Mobile Video Advertising: A How to Guide for Best Mobile Video Ads

Mobile devices significantly increased across the world, marketers, users, and more than half of the world’s population are using mobile phone devices for various purposes. Now a day, mobile marketing is the current buzz among internet marketers and advertising. Many marketers are investing in the Mobile Video Advertising practices which are in turn helps them for getting better revenue than any other tactics.

Mobile Video Advertising Best Practices

Marketers are very interested in doing different campaigns to promote their brands on different platforms and they are mostly involved and targeted the mobile video advertising these days.

The mobile video advertising is yielding an impressive output in the business revenue. Here are some best practices in the mobile video advertising

Planning the Video Length Which is Best for the Video

The customers are may not be interested in watching by staying in front of the long videos. So, we have to take care of the length. The videos that we create must not be lengthy and commercial. It must entertain the audience. So, that they felt interested in the video.

Make Shareable Clips

Try to make a short form type videos that are easy to share within less time. So, we have to be careful that the video clips are sharable easily onto the devices.


The mobile ecosystem is different from the normal incompatibility, format, and many other factors that will affect it. So, the advertisement must create with particular bandwidth for different types of smart devices.

The content must be with good quality as the quality content is the only thing to attract the customers towards the advertisement on the mobile within the short span.

The Domination of the In-app Space

Nearly 75% of the mobile video advertising inventory was getting purchased by in-app. It has the option of serving the media in an opt-in strength or capacity in which the consumers can make choices about the videos which is one of the parts of the app experience.

The opt-in video has a greater engagement, and the completion rates are substantial and play automatically in apps.

Make it more Engaging always

The pre-roll ads have dominated the advertising with the videos. There are many other additional options are also there to the marketers as well as the publishers to take care of.

The marketers are mainly interested and as well as follow the different unique methods for better consumer engagement. The engagement of the consumers or customers is the man goal of mobile video advertising. So, our video must create according to customer engagement as a target.

Customer friendly videos are the best thing to follow

There are different types of data plans are have been in use by the customers who are following the different networks. The wireless data networks offer a particular data plan. Some may cost reasonable, and some will be expensive. So, our mobile Ad must be friendly with the customers regarding the usage of the plans.

Customized Mobile Experience

The trends are moving towards the moments which are small and short that can be delivered quickly to the audience. The mobile-driven data is easy to access by the customers. So, marketers are focusing on the short length advertisements all the time.

Marketing Basing on the Location Wise

Location based marketing is another trend in mobile video advertising. Advertisers are advertising their brands with the geotagging of the videos. So, that the customers are very comfortable in finding the certain place and it allows the customers to access the navigation to the particular place, and there is a chance to know about the further information on brands.

Benefits of the Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile video advertising benefitted the marketers as well as the consumers greatly these days. Marketers are trying to achieve the full potential to succeed with mobile video ads online. It becomes powerful to focus on the better engagement of the audience with their brand.

Marketers can get a good Customer Engagement with Mobile Video Ads

When compared to the other medium of advertising with the videos, Mobile video adverting is on the front line to succeed. Mobile phone usage has changed the standards for marketers to step even better towards success. It is the easiest way to reach and engage the customers than on PC’s or Laptops in this fast world


We can have direct communication with the customers through mobile video advertising. Millions can see the ad of customers on mobile as the application usage has increased day by day. So, the ad view on the mobiles are attracting the consumers towards the brands.

Easily Sharable

The mobile video ads are easily shareable to a large community than the other devices. Even the mouth to advertisement also works with the customers with their friends or many other people about the videos on mobile. Mobile video ads make the brand become viral online and offline easily. So, it is the biggest benefit for the marketers by using mobile video ads.

YouTube Mobile Video Ads

YouTube also went through the audience through its pre-roll mobile video ads, which designed to match the mobile video formats. The skippable video ads on the mobile and tablets are trending on mobile phones and tablet devices these days.

Previously, the users can skip the ads when they are watching the movie on the laptop or PCs. The advertisers are also beneficial because they have to pay if the user watches it for 30 seconds.

This makes the YouTube as well as the advertisers more beneficial. The skippable ads of the Youtube are viral, and many publishers and consumers are paying more attention towards the ads.

Facebook Mobile Video Advertising

Facebook was successfully getting figured out about the ads that are nailing the revenue on the mobile devices.

It has started testing the video ad market online by comparing the ad revenues and the strategies that are following the Google and many other platforms.

It has started the mobile app downloads and made its success in the business with the mobile app advertising.

Mobile Video Advertising Statistics

  • It is estimated that nearly 42 percent of the traffic on Youtube is getting from the mobile phone users when compared to the previous years.
  • Nearly a 52 million people are watching the video on mobile phones in US.
  • Nearly the 16 percent of the video hours online is spending on the video watching online
  • Mobile page views are increased by the 46 percent when compared to the previous year statistics
  • The mobile ad spend greatly increased, and 64 million dollars are spent in the UK in 2014 on mobile video ads

Mobile App Video Advertising and Programmatic Advertising

The programmatic video buying and the marketing with the ROI are has been on the rise in the case of the mobile video ads. The ad spent on the mobile video raised when compared to the previous statistical estimations and rates.

