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Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI): How to Monetize your Video Platforms

Are you looking for a way to monetize your video platforms? If so, you may want to consider server-side ad insertion (SSAI). SSAI is a process of inserting ads into videos on the server-side before the content is delivered to the user. This can be done either dynamically, in real-time, or through pre-loading ads into the video content. Here’s everything you need to know about SSAI and how it can help you monetize your video platforms.

If you run a video platform or service, you know that ad revenue is essential to keeping your business afloat. Enter server-side ad insertion (SSAI). SSAI allows you to insert ads into your video streams on the server-side before they’re delivered to the viewer. This means more control over the ad experience for your viewers and more revenue for you. So how do you get started with SSAI?

What is Server-Side Ad Insertion?

Server-Side Ad Insertion is a server-side method for ad insertion that allows the publisher to dynamically insert an advertisement into the web page without requiring any action by the user.

Server-Side Ad Insertion is an advertising technique in which ads are inserted into a web page from the server before it’s sent to the client.

Server-side ad insertion (SSAI) is a method of inserting ads into online advertising that relies on the provider’s server to insert them into an existing website rather than having the code for the site do it.

Server-Side Ad Insertion, or SSI for short, is a method that allows you to deliver ads on your website without having to change the HTML code.

Server-Side Ad Insertion (or SSAI) is a method of displaying your ads on other sites so that they seem like regular content.

How do Server-Side Ad Insertion platforms work?

Server-Side Ad Insertion platforms allow users to connect multiple ad sources and insert them into the video as it’s being streamed. This is usually done through an RTMP server, which can also send content from different servers.

Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) is a new way to deliver online ads. Rather than providing ads on the client-side, SSAI delivers them by using the same network infrastructure that serves web pages and streaming media.

Server-side ad insertion platforms are an excellent choice for advertisers because they integrate their client’s ads into various media.

SSAI platforms enable advertisers to insert ads into existing content. It’s an excellent solution for sites that already have an audience and want to monetize their traffic with relevant advertising.

The Advantage of Server-Side Ad Insertion and DAI

The advantages of the server-side Ad Insertion technology and the Data Acquisition Interface (DAI) are that advertisers can use it to quickly choose where their ads will appear, with a minimum of effort.

The advantage of server-side ad insertion is that it allows you to use your existing infrastructure for many things. It also enables the ability to control inventory, targeting, and third-party management in one place.

Users can use the server for ad insertion to maximize the number of spaces available. A combination of DSP and SSAI is a good option if you want multiple ads on your site.

Server-side ad insertion is better than the client-side because it ensures that the given ad will be inserted into the appropriate place in a video. Server-side insertion also helps avoid glitches and skips in videos, reducing viewers’ load time.

Ad insertion is a method of serving advertisements onto a page. It allows for the ad to be displayed in the right place at the right time, leading to an increase in revenue.

The concept of client-side ad insertion (DAI) is that advertisers can deliver ads independently from a publisher’s site.

Everything needs to know about Server-Side Ad Insertion

Server-Side Ad Insertion is a standard that allows you to put ads on any online page. It’s straightforward to implement, and it works with most ad networks in the industry.

Server-Side Ad Insertion is a ground-breaking technology that allows you to show ads on the server-side. Specially designed and used for many purposes, including traffic tracking, ad previews, and more.

Server-Side Ad insertion is a Game Changer in Streaming

Server-Side Ad Insertion is the future of live streaming. Not only does it allow for more revenue, but it also creates a much better experience for viewers by creating an ad that fits seamlessly into the broadcast.

SSAI is the future of live streaming. It’s a revolutionary technology that allows you to insert ads in your videos automatically, and this means significant revenue for streamers who use it.

Server-Side Ad insertion is a Game Changer in Streaming. You can control the ads displayed on your stream and get paid for them with it.

Server-side ad insertion is a game-changer in video advertising. It allows publishers and advertisers to create cost-effective, dynamic ads that target the served audience.

Server-Side Ad Server Insertion (SSAI) has been around for a while. However, only recently did I see the full potential of this technology in my own streaming business.

Best Practices for Server-Side Ad insertion (SSAI)

  • Follow the guidelines set by IAB
  • Identify the ad’s target audience and what they are interested in
  • Determine the type of ads to include- video, display, or text
  • Understand how ads will be served on your site- either through an SSAI platform or via a third-party service provider
  • Be aware of any legal obligations related to advertising
  • Ad insertion is a powerful way to increase revenue in your video streaming service
  • SSAI should be implemented at the server level, not client-side
  • Define the goals of your SSAI campaign
  • Determine the best platforms for your ad delivery
  • Create a plan to measure and optimize the performance of your ads
  • Be mindful of the technical requirements needed to execute an SSAI campaign
  • SSAI is a technology that inserts ads into video content on the fly
  • First, you need to choose an ad network and create an account with them
  • Next, you will need to embed their JavaScript code in your website’s HTML pages or upload it as a separate file if using PHP or ASP scripts
  • If using WordPress, there are plugins available for inserting advertisements and tracking impressions
  • Decide on the type of ad you want to insert- pre-roll, post-roll, or pop up
  • Determine which key points in your video are appropriate for ads
  • Create a script that includes these key points and add the desired ad types at each one
  • Run this script through an SSAI software program like AdapTV to produce the final product
  • SSAI is a way to insert ads into video content
  • The process of SSAI includes encoding the ad, adding it to the video, and then distributing it in real-time
  • Pre-rolls are placed before the video starts playing and can be skipped after 5 seconds or watched for 30 seconds
  • Post-rolls are placed at the end of videos and cannot be skipped
  • Determine the number of ads you want to serve per hour and how many times each ad should be shown
  • Create a playlist that includes your ads in sequential order
  • Upload the playlist to your server and set it up, so it plays on loop
  • Configure your player to include an SSAI plugin for whichever platform you are using (e.g., VAST, VPAID)
  • A key difference between SSAI and client-side ad insertion is that all ads are preloaded before the webpage loads for users, so there’s no risk of slowing down the loading time
  • Advertisers should have a clear and concise message
  • SSAI ads are best served at natural breaks in content, such as before or after a segment of video programming
  • Ads must complement the viewing experience rather than disrupt it.

OTT Guidance for Server-Side Ad Insertion

In OTT Guidance for Server-Side Ad Insertion, learn the importance of server-side ad insertion and make it work.

The fact that OTT content is mostly consumed on mobile devices makes it vulnerable to the challenges presented by ad-blocking.

You must have a solid OTT product strategy when using server-side ad insertion. So let me tell you about the basics of what it is and how to use it effectively.

OTT Guidance for Server-Side Ad Insertion is intended to help the OTT industry develop standards and best practices around ad delivery, reduce latency and improve overall user experience.


SSAI is a great way to monetize your video platforms.

By working with an experienced provider, you can ensure that your viewers have a seamless experience and that you can make the most of your advertising opportunities.

Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about server-side ad insertion or need help implementing it on your site.

We offer expert marketing consulting for businesses just like yours who want to make the most out of their online video presence.

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