Amazon Fire TV

50 Things You Might Not Know About Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a streaming media player using which the users can watch the internet content on their television. These can be videos, music or the games. Fire TV is integrated with Amazon video service.

1. Amazon TV was launched in the year 2014 on November, 19.

2. Amazon Fire TV can be used to watch streaming videos.

3. Fire TV is available in two models.

4. The two models are Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV stick.

5. Users cannot directly access the content once they purchase the Amazon Fire TV.

6. Free and paid content is available online and the user needs to have accounts with each content provider.

7. Sometimes the apps can be installed freely but the content can be accessed only after paying the fee.

8. Amazon Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Pandora are the music services supported by Amazon Fire TV.

9. Amazon Fire TV can also be used to play free and paid games.

10. More than seven thousand apps can be accessed on Fire TV.

11. More than 300,000 movies and television episodes, sports and other content can be watched.

12. Millions of songs are available on Amazon Fire TV.

13. Android or Kindle Fire devices can access the Amazon Fire TV and it can be mirrors on the television screen.

14. Alexa is the voice activates artificial intelligence that lets the user search for content.

15. Advance Streaming and Prediction feature of Amazon predicts and streams the program that the user might watch next and the user can right away play without any buffering.

16. Parents can create profiles for their kids and protect them from watching mature content.

17. To exit the kid’s section, the children need to enter a password set up by the parents.

18. Users who have a kindle fire tablet and already setup parental control need not do anything for their Fire TV as the setting will sync automatically.

19. Auto shut off feature is also available to restrict the children from watching the programs for a long time.

20. Photos or other stored images can be displayed on Fire TV.

21. 8 GB of internal storage is provided by Amazon TV for storing music, apps etc.

22. It is also possible to plug in USB stick to expand the storage.

23. Bluetooth headphone connectivity is also supported by Fire TV Set-top box.

24. Higher end tablets such as Amazon Fire HD are allowed to be used as second screens.

25. Mobile devices can be mirrored to the television.

26. Fire TV also allows installing apps from Amazon website.

27. Fire TV box supports voice search but not Fire TV Stick.

28. Parental controls on Fire TV can be used to block purchases.

29. Fire TV box supports many apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Hulu plus Netflix etc.

30. Fire TV also supports Miracast.

31. The users can turn their phone into voice remote.

32. Key features of Fire TV include quad core MediaTek CPU of 2 GHz.

33. 2 GB of RAM

34. Memory can be expanded up to 128 GB via micro card Slot.

35. Nvidia Shield TV is the strong competitor of Amazon Fire TV 4K.

36. The internal hardware of Amazon Fire TV is also improved along with 4K content access without increasing the price.

37. Amazon Fire TV allows searching Netflix and iPlayer content with vice control.

38. Using a Gamepad will make playing the console style games more fun with Fire TV remote.

39. Any wired remote can work with Fire TV. Simply plug them into the USB port of the Fire TV box.

40. Kodi is best media streamer and player app that is available on Amazon app store.

41. Fire TV supports a phone app that allows using the phone as the Fire TV remote.

42. This App can be downloaded for free and can be used both for Fire TV and Fire TV stick.

43. Everything the user says in the mic is recorded by Fire TV to know about the user more/

44. The voice recordings on Amazon stores can be deleted easily.

45. To do this, go to the website of the company and open the account page.

46. Choose the mange your content and devices option and find Fire TV.

47. Go to manage recordings and delete the voice recording.

48. Fire TV does not support NFTS.

49. Fire TV can be used outside the US by installing the Kodi application.

50. Fire TV does not record programs but is only a streaming on demand device.

Amazon Fire TV comes with features that are found in the set top boxes nowadays. Voice search second screen and other are the interesting features.

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