Plex Media Tips and Tricks

50 Plex Media Tips and Tricks You Really Need to Know in 2022

Who needs Netflix or Amazon Prime? The Home theatres apps like such as Plex and Kodi providing smooth streaming services with properly organized Libraries, TV shows, and movies with none of the junk folders. Plex Media is one of the best ways to stream your media between the devices. Everyone enjoys their stuff using personal media players. Let share a few Plex Media Tips and Tricks for proper functioning.

50 Plex Media Tips and Tricks

  1. Plex allows watching VR video through VR Gear from the Plex video library.
  2. One of the neat tricks for Plex users is that Plex allows voice assistance in all Amazon devices.
  3. You can get cloud stores all the media files in your plex account in Amazon drives.
  4. Recent discounts and offers from the Plex platform, it is offering three months free trial to all Plex player users.
  5. If you have opened a Plex media account, you can stream plex media collection anywhere from the plex media server.
  6. Just delete the Windows Store app from the mobile and Download the Updated app for the updated option.
  7. Recently Plex launched free, ad-supported streaming services. Let’s find the free movies and TV shows leverage the free Plex services.
  8. Plex cloud allows you to stream from the Plex media storage only, and now you get a better option than it is giving you room without having an account.
  9. Great news to the Plex users those who want to take their library everywhere, now you can upload your media files to Googled drive, One Drive and Dropbox.
  10. Kodi and Plex are the two best home theater apps for OTT users, and it’s good news to the users of Plex and Kodi you can get both together.
  11. Recently plex launched it’s Kodi add-on, which is available in the market. Plex users can add this Kodi Add-on to the media library.
  12. Plex streams your media from the computer to any connected devices. A newly launched Plex cloud allows users to upload media files to Amazon to stream the content.
  13. Now Plex media is working for Amazon drives account. You can play on a Plex player if you are an Amazon prime account holder.
  14. A decent internet connection is a must for the Plex media for better streaming.
  15. Plex cloud is only available via invite. Make sure that to Sign Up first before inviting.
  16. The most significant update from the Plex is now you can run plex as DVR to record the TV shows directly from the Plex server.
  17. Make sure to have HDHomeRun Digital Tuner and Digital broadcast antenna to get the new updated feature of Plex media.
  18. Make use of the Plex Optimizer feature for smoother playback streaming.
  19. No need to worry about the file format. Plex uses the transcoding feature to change the media format.
  20. Good news to the PlayStation and Xbox owners. Now you can stream Plex media through the gaming consoles.
  21. Stream on gaming consoles with Plex. Just try this option without any subscription free but only for Plex pass users.
  22. Make sure to install the app and get connect to the server first. Then only you can play movies and shows, all stuff on associated devices.
  23. If you are a die-hard fan of Home theater, just subscribe to the Plex media, which supports the Home theaters with excellent tips.
  24. By mistakenly, you shared your email id’s or somebody hacked your private passwords. Plex account automatically redirected to change the password screen.
  25. The basic thing is you must know fist how to set up a Plex server and share it with all your friends and family for better use of this platform.
  26. Tell the Plex your home internet’s upload speed up. Then it can help the server middling the broadband.
  27. Multiple users streaming at a time in a home get the limited streams, so that set the Option Hard limit on remote streams.
  28. Optimize your content for lower bandwidth streams using a Plex Media optimizer.
  29. Always keep the library clean with the help of metadata.
  30. These days working around the VPN is a good practice on the internet. It can help Plex play nicely.
  31. Use the automatic feature Relay, when you are trying stream from Remote devices.
  32. Plex media server works only if it is hosted, make sure that Your Windows PC is connected and running.
  33. You must have a lot of free space on your PC for the smooth functioning of Plex media streaming.
  34. Media streaming and transcoding depend on the system resources, so use powerful hardware.
  35. Let’s watch your Plex media on mobile devices. Plex media automatically detect the server and connect it.
  36. Mobile watch on Plex media automatically resumes playing video, and you can enjoy the streaming from anywhere.
  37. also available to launch in your mobile devices in case if you don’t want to use the app.
  38. Make use of video thumbnails to drag the video front and back.
  39. Many plex users don’t know the feature of enabling/disable the stings according to the Library.
  40. Just go to the library advanced setting to enable/disable the video thumbnails option.
  41. Make use of the Settings – Servers – Extras to decide if you want to see the trailers before watching the movie.
  42. 0ne of the best feature that every user does not know in Plex is it allows all Plex pass members to download the theoretical trailers.
  43. Make use of Custom filters and Smart playlists to create better Playlists.
  44. One of the cool overlocked tips, you create a video playlist with the downloaded web series without merging into a single file.
  45. As a part of the plex premium music, Plex pass members can get an additional music playlist.
  46. Make sure of using high-speed processors in your CPU, to speed up your Plex media servers.
  47. It’s an optional thing that tells you Plex Media optimizer to pull and convert all files to the library, but it needs a lot of storage space.
  48. Every Plex account holder can manage and share permission to at least 15 managed users and gran all permissions to them.
  49. At the same time, a Plex account holder who is giving access can limit their permissions to a few accounts like kids can’t watch all the library.
  50. Plex media player allows extending their reach beyond the ecosystem.


Plex media wins out of all streaming platforms by it’s incredible, simple set up the multiple devices. A little digging into the Plex Settings, you can find extraordinary options out of the Plex. Hopefully, theses plex media Tips and tricks help you for better functioning and smooth plex streaming on multiple devices.

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