Sports Video Live Streaming

Role of Social Media in Sports Video Live Streaming

The term live video streaming is the most trending phrase in the present situation. The overall world relies on Sports Video Live Streaming, and it made amendments in the Global market.

Most of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, etc. Is expanding their popularity by telecasting the live streaming of the trending topics of sports, fashion, education, film industry, and politics.

As the category of sports has a huge number of fans attained the necessity of Sports Video Live StreamingSports Video Live Streaming that is too convenient for the sports lovers to watch the match at the doorstep itself without being waited in queues.

Sports Video Live Streaming on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube:


Initially, Twitter launched its live streaming by broadcasting from the Wimbledon stadium and at the same time it has offered to tweet about the live game for the viewers.

This could be the interesting fact of Twitter at the first stage of launching.

Now it’s going to start Twitter app on Apple, Microsoft Xbox and Amazon for a television app to get touched by every individual home.

It made an agreement with NFL to live stream its matches.

Twitter uses 360 degree cameras to cover the whole game with easy environment.

They concentrated to broadcast through Twitter with millions of users by bringing awareness about live streaming app like Twitter’s Periscope.

The sports live streaming can be watched by any user without sign in to the Twitter account.


Today the most wanted social media site that ruling the entire world is Facebook.

Facebook is being used by everyone as it provides faster communication and it is the only the first app which has global impact.

So it became an advantage to establish live video streaming especially for telecasting sports as the number of users are excited about sports.

It started streaming the Soccer game from Manchester by making a contract with England captain Wayne Rooney.

Facebook CEO Mark has stated that they are going to use DJI’s for further live streaming activities, which is the latest technological device for shooting events.

This is also broadcasting the game on Fox from Wrigley field stadium, which is being played by the Chicago Cubs.

Facebook plays a vital role in broadening the careers of players through its indistinguishable services like live video streaming.


Today YouTube is the most desired entertainment channel for everyone i.e. From kids to elders.

In a single word we can say that it’s the Galaxy of entertainment with the availability of everything we want.

That may be education, fashion, news, politics and sports.

This crucial image of YouTube has expanded the idea of Sports video live streaming.

It broadcasted a huge number of live sports with online texting about that game.

No one is there without knowing about the YouTube sports live streaming. Mostly everyone watches all games from this which is very convenient to watch.

Projections of Sports Video Live Streaming:

In the early days we used to watch sports live streaming only by using televisions through specific channel by drooping our important works as a sports category has a huge number of fans throughout the world and it is somewhat difficult to have TVs everywhere.

Now all most all of the social media sites like Facebook, twitter and YouTube etc are broadcasting Sports live streaming by using undiscovered technology.

They are trying to give the best result with effective streaming by competing one another.

People from throughout the world will have the access of live streaming as those apps are commonly used by everyone.

Hence, the social media completely brought a drastic change in the live streaming of Sports by providing entertainment.

Boom 3D Live Streaming Platform for eSports

Live streaming has become the most important factor in the today’s advertising ecosystem. Even the common users are love to stream online with the new cameras which have become the greatest buzz across the web. Live streaming was redefined with the new cameras with 360-degree video support, 4K technology and Virtual reality. These new devices have taken the live streaming to another level with technology and speed.

The new Boom TV came into the spotlight today in the name of world’s new 3D live streaming platform. Yes, the 3d live streaming platform is the present trending concept across the web. The platform was announced its services to its users and raised 3.5$ million as funding. The platform supports the 3D live streaming for the eSports.

The Boom TV application supports the players gaming stream. The app is presently available as a beta version, and the platform was building a new 3D experience its fans to experience the gameplay in a different way across the mobile devices as well as PC.

The app also allows the streamers to re-play instantly and also allows creating the clips which can be highlighted. There is also a social media sharing option, where the gamers can share their experience via social media the new virtual reality using the sharing option.

The gamers can also experience the live virtual reality gaming with the boom TV platform. The new VR gaming platform opened the doors to virtual gaming reality across the web. At present, the platform was included the largest gaming communities ad also supporting the eSports titles.

Therefore, the new 3D world is waiting for the gaming lovers to Boom TV platform which can redefine the 3D live stream gaming.

Visit: Boom TV

Technology used in CRICKET, FOOTBALL and BASKETBALL Live Streaming:


While telecasting the live streaming of cricket we can find cameras, tapes, directors, visual switches, directors, producers, lightening specialists, miles of cables, hotspots, operating different voice modes, snicko and Hawk Eye.

Sicko: This can be used to adjust video graphically by setting the proper volume for the game.

Hawk Eye: This can be used to make route of the ball and forecasts the expected line of the ball.

With all these equipments they will make an adjustment for live streaming into social media sites and televisions.


Technology used in football live streaming:

The technology introduced in football’s Goal line technology and the equipments in this technology area

System of Goal Ref: This is completely designed to have magnetic effects that elaborates the reach of the ball to the Goal line.

System of Hawkeye: Which is used to make a keen observation on whether the player exactly hits the ball to target line.

