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Guide to Streambox Live Stream 360 Video to YouTube

The popular live streaming company Stream box Inc had launched the new feature which offers a live 360-degree video streaming on youtube with the device which is a simplified service for the live 360-degree video streaming. The video formats have been changing time to time and were still changing with new techniques and technologies. The 360-degree video is a big surprise in the video marketing and was now much improved with the latest technologies and featuring products. Here is the complete guide to Streambox Live Stream 360 video.

What is a Streambox?

The Streambox is a media type device which is very powerful that can make the connection between the device and the internet to go live streaming with good connectivity. The Stream Box Inc is one of the companies related to the media which has recently featured a new feature for 360-degree video live streaming on Youtube platform.

How does it work?

The Streambox has combined with the cloud services of cloud encoder 360 to provide the simplified way for live 360-degree streaming. The Streambox works with the cloud encoder 360 by integrating real time with the video stitching of ACT compressions with an L3 level that automates the bonding with the network and utilizes the 3G,4G and Wi-Fi networks with high bandwidth. The entire setup transmits the Streambox cloud servers that were located across the globe and provided the connection. It requires particular hardware to deliver the live stream to Youtube platform. Very soon the Streambox is going to support the 360-degree videos on a Facebook platform too.

Products of Streambox

Features of cloud encoders – ACT L3 codec and LDMP

The cloud encoder’s video is compressed with the codec with advanced compression technology at level 3 that optimizes the efficiency of the device at low bandwidth utilization and also has the capability of complex video with high motion with an advanced search feature. The cloud encoders were also equipped with the Low delay multipath technology with adaptive bit rate streaming across the different private and public networks. It automates the selection of best bandwidth and latency with clear resolution over the multiple IP networks and delivers the best.

360 cloud encoder and VR media player

The 360 cloud encoder is automated for the single click 360 degrees streaming good software encoder that can integrate the video stitching and correction of the lens with 360 cameras that were designed with live HD streaming to Streambox cloud. The bitrates coder has a good capability of encoding with the complete frame rate with good resolution. The media player also runs and integrated with oculus rift on windows and many others.

How to stream live 360-degree video to the youtube platform with Streambox?

• Setup a youtube account and sign-in

• Go to creator studio

• Go to live streaming to event section

• Fill up all details and add time date and other basic info

• Add thumbnail with good compatible resolution.

• Don’t forget to add description

• Go to advanced settings

• And choose live stream to live 360 videos. Tick the box

• Choose create event button and click on to that once the above process was completed.

• Select bitrates around 3000kbs above

• Copy stream name

• Edit decoder settings by providing the stream key and server URL

• Save the settings

• Go to live control room in editor settings to know whether the status is good or not.

• Go to preview and click OK

• Click start streaming button and click ok to proceed

• Your live event will get started and you can view the test live in live events section in your youtube account again.


This is an Ultimete guide for streambox VR Live stream 360 degree video on to YouTube.

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