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Optimizing Video and Image Thumbnails for an OTT Platform

When creating a video for an OTT platform, optimizing the images and video thumbnails is essential to ensure viewers can see what your content is about.

We will discuss some tips on how to do that. Keep in mind that these are general tips, and each platform may have its requirements or specifications.

When creating a video for an OTT platform, following simple steps to display your content correctly is essential.

The most Critical part is optimizing the images and video thumbnails associated with your content.

The Importance of OTT Video Thumbnails

What stopped you in your tracks and made you click on a video? Chances are, it was the thumbnail.

Thumbnails are essential when it comes to OTT videos. Why? Because they are often the first thing, potential viewers see when they come across your video. And in today’s competitive online landscape, you need to make sure your video stands out.

Your thumbnail is like a mini-movie poster. It should be eye-catching and informative, giving viewers a taste of what to expect from your video. So take some time to create captivating thumbnails for your OTT videos. It could be the difference between someone clicking play.

Thumbnails are the most important aspects of an OTT video.

Your thumbnail is what caught a scroller’s attention and pulled them in for a closer look.

Think of your thumbnail as a mini-movie poster; it should be creative and engaging.

Spend time crafting the perfect thumbnail for your OTT video, as it can make all the difference in views and engagement.

OT video thumbnails are important for several reasons. First, they can help potential viewers determine whether or not your content is something they’re interested in. A well-designed thumbnail can also help your video stand out from the crowd on social media and other platforms.

Keep in mind that your thumbnail is often the first interaction someone has with your video. It takes time to create something that accurately represents the content while also being visually appealing.

High-quality video thumbnails are important for several reasons.

They can help you attract viewers and encourage them to watch your videos.

Thumbnails can also improve your overall video quality and make your videos more engaging.

It cannot be understated: the importance of OTT video thumbnails.

They are the key to seeing your video’s potential.

Think about it: your thumbnail is what will first catch a viewer’s eye.

If it’s not engaging, they may not even click on your video.

But if your thumbnail is creative and exciting, you’re one step closer to getting a new viewer.

So don’t underestimate the importance of OTT video thumbnails!

OTT Video Thumbnails are an essential aspect of any online video content. They tell potential viewers what the video is about and help promote and brand the content.

As such, it’s essential to take care when creating OTT video thumbnails. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure the thumbnail is relevant to the video content.
  • Use high-quality images that are clear and visually appealing.
  • Use branding elements such as logos or branding colors to make your thumbnail stand out.
  • Keep the thumbnail concise and straightforward, avoiding clutter.

Video content is more popular than ever.  Your thumbnail is what will entice people to click on your video, so it’s important to make sure it’s high quality and visually appealing. Include images or text that accurately represent the video content.

Keep in mind that people are often scrolling through social media feeds quickly, so make sure your thumbnail is clear and catchy. A great thumbnail can mean the difference between getting noticed and getting lost in the sea of content.

You can tell a lot about a video by looking at its thumbnail image.

The right thumbnail can mean the difference between someone clicking on your video or scrolling right past it.

If you want people to watch your OTT video, make sure you spend some time crafting the perfect thumbnail image.

OTT video thumbnails are an important part of the viewing experience.

They’re the first thing viewers see when scrolling through a list of videos, so they need to be eye-catching and informative.

If a thumbnail is dull or doesn’t give viewers a clear idea of what the video is about, they’re likely to move on to something else.

That’s why it’s important to spend time crafting compelling OTT video thumbnails.

OTT Video Thumbnail Design Principles

Designing for a thumbnail is different from print design. For example, you may want to use more negative space in your designs because videos are often watched on mobile devices, and people scroll through their feed very quickly.

Vibrant, colorful, and vibrant videos grab peoples’ attention.

Above-the-fold design should not interfere with the entertainment. A thumbnail that is both engaging and informative, for example, would show a more expressive character on top of an abstract background rather than the other way around.

OTT is the future of video. Start thinking about your OTT design principles today if you haven’t already.

Over the top, Video Thumbnails are specifically designed to capture viewers’ attention. They’re known for being bold and engaging, and visually pleasing.

What Affects OTT Image and OTT Video Thumbnails

Both images and video thumbnails are important to OTT. If the image or video thumbnail is attractive, people will want to watch it immediately. If viewers don’t like what they see in an image or video, they’ll move on quickly.

The video’s aspect ratio will play a role in choosing the opening frame. A square or a vertical rectangle-shaped video would look best with an image with similar proportions, like a square or tall rectangle.

OTT video content is increasingly important to the overall success of a streaming service. The user experience in this area is a key factor in engaging viewers and encouraging them to subscribe.

The size of the image and video thumbnails can impact your OTT service. In this article, we’ll explain why, where you should aim to be when it comes to the best practices for sizing them.

Users are exposed to more images than ever before. With the advent of high-speed internet, users instantly have access to a wealth of content. They need accurate and attractive preview thumbnails to make their time spent browsing worthwhile.

How to Optimize Thumbnails for an OTT Platform

One of the ways to optimize thumbnails for an OTT platform is by making them large, exciting, and engaging.

Many people underestimate the power that thumbnails have on increasing views. However, if used properly for OTT platforms, thumbnails can be a huge marketing tool.

One of the things you should do when optimizing your thumbnails is used simple graphics. This will make them stand out and be easier to understand.

Best Practices for OTT Video Thumbnail Creation

  • Keep it simple to avoid too many colors, graphics, or text
  • Make the thumbnail relevant to the video content and include a call to action
  • Use your company logo as an OTT thumbnail if possible
  • Create thumbnails in a variety of sizes, including both square and horizontal formats
  • Include your logo or channel branding on all thumbnails
  • A thumbnail should have the same aspect ratio as the video it’s representing
  • Thumbnail images should not contain any text or watermarks
  • Images in thumbnails should be cropped to focus on critical elements of the video
  • Make sure the thumbnail is legible even at a small size
  • Avoid using text in your thumbnails unless it’s essential to understand what the video is about
  • Use a single focal point to draw the viewer’s eye
  • Ensure your thumbnail is not too cluttered, with no more than three objects on screen at one time
  • Include only what is necessary, don’t include irrelevant items that are just taking up space
  • Use a screenshot of the video as the thumbnail
  • Make sure that there is enough contrast in your thumbnail to make it stand out
  • Keep text to a minimum and place it at the bottom of the screen
  • Avoid using overly complex backgrounds, logos, or animations
  • The thumbnail should not be cropped or cut off, but rather fill the frame
  • The thumbnail should not have any text on it to avoid confusion with other videos
  • Avoid using a logo in the thumbnail as this will create more work for you when promoting your video outside of YouTube
  • Try to use a screenshot from the video instead of creating one just for marketing purposes
  • Use a contrasting color background, with your logo in the center and text overlaid at the top of the image
  • Make sure to crop out any irrelevant content in the picture frame
  • Avoid using too much text on your thumbnail, as this can make it hard for viewers to read
  • Use a focal point, such as an eye or face, to draw attention to the image
  • Text should be legible against your background and not too small/large
  • Don’t use text in your thumbnails, as they’ll be too small for viewers to read on mobile screens
  • Make sure the thumbnail is clear enough so viewers know what the video is about without clicking on it.


Optimizing your images and videos for an OTT platform is important to ensure viewers see your content browsing through their channel line-up.

By working with an experienced OTT promotion consultant, you can ensure that your media files are formatted correctly and delivered to viewers in the most effective way possible.

Have you started optimizing your content for OTT? If not, now is the time to get started!

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