Reddit Video Advertising

Reddit Video Advertising: Getting Started Guide

Reddit is one of the best platforms for video advertising. It is one of the most significant sites and claims to have over two fifty million users. The site visited by over twenty-eight million people per month. Since a year, Reddit is trying to make advertising easy on the platform.

Reddit announced the rolling of a native video player and the users now can upload their video directly to the site without using any third party service. Videos up to a length of fifteen minutes can upload from either desktop or the mobile app.

Reddit Video Advertising Platform

Reddit is the best site and has the highest ability to drive audience. Video ads are a new format for Reddit. Video ads are available for the advertisers through the sales team of Reddit and also through the self-serve ad platform.

Reddit is a powerhouse for internet users, and there is no other place better than Reddit for video advertising. Reddit is always a weird place for marketers.

Reddit is the most significant site worldwide, and it has over 25 million users only in USand it may reach 28 million active users per month. Reddit has become the 35th largest visited site in the US.

Advertisers can manage their campaigns,make use of the video ad metric using different elements.

You would like to add profit to your advertising company, create a Reddit account or sign in the existing account and Download the Reddit Ad Planner for free.

Reddit announced or rolled out the beta version, and it makes easier than ever to the Redditors to capture upload and share videos in their favourite communities easily.

Reddit Native Video Advertising Features

Here we can see how native video ads work on Reddit platform; we should remember the following things while working with Reddit Native video Ads.

  • You can upload a video while selecting a file from the Desktop.
  • We can use native video gif converter for converting already uploaded MP4 videos into Gif files.
  • You can record a video using Reddit app, or you can upload a pre-recorded video onto Reddit platform.
  • Use the mobile app to trim the video and upload it to the Reddit platform. You can trim the gif files to upload.
  • You can watch the Reddit video while watching the comments and communicating this is the best feature of Reddit native video ads.
  • You can upload the Native video or Gif video in two ways. One way From Desktop and other way are using mobile application.

How to Upload a Video Through Desktop

Click on the “Submit Link” on a video enables SubReddit and choose a file to Upload.

Click on “ Choose File “ option

Select an MP4 or Gif file to upload

Choose the best thumbnail for your video and set it as a Thumbnail and add Title

Finally, Click on “Submit”

The video successfully uploaded on Reddit platform.

How To Upload a Video Using Mobile Apps

First, Click on “ post something interesting” which located at the top of your Home feed

Select a “Video or an Image “file to upload

if you don’t have uploaded videos if you like to record a new video instantly

Click on “Camera” to record a video

Add “ title” and click on “Submit.”

Then your Video or an image is successfully uploaded through mobile apps.

Advantages of Using Reddit

There are risks with advertising on Reddit because of the coarse language used by the communities, but marketers can have the direct dialogue with engaged communities which is a great benefit.

To use Reddit for video advertising, the most important thing to do is to identify the target audience. Do not use the personal account for marketing on Reddit.

Create an account for business purposes. Reddit is an exclusive platform for video advertising and requires the different approach. It is essential to understand how the community operates.

Picking up the right subreddits is essential. If the ad is appealing, it will go well with the audience. Experiment with different approaches. Respond to comments related to the video ad.

Previously the Reddit player works for only 200 communities in a limited testing phase, but now Reddit native video advertising plan came on Live for successful video advertising.


Start using Reddit for video advertising and see how it will be beneficial for your business. Here we have given the complete procedure for how to upload a video and how it is advantageous for video advertising.

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