The mobile app video ads are on the rise today with the increase in the engagement of people with the different types of applications on smartphones. So, with the influence of Facebook video app advertising also influenced the marketers and as well as consumers to better benefited from the mobile video app advertising.

Introduction to Flipboard Looping Video Ads for Brands

The Gif type looping videos are now trending topic that was going on the web. Flipboard has recently introduced a new feature for the advertisers to promote their commercials with the brand new format with looping videos for their brands. Flipboard Looping Video Ads get scrolled onto the platforms silently that means without any sound just like the Facebook autoplay video ads. Flipboard Looping Video Ads feature contains the short loops with a section of the video. They are available for the users during the content search. The users will also get informed about the latest updates too.

The format was designed to loop the video for the three to eight seconds length, and people can simply click on to the ad to watch the ad in full-screen mode with the audio. This feature is very beneficial for marketers as it can attract the audience towards watching the commercial, and it depends on the brand about the content of their video. So, many marketers are now showing their interest in this new feature for their brand promotion commercials.

By clicking on to the video, the people can watch a full advertisement in the full screen with the audio. This type of feature allows the best way of viewing and attracts the people towards it., the short loop gif type video ads will attract the huge audience and increase the sales leads for the marketers. Even it is the best way and easiest way to place the ad content to get attention in the right manner.

The Flipboard is providing more benefits to the video advertisers like delivering both the options like autoplay and the audience intended video in the same path. Everyone knows about the crazy demand of mobile by the public, and by picking that point, they are working out with the ‘cinema loop’ video ad, which could be available on the free magazine app. Flipboard is a form of silent video ad which plays when the consumer reaches it, and when the user prefers it then the full video ad will be performed.

Google Instant Video Ads – The Next Big Thing

Google has been synonymous with providing instant information on anything and everything belonging to this earth and other universes as well. The channel established itself as one of the dependable sources of information needed by the users from time to time.Google has been maintaining links to various web pages containing information.The search on Google only returns the link, and once the user clicks the link, updated data about search criteria will appear on the screen. The complete details of Google Instant Video Ads are given here.

Google has been planning to launch additional features on its platform, and this most exciting concept is known as Google Instant Video Ads. The real-time ads appear during live events. Google involves its associate DoubleClick and also Paramount as partners in this technology which is considered as the next big thing.

This concept (of real-time video ads) provides a unique opportunity to form deeper connections with audiences.Once Google announced its plan to roll instant video ads service, the immediate response was that it is going to become a big threat to Twitter. There has been a severe competition between Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat and all of them are looking for and aim at fostering a connection with people looking to feel a part of the big event that is being live-streamed.

Instant video ads happen to be a wonderful tool for the marketer to provide and promote information about this product in real-time. The marketer will be able to provide updated information relent to consumers. There has been a lot of discussions going on about Google providing instant video ads. The difference is now it is using the services of an external agency, i.e., M/s. Paramount.

Though the benefits of live streaming ads are yet to be established. There is an enormous debate going on about this topic, and we can conclude the Google Instant Video Ads. It is the next big thing and also that this concept will come into practice very shortly.

YouTube Video Tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager allows the users to update the videos quickly. Updating means there are many tags along with the snippets on the website as well as on the mobile applications can help in analyzing the traffic and the marketing. By using the Google tag manager, you can update the Google Ad words and the analytics for your YouTube videos. It helps in reducing the significant mistakes or errors that flow in your YouTube videos too. The Google tag manager is useful for the Mobile apps, web as well for tracking the YouTube videos.

The tags are nothing but the code of the snippet which sends the information to the third party and manages the solution with the google tag manager within the user interface.

Tracking of YouTube videos using the google tag manager

  • Get an account with the Google tag manager
  • Create a macro name and select the type as a Custom Java Script
  • This will check whether the YouTube video had embedded on the web page or not
  • Click save button by copy pasting the text box
  • Create new HTML tag with concern specification depending on your requirements
  • Create universal analytic tags with the complete specification by providing the tracking ID and the type of event
  • Save your new tag
  • Preview and debug the tags
  • Publish the new container version
  • Embed the Youtube video
  • Play and pause it
  • Check the real time event reports
  • Get detailed view of insight

If YouTube tags are firing correctly, than its time to track it live.

If somebody used your YouTube video embedding the code and placed in some other websites. With the help of Google Tag Manager, you can identify the Embedded code in iframes.

The information on the iframe you can track the video source. So we can send events to Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to gather reports.

YouTube videos can be tracked using the Google tag manager, we have compiled a list of ways to track your YouTube embed videos and how to track your YouTube embed videos using Google Tag Manager(GTM).


Use of Flipboard could be the advantageous to the advertisers to promote their services or products through the stream of video. If you struck in the middle of choosing platform to make promotions just go on using this Flipboard.

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