How to Shoot and Promote Music Videos - The Ultimate Guide

How to Shoot and Promote Music Videos – The Ultimate Guide

If music is your passion and dream, YouTube is the right platform to showcase your hidden talent with music videos. All you need is a better strategic plan with the best equipment to shoot your music videos and promote. Many people were just in the state of confusion to publish and promote their music videos on YouTube platform, and some are still stuck up at shooting the music videos. So, this guide is to the people who are passionate towards creating music videos and promoting them across the web. Here we go.


Develop a better idea for creating your music videos. Great video content does not require expensive budget planning. Create the memorable and unique type of music video which can decrease your budget.

Note down your ideas and thoughts and sketch the scenes if you can make nice sketches. Collaborate or talk to a music band that can help you to draw some ideas. Listen to the song before you plan and grasp the things as a viewer.

Your video must carry some of the mixtures of emotions to reach a larger audience. Develop some best concept to shoot your music video.

Set a good imagination to script the storyboard for the video content. Abstract the ideas are basing on lyrics and search for the right location to shoot your music video. The location must be relevant and reflect the lyrics and emotion of the song you have chosen.

Creation of storyboard

Storyboard creation plays a vital role in the video planning which can create a better experience in order to incorporate the things in a better way. The storyboard must be simple and clear so that, it can be very helpful during the shoot.

Manage your crew members

In order to produce effective music video content, you must nee good and active crew members to shoot your music video. Sometimes, you might need to create a large crew for your video content. The generally crew members you need for your video production. You need a good director, videographer, Gaffer, sound engineer, editor, dancers and choreographers.

If you are searching for the characters to act in your music video, find the talented people to be apart of your video.

After storyboard needs

Prepare the stage and avoid the other things from the location. Put what you need your location for your shooting. Set better lighting if you are shooting your video outdoor. The person who is paying the main role must be on a bright side in the video. Let your gaffer manage the things while your videographer is on is a duty. Sync the music in a right way that can fit exactly with your music.

The Post production Needs

Once you have completed your shooting whether it is indoor or outdoor location. After completion, you need several things for your post production of the music video.

Arrange good video editor and USB storage disks

Transfer your video content to the USB storage devices after storing your file in a single directory on your computer. Utilize good video editing software which can lay the video over your footage and make it better fit on the screen.

After creation of your music video, the next step to make your music video get reached to a larger audience is a promotion.

Promoting your music video

You need a definitive strategy to promote your music video across the web. Your strategy needs to be well planned and must fit on with major platforms. Means you need to cover the top platforms for your music video promotion.

Different types of videos to promote your music

There are many types of videos for your music promotion. Here are some of them which can help you to promote your content on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo etc.

Story oriented

Create a video basing on a storytelling type that matches your music track. The story oriented video can grab the people attention comparing to another type of videos.

Live concerts

Plan a live concert and air it through your iphone. Live concerts also can make a great difference in your promotions.

Mini-documentaries and behind the scenes

Use behind the scenes and mini documentaries in your music videos to make your promotion more effective.

Social media platforms

Choose the best social media platforms for your promotion. The first thing you have to do is to know your audience and best platform for music.

Ways of promotion

• Promote your music video using the YouTube playlists by organizing your videos in a right way.

• Embed your playlists on your blog and website and promote them across the web.

• Let their fans know where they can buy your music.

• Link the related videos with your new videos.

• Offer the best price to your audience to encourage the video downloads and music purchases.

• Request the viewers to like and share your video content.

• Focus on the first 15 seconds of your video which must be very attractive and impressive to the audience.

• Make it compelling and interesting to your videos.

• Add different tags to your videos and channel.

• Post your upcoming video trailers and teasers on YouTube platform to stay engaged.

• Go for paid video promotion on YouTube with a variety of YouTube ads. Include the music video teaser in paid video ads to attract the viewers to the platform.

• Get the promotion done in a right way so as to make your video successful.

Finally, follow the above guide for your Music video shooting, production and promotion across the web. Hope, this is helpful to you to get started with a Music video.

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