System of Smart Ball: It will find the exact position of the ball while reaching the Goal

Technology of Foam: The foam will be sprayed by the referee to put the competitor while one playing in the projected distance while hitting the ball.


Technology used in Basketball live streaming:

The same technology of football is used in basketball i.e. Hawk Eye and other technology are a replay system which makes a clear vision of releasing the ball before time out.

Equipments needed for Live Streaming:

Live streaming replaced the TV devices during the game, it allows the sports lovers to view directly instead of sitting in front of the devices.

Drones for Sports Video Live Streaming:

Drones play a major role in Live streaming. Recently DJI updated the iOS apps to give live stream on facebook. For Facebook live streaming DJI Phantom 4 came into the market.

DJI drones came in different models like DJI Phantom 3, DJI Phantom 3 pro.

Nano Drones for live Streaming:

They are Wallet Drone, ZANO, ELF, ONAGO fly and Axis Nano drone.


We need some cameras or a webcam to start live streaming an event. Smartphones can also be used to Live Stream an Event.

But getting high quality videos with picture perfect quality we need an HD camera. We have listed the best cameras for Live streaming an event.

Canon Vixia HF R500, Canon XF105

If you need a clear audio you should use a good mic instead of using the internal mic on camera.

Micro Boya BY M1, Micro Audio Technica AT2020.


Make sure that you have a Laptop with RAM, minimum of 2GB and 500MB free hard disk space.

Physical Encoder:

We use physical encoders if we use the camera. To get optimum quality of video we should connect the encoder to the internet connection.

It does not work if we connected via WIFI. Examples for physical encoders Tricaster, Matrox.

Encoding Software:

People use laptop for anytime shoot live event they must use Encoding softwares.

First the Camera connected to the laptop and the encoding software to link up with audio and video.

Some of the examples of encoding softwares are Inlet Spinnaker,Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) with 3.2 version.

High Speed Internet Connection:

Make sure you need high bandwidth speed to broadcast 4k videos.

1.5Mbps to 2.35Mbps bandwidth speed is required.

Dedicated Server:

We need a server like Content Delivery Network (CDN) server.

We need website URL to stream a Live Video broadcasting.They are Primary Server URL and Backup Server URL.

The future generation sports lies on social media website. The present generation people do not like sitting in front of the TV and watching sports.

They just enjoy with friends on live wherever they are through social media live streaming like Facebook Live, Instagram, Snapchat.

A few years ago Video Live streaming services had taken over by TV channels through TV live broadcasting.

Live Streaming On Social Media:

Companies trying to deal with latest technologies and apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Latest deals go with Facebook only, now people who has smart phones will definitely browse for facebook.

Interestingly facebook has become a common trend to view Live Sports. DA Cast is one of the first live streaming fully compatible with mobiles and easy to integrate.

For the better quality of videos more internet speed is not a common problem in social media. Facebook has introduced a new tool for football lovers.

Virtual Reality Devices:

Microsoft introduced Hololens tech for Hologram to shoot live videos. Which include 3d camera captures from all angles.

This device specially designed for capturing long distance communications, it can capture video and pictures what we are really seeing presently.

Most of the devices connect with web and easy to connect through VR devices. Drones play a better role in Live Video Streaming

Dji Phantom 4 had taken over Live Streaming on Facebook.

Domination Of Mobile Devices:

Nowadays, mobile viewing will dominate on Live streaming. According to statistics from 2015 to 2016, internet traffic comes from mobile devices and it raised to 60-80 percent.

More people choosing mobile devices and smartphones for internet connections.

So the advertisers chose their choice to be mobile videos for advertising their products and live streaming.

Sports Video Live Streaming stays on Twitter:

There are some features that differentiate live streaming through twitter.

That means live streaming on twitter is going to be an upcoming trend for sports lovers.

For social media users the functionality of twitter and periscope differentiated. But periscope is only intended for mobile users.

Global Statics in Sports Video Live Streaming:

Considering the 2016 Sports Live Streaming Statics we have listed the data.

By the end of 2018 , 85% of Online Video content are from global internet traffic.

Internet Live streaming and downloads are raised 60% by the end of the year.

Live Streaming through mobile apps, consider periscope users are globally raised to 1.5% – 2%.

Broadcasting through mobile, the people aged from 16-34 years would love watching sports on live has increased to 29%.

The mobile internet users are mostly from India, Brazil, USA, UK, Italy and Malaysia.

Over Live Sports through TV has 37% in 2014 and been decreased because of the mobile devices and Social media.

2.45M word cup streaming viewers filmed from Univision apps and ESPN.

U.S statics proven that 42% sports content consumed from mobiles.

The Sports Video Live Streaming event highlights 31%, sport event news 27% and 37% sports content is consumed.


The sports video live streaming is going to be a major platform for all the trending media sites to telecast by using tremendous technologies which shows their caliber to acquire the number one position Globally. So Sports Video Live Streaming could be a challenge for top most social media sites in the future as well.

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