50 Amazing Social Media Stories Statistics and Trends

We all know that the ‘Stories’ Concept on Social Media Platforms is driving the attention of the marketers and the users as well. But to find such a reputation, the only player of Social Media Stories in giving life is Instagram. Instagram Stories shaped the new world of digital marketing through the launch of IG stories. Though the Snapchat Stories are launched before Instagram has driven the audience’s attention. After that, the stories are flown to YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Now the stories are becoming the influencers to drive sales of any businesses in the global market. How can we define this? The below statistics will explain how the stories are being a one-person show for business sales.

Social Media Stories Facts

  1. The comments made on the YouTube story will expire after 7 days, and also the creators can view those comments for 30 days in the YouTube creator studio.
  2. YouTube channels having above 10,000 subscribers can access stories available in beta.
  3. YouTube Stories last up to 7 days.
  4. 8.5% of subscribers count accelerates weekly the creators who participate in active stories on YouTube.
  5. YouTube enabled mobile-only stories shown in the stories tab of the channel page and displayed in the subscribers feed.
  6. YouTube Stories are 15-second short-form videos.
  7. Top 100 brands are getting smarter on YouTube by creating exciting content.
  8. YouTube states that the audience in the local language is consuming 95 % of the content.
  9. 79% of internet users said that they are holding a YouTube account.
  10. Every day 500 million users are using Instagram Stories feature.
  11. 60% of millennials are posting and watching Instagram stories.
  12. 86.6% of Instagrammers are involving in posting Instagram Stories.
  13. 1 user in 4 Gen Z and Millennials are watching Instagram Stories to products or services to buy.
  14. Most of business brands use Instagram posts and stories equally.
  15. Instagram Stories capture 19% of all impressions.
  16. 2.3 posts per week, on average, will be posted on Instagram Stories.
  17. 5.82% is the average reach rate of IG stories.
  18. 75% is the average completion rate of Instagram stories.
  19. 70% of Instagram users are looking for the brand.
  20. 60% of Instagram users find new products through Instagram stories.
  21. 1/3rd of most-watched Instagram are from business brands.
  22. More than 300 million users for Facebook stories, and it’s recently rolled out Facebook stories ads gallery.
  23. According to Ipsos Survey, 62% of the people said that stories are becoming more interesting, and marketers started seeing a result for their brands.
  24. Over 1.47 billion people use Facebook stories daily. Facebook gives fierce competition to Instagram stories.
  25. According to Statista analysis, Political news is the highest used in Facebook Stories, which recorded as 36%.
  26. Over 500 million daily active views on Facebook Stories by 2019.
  27. From the Facebook analysis, 73% of the people in the U.S agree that we can experience new things outside the world.
  28. 62% of the U.S people said they are going to try out new jobs in the future using stories on Facebook.
  29. Facebook has 150 billion active users in 14 months, and many users are converting Facebook feed to Facebook stories, it will continue to rise.
  30. Facebook stories provide brands to repost the audience content, and stories aid you in sharing 11-12 posts from followers.
  31. Facebook Stories consumption was 842% after launching since in 2016.
  32. 19.7 % of users on Facebook share their videos as Facebook Stories.
  33. More than 450 million daily active users by 2018, and it’s now raised to 500 million daily active users by 2020.
  34. 3 million companies registered and used for business. Among over 39% of marketers using WhatsApp Stories for brands.
  35. Among all WhatsApp users, only 35% of the people post stories daily on WhatsApp. It may well grow on WhatsApp.
  36. At first, Snapchat stories introduced, and all other Social media channels cloned these stories feature. Over 191 million daily active users for Snapchat stories.
  37. Snapchat stories are highly used among all social media Stories. More than 815 of the Snapchat Users post Stories daily.
  38. In the U.S, 57% of the Female and 43% Male Use Snapchat for creating Snapchat stories.
  39. 19.7 % of people sharing the User-generated content as Snapchat Stories timeline Worldwide.
  40. Buzz Feed Videos are discovered as the most viewed Snapchat Stories with 54%.
  41. 70 million daily active users using lenses to create Videos posting as Snapchat Stories.
  42. Marketers predict that over 2 million Snapchat stories are shared publicly by 2022.
  43. 35% of the Snapchat daily active Users post their Snapchat Stories in the platform by 2020.
  44. Snapchat stories generated 10 billion daily video views worldwide.
  45. Per day more than 400 million Snapchat stories are posted on its platform.
  46. An average of 10-20 million active users watches Snapchat Videos daily.
  47. People are posting 33% less on Snapchat Stories and 25% more on Instagram stories.
  48. After introducing Instagram and Facebook stories, an average of unique views for Snapchat decreased to 50% by 2019.
  49. Concerning Statistics, Marketers surveyed 35,000 people. They found that 65% are more interested in watching Snapchat Stories.
  50. Facebook Stories are growing 15 times faster than the standard Facebook videos and News Feed.Popular apps are directly redirected from Facebook stories. Totally 10 counties specified their slang for story filters.


Social Media Stories changed the face of the marketing promotions of business brands. The stories are going to be a great challenging feature of digital marketing.

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