dollar super dangerous WAD WAD edition. This Edition was pretty unique.

Team Fortress 2:
Team Fortress 2 is one-decade old video games, but still, it has an active community on enjoying this series. “Meet the Medic” this video generated morethan 49 million views on YouTube.

The Witcher 3 :
It comes under cinematic trailers, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Killing Monsters Cinematic trailer grab millions of view. This Video Game created a trend in the Cinematic trailers.

Video Games Marketing Statistics

  • 90 Billion US dollar worth to be expected in Video Games Marketing by 2020.
  • 2.5 Billion Video Gamers all Over the World.
  • Game Developers develop 53% of games for PC and Mac, 38% for Smartphones & Tablets, 27% for PS4 users.
  • 3 million players play PUBG per hour which is the has the highest number in the Gaming Industry.
  • DOTA 2 also reached the highest number over 1 Million players per hour.
  • The United States reached in the Top position for Mobile Video game players.
  • 72.5% of the Mobile users from the U.S are Mobile Gamers.
  • 92 % of the Games available on Google Play are Free to Download Games.


Video Game Marketing has drastic change in their campaigns. The above content is all about how to introduce a new Video game in the market with best practices & examples.

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