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Real Estate Marketing Using YouTube

As already proved, video plays a crucial role in marketing. Especially in digital marketing, a video is being used to increase brand awareness, engage the audience and it also helps to stand out. In Real Estate Marketing niche video provides an experience for prospective customers that they will never forget.

Real Estate and YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google and has billions of users every month. It said that one-third of the people using internet watch videos on YouTube. Every day a couple of billions of videos are watched on YouTube.

YouTube is available in seventy-six different languages. This is thus the best platform for businesses to reach a wider audience in less time. YouTube can influence people to make buying decisions. The real Estate Marketing industry can get many benefits by including YouTube in their marketing strategy.

YouTube channels of real estate are visited by people who want to sell their homes or those who want to buy homes. Existing customers also visit the channels and watch the videos to see what is happening. New customers who discover the channel in search also might watch the videos.

Benefits of YouTube for Real Estate Marketing

  • It is tough to get on the first page of Google search results. However few of the videos that appear on it are from YouTube. Google will display the videos that it feels are relevant to the search of the users. Thus one of the most significant benefits of using YouTube for Real Estate Marketing is SEO.
  • Real estate videos on YouTube help build relations with the audience. Videos help the audience to trust and remember, and this is what is needed for doing business. When they want to buy or sell something, they will remember the brand and might end of as customers.
  • Not only for the real estate niche but any brand or business, YouTube helps to show the expertise in the niche. Having a large number of videos can showcase the knowledge and professionalism.
  • YouTube is a great way to reach people who don’t have time to read your blog
  • You can upload videos that are longer than the standard 3-minute video length
  • Videos on YouTube rank higher in search engines, so you’ll be more likely to show up when someone searches for “real estate” or “homes.”
  • You can include links and other information in your videos, such as contact info and property listings
  • You can upload videos to YouTube and share them on social media channels
  • It’s the second-largest search engine in the world, so there are plenty of people who use it
  • Videos are more memorable than pictures or text posts because they combine visual and auditory cues
  • YouTube videos are easy to share on social media
  • You can upload video content that is relevant to your industry, such as tours of homes for sale
  • It’s a great way to showcase the personality and culture of your business
  • Videos help you stand out from competitors by giving potential customers a reason to choose you over them
  • A video on your website will increase conversion rates by 80%
  • Videos are easy to share and can go viral, increasing exposure for your business
  • You can add videos to social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn
  • You don’t have to be a professional videographer– just use simple tools like a phone camera
  • Video marketing on YouTube can help you reach a broader audience than other platforms because it’s not limited to just being on your website or Facebook page
  • You can create playlists of videos related to one topic, so viewers don’t have to go back and forth between different channels for information

Video Types that can be used in Real Estate Niche

For those Real Estate Marketing agents who do not like writing blogs, video blogs are perfect. Create a video and transcribe it. Use the online tools to transcribe the video. The video is published on YouTube and the transcription on Blog.

Provide links to your YouTube channel on the blog and the blog URL in the description of videos to increase traffic. Screen capture videos are for those who cannot get in front of the camera.

Create a video and give voice over. Create videos that are of some value to the customers. Upload weekly updates of the market. This show the knowledge of the real estate agent to the audience.

Property tour videos are popular with prospective buyers when it comes to the real estate niche. People believe what the existing customers say. Thus it is very beneficial to have testimonials.

Customer testimonials are social proofs, and these can influence the buying decisions of prospective customers. These videos can be published not only on YouTube can be embedded on the websites of blogs. These YouTube videos can post on social media pages also.

Having an introductory about me video helps the visitors to know who you are and how you can serve them. It helps to provide rapport with the prospective customer for the real estate agent or business.

This video can be embedded on the website also. Community and neighborhood videos give an idea of how the neighborhood is before they decide to rent or buy a house.

YouTube videos can be used to send personalized emails to existing customers and prospects. The clients will feel special, and this results in building a strong bond. YouTube channels in the real estate niche should encourage their viewers to comment or ask questions. Answer all the questions of the viewers in your next video.

