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Top 50 Interesting MX Player Statistics and Facts

MX Player is the OTT video streaming provider, which The Times Group of India buys. It is one of India’s leading mobile video apps, offering original content in over 11 languages. MX Player will be the only entertainment destination through its extreme original video streaming service. To what extent did it reach the OTT market as the trend content platform? To know that, go through fascinating facts and stats of MX Player.

MX Player Statistics and Facts

    1. Times Internet owns MX Player for $140 million, the digital media management arm of India’s largest media agglomerate, The Times Group, in 2018.
    2. In 2019, MX Player was re-established as the OTT platform for streaming many original programs.
    3. Tencent spent $111 million on the MX Player OTT streaming service in October 2019.
    4. MX Player has about 350 million subscribers in India.
    5. We can find more than 500 million MX Player users globally.
    6. 21% of users claim that they are using MX Player only for video streaming, which makes it the top choice for customer loyalty.

    1. The rank of MX Player for Indian streaming service provider is 2,776.
    2. Above 175 million audience watch MX Player.
    3. MX Player generates about 150,000 hours of video content.
    4. MX Player YouTube channel has 50,700+ subscribers.
    5. Immature is the most popular MX Player YouTube video, with 42.5 million views.
    6. The share of MX Player for video streaming is 42.4%.
    7. In 2019, MX Player raised $ 11 million.
    8. 80% of the MX Player audiences are under the age of 35.
    9. The most exciting thing is that 75% of MX Player users are male.
    10. 55% of MX Player users live outside of India’s top 8 metro cities.
    11. In 2019, MX Player had 280 million monthly active users.
    12. By 2024, in the OTT video market category, MX Player will hit Rs 62,000/.
    13. Only with five original series did MX Player start its career.
    14. The daily active users of the MX Player is +70 million.

  1. 650+ million MX Player downloads occurred globally.
  2. The existing users can access the offline Video of the MX Player.
  3. MX Player plans to generate more than 20 original premium video content for the audience.
  4. MX Player is currently available in 11 languages.
  5. In 2019, the MX Player app launched on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.
  6. Video OTT platform MX player says they raised $110 million for funding.
  7. MX Player OTT platform only has over 175 million monthly active users in India.
  8. Video OTT platform MX Player has 275 million monthly active consumers worldwide.
  9. 90% of the Indians did not pay for the Music in 2020.
  10. 80% of the surveyed internet users are identified in MX player as music fanatics.
  11. In India, the Music streaming population reached 1.3 billion.
  12. Only 10% of the Indians stream Music online.
  13. Among all OTT services, 42.4% of the MX Player OTT plat subscribers form.
  14. Over 70 million daily active users on the MX Player OTT platform by 2019.
  15. In India, Hotstar has the Top Video streaming share with 48.6%, and MX Player generates the second-most video share with 42.4%.
  16. Bengaluru leads in Video streaming adoption, with more than 40.1% of customers signed up for the platform MX Player by 2019.
  17. As per the study, 36.45% of the customers sign up for the MX Player Platform in Patna.
  18. Over 43% of Smartphone users signed up for MX Player, similar to Amazon Prime and Netflix.
  19. MX Player will introduce over 30 – 35 Original shows in 2020, among 15-16 shows released in the year’s First half with various genres.
  20. MX Player CEO Karan Bedi says regional and gaming content will be exciting and leading in 2020.
  21. An average of 40-50% of the content will be Reginal in 2020.
  22. Video Streaming Platform MX Player hands over their content to over 100 brands, says CEO Karan Bedi.
  23. MX Player OTT platform has over 150 clients by 2020.
  24. It’s a prediction that MX Player video streaming content will reach 10,000 hours in the next five years.
  25. Over 1,50,000 to 2,00,000 hours of content consumed on MX Player ott service by 2019.
  26. Various text results for performance show that multi-core devices are 70% smoother than single-core devices.
  27. MX Player Video streaming player is in the race to become the number 1 platform in 2019 in terms of time spent on Android smartphones.
  28. According to reports from Global Statistics, 50% of consumers spent more on Entertainment than on other platforms between 2017 and 2019.
  29. MX Player’s Chief Content Officer, Gowtham Talwar, stated that 30% of OTT content costs have increased since MX Player was introduced.
  30. J2 Interactive created MX Player.


India’s fastest-growing entertainment and media streaming platform, MX Player, has expected its momentum in 2020 and beyond. In 2020, Reginal and gaming content will be exciting on the MX Player OTT Video Platform. Be ready and stay tuned for multiple formats of content evolving in 2020.

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