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Social Media Stories for Brand Marketing and Advertising

In the present era, most of the business sales rely entirely on social media. But the arrival of stories on social media is ruling the advertising industry. The creation of innovative stories that describe the particular brand is the primary strategy for both the marketers and advertisers to elaborate their products or services through Social Media Stories.

Are you intended to get the instant results by promoting through social media stories?

How are the business brands using the social media stories in brand lifting?

Impact of Social Media Stories on Brands

Giant social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, are allowing the advertisers and marketers to reach the customers directly by launching the brand stories.

1/3rd of the business brands are moving towards to make the advanced strategies to introduce the most innovative brand stories to the audiences.

To what extent the social media stories helps in building the growth of the brand.

Have the stories become the most significant source to businesses in the development of brand promotion?

Of course, there are number of ways that social media stories are playing a key role to explore the particular brand.

Bringing brand awareness:

The creation of stories on the social media sites like Instagram the users will get an alert of that post in the Instafeed. By using the Snapchat filters, the stories can create in an efficient way that mainly shows the impact on the younger generations as it has more number of teen users than any other platform. The use of themes like “issues” on Facebook stories will enhance the brand story by adding the visual effects.

Unbreakable post engagement:

The continuous sharing of pictures and videos through stores of social media channels will build the constant engagement with the followers.

Cost effective:

Just like Instagram stories will not charge much to launch your brand videos at the users. Including that it helps to deliver the fresh content that is entirely accepted by the audiences.

Pulling more traffic:

As the users of the above mentioned social media sites are countable in millions will automatically help in driving the massive traffic to the brand web page.
The delivery of right content to the right audiences can obtain through the launch of brand stories on social media.

It helps to motivate the audiences to take immediate action of visiting the brand’s website.

Holding the Teen’s attention:

The launch of creative stories on social media sites will assure the advertisers and marketers to gain the relevant and real-time customers.

The immediate response from the teens can observe while uploading stories on any social media sites. The engagement of teens is more on Snapchat than other sites as it is the most seeking platforms that provide more entertainment through the filters.

Improved the conversion rate:

When the users redirected to the brand’s web site that helps to enhance the rate of conversion.

Creative ways Social Media Stories Used For Brands

Here are the Creative ways and strategies for how to use social media stories On the brand marketing and advertising.

Create Behind the Scenes Footage as A Short Story:

Social media Stories are proven that the value is authentic on Web, uncut content has more craze on an audience. Create a short story using the scenes journey. The audience will see the hard work you put on upcoming projects.

Tell a Visual story using Instagram Profiles:

Creating a visual story of a brand and post it as an Instagram profile instead of merely a brand Image. Instagram, stories make sense to the audience not just like an image. Recently many companies started promoting their brands using Instagram profiles as a story.

Use A Series of Instagram/Snapchat Stories:

You can create any number of stories in a day, and there is no limit for posting stories on Instagram/snapshot. Create ten short stories and publish it on your accounts, a series of stories creates a storm on Instagram and Snapchat.

Create a Twitter moment:

Twitter storm creates a new momentum to the brand marketing. Twitter Storms are nothing but creating a short essay with 140 characters describing something tweeting it regularly. It makes sense when you give the reply to the tweets.

Use Stories to Tell Real stories:

Storytelling is the actual bone of business sales. Amazingly few companies are using stories for telling well s real story. Create a string on creating a Snapchat or Instagram stories documentary in your daily life activity. Be sure to include the link in your stories so that people can quickly reach yours directly.

Attach a multiple Photos on Twitter:

A tweet with numerous pictures tells your story instead of a single image. It explains your complete activity to the audience how it works. It works best for product description and reviews.

Use Snapchat Geofilters:

Using Snapchat Geofilters to describe the products is the terrific way to increase the awareness among the audience. The user-generated content goes viral when compared to the directs brands ads. Incentivize the use of Geofilters, create a contest on audience take a snapchat of that product to Win the Contest.

Take Advantage of Polls Within Instagram Stories:

Instagram recently launched Instagram polls features that allow the users to generate interactive polls. Polls create the fun way of interacting with the audience, take a decision from the audience, and you can create surveys on any topic. Best time, money and energy saving technique for brands.

Create Boomerang on Instagram:

Unlike Facebook stories, many companies are using Instagram video as telling stories about their products. Only Instagram stories can make up to 60 seconds. So you can create the best video ad and post it on stories.

Increase Web traffic using links in your Stories:

The best way to get traffic directly to the website is through link building. Just like YouTube video Instagram and Snapchat has provided an option for embedding links on stories. Through this link, you can merchandise your product and increase website traffic.

Rise of Social Media Stories For Brand Marketing and Advertising

In 2013 at the beginning stages of Stories, only Snapchat Introduced a Glimpse that deleted within 24 hours. Snapchat had high reach on younger demographic engaging with the brands.

Facebook was focusing on brand advertising as a primary revenue source. So, Facebook Owned Instagram stories introduced followed and by Twitter And Direct facebook Stories.

  • An average of 300 million daily active users for WhatsApp Profile as Stories and Instagram stories all over the World.
  • 57% Female and 48% Males in US use Snapchat for creating Snapchat Stories.
  • 61% teenagers age between 18-24 use Snapchat Stories in the US.
  • 52% Male and 43% Female use Instagram stories in the US.
  • An average of 35.5% active users on Instagram sharing their Instagram Stories Worldwide.
  • 19.7 % user on Facebook is sharing their Videos through Facebook Storie’s timeline.
  • Snapchat and Facebook are equally sharing the user-generated stories at 19.7 % Worldwide.
  • 54% Buzzfeed videos discovered as a most viewed stories on Snapchat.
  • Surprisingly Instagram stories are mostly used by the merchandising process.
  • 73% of Fitness Brands are active on Instagram with their Stories.
  • 74% of Non-government Organisation are recognized using Instagram Stories.

Social Media Storytelling Tools

Just play the game of producing the creative stories with the help of With this, the most audience relevant and acceptable content on social media can generate.

Steller Stories:

It is one of the most exciting tools that can be used to produce the stories by combining the videos, texts, and images as the single story that gives the incredible visual experience to the users.


It helps to create the stories even with the pictures and videos as the stories of professional videos. By using this tool, the stories can upload on all other social media platforms.


The number of most exciting templates of PowToon helps to create the most engaging animated videos creatively.

Brands using social media stories


McDonald’s has shown the success of launching the extraordinary stories on Snapchat that have been accepted by the all users.

Taco Bell:

Taco Bell is an initial brand that has launched the successful brand promotion strategy that remains as the long-lasting ad in the history of Snapchat. Through that, no one has left without knowing the Taco Bell.


The Black Friday Deals have been promoted by Amazon on Snapchat through special offers that every user intended to buy.


Social media stories ruling the digital world and plays key role in brand marketing and advertising. This is a complete guide for how the social media stories such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ans Snapchat stories dominating the traditional Brand video ads.

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