For any business to grow digital marketing is becoming very essential, and video is an absolute necessity for real estate to market the listing and business.

The purpose of YouTube videos for real estate is just not selling but to provide content that is valuable to the viewers. If the viewers find the content helpful and useful, they will keep coming back. Creating more and more videos for the YouTube channel also helps to generate more referrals.

  • Video of the home’s exterior
  • Video tour of the home
  • Video showing how to get from one room to another in a house
  • Video showing what it’s like living at this address
  • House Tour
  • How to Buy a Home
  • Why should you buy this home?
  • What are the best features of your home?
  • The perfect family home
  • Showing the property
  • Walkthrough of the property
  • Tour of neighborhood or area
  • Interview with a real estate agent
  • Tour of a house
  • How to prepare your home for sale
  • Walkthrough of the neighborhood
  • Interview with an expert about how to sell your home
  • Introduction video
  • House tour video
  • How to buy a house in X location video

Lead Generation for Real Estate YouTube Videos

  • Create the videos at homes that appear beautiful with right wall colours and have great selling features.
  • If it is affordable, it is best to hire a videographer. He need not be a professional, but an upcoming videographer can do the job.
  • The script of the videos should be interesting. The more interesting the videos are, the more they will be shared and remembered by the viewers.
  • Keep the YouTube videos short and sweet. Do not have long intros as the viewer will lose interest and quit the video. Get right to the point and deliver the message you want.
  • The audience will love stories, therefore tell them stories that sell. Focus on features but not on benefits.
  • End the videos with a strong call to action.
  • Include the contact details, website URL, etc.
  • Create a blog post with tips for finding the perfect home
  • Turn your daily routine into a video and upload it to YouTube 3. Interview real estate agents about their career, what they love about it, and why you should work with them
  • Have an expert on the topic of real estate come on your channel to talk about different topics related to buying or selling a house
  • Interview different real estate agents about their lead generation strategies
  • Show how to use a Lead Generation System
  • Share the best tips for generating leads from your website
  • Discuss the importance of using social media and other tools to generate leads
  • Give the viewer a list of what to do if they’re interested in buying or selling their home
  • Tell the viewer how to get started with real estate investing
  • Provide tips on finding and choosing a property, including when to buy vs. rent
  • Discuss different types of mortgages and rates
  • Interview a real estate agent about how they generate leads
  • Show people what to do before they buy their first house
  • Give tips on how to make your home look more attractive for potential buyers
  • Teach viewers the best way to stage their home, so it sells quickly and for top dollar
  • Create a video about the different ways people can use to find a home
  • Talk about how to get started with real estate investing
  • Showcase beautiful homes for sale in your area
  • Have an interview with an agent or broker on what they do and why they love their job
  • Talk about the benefits of buying a home
  • Show how to find your dream house or condo
  • Discuss what it takes to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan
  • Explain the process of signing up for an open house
  • Provide information on how to prepare for closing day
  • Create a video about how to buy a home
  • Create a video about the benefits of living in your city
  • Create a video showing people what it’s like inside their neighborhoods and why they should live there
  • Create videos with tips for first-time homebuyers
  • Create a video on how to find the perfect home
  • Make a video on how to sell your house fast
  • Talk about the benefits of buying or renting
  • Share some tips for getting pre-approved for a mortgage


The best way to market a property is through videos. We have compiled the top 10 real estate marketing ideas for you, as well as tips on how to use YouTube in your business. If you are looking for more information about this topic or other areas of digital marketing, contact us today!

It’s a very competitive market when it comes to selling homes in this day and age. But there are many ways you can use YouTube for marketing your real estate listings, which we’ll outline below. Whether or not you’re the owner of an agency that helps people find their dream home or just someone who has one property they want to sell, these tips will help make sure as many potential buyers see your video as possible. If you have any questions about how best to utilize YouTube for real estate marketing purposes, please get in touch with us anytime!

YouTube real estate videos can be shared on Facebook pages also. Visit the best real estate YouTube channels and check what they are doing to get success and make changes to your channel.

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