Video Production RFP

Winning Strategies to Create an Effective Video Production RFP

Video Production RFP strategies effectively connect with consultants, vendors, organizations, and partners, consisting of skilled resources and expertise to meet that need. A Request For Proposal is also called an RFP which is a powerful print document that contains all relevant and essential information of a project things to be completed.

Creating a detailed RFP tackles few questions about how to write it and what it contains on it. This RFP exclusively suitable and used for the businesses of video marketing and designing. Here in this article, we leverage the great winning strategies for effective video production RFP to secure more clients.

Strategies to Create a Effective Video Production RFP:

Create Professional Proposal:

The video content creators must come with a great proposal that looks completely professional to attract more vendors.

Select the Finalists:

Make sure to select the finalists and request the presentation proposal from the video production companies or agencies you list.

Brief Description:

You must describe your project proposal briefly and mention the purpose of the video RFP.


It’s mandatory to review every point on it. Do homework to list out the top few companies on your list.

Company overview:

Include the company mission, vision, and motto in your company overview section.

Layout your Work:

Make sure to Layout your general scope of work in any picture representation so that your vendors can easily identify your working process.

Submit RFP to Agencies:

Try to Submit your video RFP to over 10 agencies to reach more companies. Focus on the top agencies to get excellent production quality.

Bid Winners:

Once you are done deciding on a final bid winner, make sure to notify all other agencies that you took a decision. Notify them even if it was not to go with their bid.

Project overview:

Project Over plays a key role here, and it will briefly describe your project in an easily understandable format.

Tell a Story:

Tell your company story in your video RFP that enhances your company’s heritage and culture.

Rely on Writing skills:

Rely on your writing skills to convey an excellent, nuanced difference between your competitors and your company.

Problem Solving:

Most of the RFPs limit their description of how they solve problems. Mention your strategy briefly to impress with your problem-solving skills.

Send a Good Prospect Video:

Take advantage of sending a good prospect a video on how it will make them feel.

Selection Criteria:

Provide your companies selection criteria in your video RFP.

Production Agencies:

Gather information from the production agencies who are working on your project and also know their team members.

RFP requirements:

Have a clear idea of RFP requirements and get ready with those requirements.

Set Goals:

Set clearly defined goals of your business and what the results are your expectation, clearly mention in your video RFP.

Receive the RFP:

After sending your requirements, you will receive a filled-out RFP from the video production agencies you sent.

Provide Number of Agencies:

Try to leverage the number of agencies you expect the bid from that particular video production agency or company.

Discuss Contents:

Make a phone call to each company to discuss the contents of the RFP. Clearly discuss any last-minute details.

Include References:

Mention the links of references that your company needs that style of outcomes in your RFP.

Skill Set:

Ask your video production agencies who are working on your projects to request their agency’s top skills.

Reviewing video RFP:

It takes time to review your video RFP that may be two-three working business days.

Specify the agencies:

Try to Specify what agencies should include in their video RFP.

Company Presence:

You can also want to present your organization professionally and positively.

Ask for Revisions:

Don’t be afraid to ask for revisions of your project. Consider it as a serious for better production quality.


Writing a clear professional RFP will definitely increase the chance of getting a favorable response from the audience. First, Vendors must understand the prerequisites to meet and reading your RFP for them. Once you have created a professional RFP, creators must be ready to distribute that content and wait for the response. The above-mentioned effective Video Production RFP strategies help develop an excellent RFP, which will get a great response from a selection of suitable businesses.

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