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52 Different Ways To Promote Your Music YouTube Channel

YouTube is the biggest social video platform on the Social web where there are some lakhs of videos uploaded, and billions of active users are using the platform daily. A lot of young music talent will upload music videos on YouTube Platform, but they are struggling to get views and best promotional strategies.Music Artists can earn good revenue from the music monetization on Youtube video platform. Here are the handful ways to Promote Your Music YouTube Channel.

  1. Pick a Good YouTube Channel name which will reflect music keywords
  2. Relate your YouTube Channel name to your Music Video content
  3. Make the Channel Graphics and Thumbnails catchy and Unique in your style
  4. Create a Unique Brand
  5. Keep Focus on Schedule and Stick that Timelines
  6. Set your YouTube Channel Location and Channel Category as “Music.”
  7. Add website URLs to your music website
  8. Add Links to buy your music album
  9. Authorise your YouTube Channel and your Official Music Website
  10. Add tags to your YouTube channel and your videos with a must have “Music” tag.
  11. Make sure your Video Titles,Description and Tags Consists of “Music” Keyword
  12. Use YouTube annotations to get Subscribers
  13. Use YouTube Cards to direct user to your Music Album
  14. Respond to each and every new comment quickly
  15. Get ideas and Suggestions from other Music YouTubers
  16. Build Audience and Brand.Think about revenue later
  17. Collaborate with other Influencer Music YouTubers and generate new music videos
  18. Provide credits to other artists if you mention or used their work
  19. Continuously Share your Music Video on Social Media
  20. Give a Quality first impression for your channel visitors and other music lovers
  21. Create call-to-action for your videos wherever necessary
  22. Play with YouTube Playlists and Create Playlists as many variations as possible with popular music keywords concerning your YouTube channel
  23. Use YouTube Live Streaming. Do some live events and interact with your Fans / Audience.
  24. Rate / Comment / Link other Music Videos from different Music YouTube Channels
  25. Branding your YouTube Channel is key to Success
  26. Keep an eye on Music Trends and create videos on current trends
  27. Have a clear goal and vision for your YouTube Channel
  28. Create highly engaging and evergreen music video content
  29. Frequently Update your channel by creating new sections and customizations
  30. Keep on Experimenting with new kind of Music Videos and pick the best performing one and continue that process.
  31. Create both Long-form and Short-form Music Videos
  32. Track YouTube Analytics on the go using YouTube Creator Studio App
  33. Use Youtube Intro & Outro with Subscriber Buttons and for promoting favourite videos from your YouTube Channel
  34. Make use of Cross-platform promotion and marketing by leveraging other social media websites
  35. Build Your Brand on YouTube Platform with unique personal identity
  36. Create Cover Songs for trending music videos
  37. Create quality videos never compromise on HD quality
  38. Embed your Music video on your website/blog and your other friend’s websites
  39. Make use of Google Live Hangouts and save those video and upload on your channel
  40. Repurpose Old Videos and Create long-form music videos as collections
  41. Measure your Video success rate on a day to day basis
  42. Reach out to music communities that are relevant to your music videos
  43. Frequently update your Music YouTube Channel Featuring Content
  44. Keep an Eye on YouTube Content ID and monitor your Channel
  45. Use Interactivity in between your Music Videos
  46. Content Diversity matters so try to create different kinds of Music videos
  47. Analyse and Plan a best Audience Development Strategy for your Music videos
  48. Keep an eye on your YouTube Music Videos Dislikes and Likes and plan your next videos based on audience response
  49. Monitor View Retention Rates on YouTube Analytics
  50. Monitor YouTube Watch Time and implement the best ways to increase it
  51. Frequently check your video Traffic Sources and work on other best sources to increase more video views


The above article gives 52 handful ways to promote your music through YouTube channels. YouTube platform works best for both videos and music promotions. grab the tricks to promote your music through YouTube channels.Hope you like these best ways to promote your Music YouTube Channel.Start implementing it.

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