Top 10 Tamil YouTube Channels1

Top 10 Tamil YouTube Channels

Are you surfing for the ever best Tamil YouTube channels which are most worthy to watch? Most of the channels will eat our time by producing nonsense. By considering that we have picked the finest channels among all just have a look below to find.

1.Smile Settai:

From the name itself, we can find the theme of the channel that it is the most enjoyable channel. They create the review videos of movies with characters.

They used to give extraordinary expressions with no words while they are watching the movie.

They reveal how the movie is going to when we are watching. The beep show about political talk is another famous one.

These are the best shows that could be the most innovative among all. The no. of subscribers for this channel is 346,238+ and 38,686,718+ views.

2.Put Chutney:

This is a hilarious channel that they generate the parody videos that related to either the top most movies or political issues.

They used to make funny shows, serious discussion on legends and some trending topics in the public.

It could be the best channel through which everyone will have a feel of happening things in our surroundings. It has 380,360+ subscribers and 44,771,205+ views.

3.Madras Meter:

This channel is completely dedicated to delivering the real-time entertainment i.e. by introducing some actors through the concept of actual happening things.

Recently they had introduced the 360- degree face off concept as “Arya vs Kadamban” which is the trending theme in the Tamil YouTube channels.

This channel has 132, 704+ subscribers and 11,440,941+ views.


The title of this channel defines that it collects the information about the movies and produce the reviews, movie interviews and news especially for Tamil movies in a genuine way.

Hence, it got 159,270+ subscribers and 39,753,266+ views.

5.Humor club:

The people who are being the part of this channel will make humorous talk while performing.

It has 10,935+ subscribers and 2,581,675+ views.

6.Red Pix (short films):

This a world of short films in which the dream of upcoming and creative directors will be fulfilled.

It reached 51,796+ views and 16,563,995+ views.

7.Madras Central:

They create the videos of movies and movie reviews in a satirical way. In one word we can say it is master of spoofs.

It has 321,528+ views and 27,899,599+ views.

8.Tamil Tech:

It is top most YouTube channel in displaying the technical videos by unboxing the gadgets, generating tips, tricks and reviews on newly arrived devices and apps.

It attained 286,291+ subscribers and 14,803,033+ views for their advanced step to launch this channel.

9.Stupid Common Man:

This channel sportively explores the societal issues and about movies in the perspective of a common man.

It got 12,856+ subscribers and 649,431+ views in one year of launch.

10.Lets Make Engineering Simple:

This channel will boost up the knowledge through the concepts related to science and engineering by applying in a practical way.

It has 114,454+ subscribers and 2,757,178+ views.


These are the top most Tamil YouTube channels that have huge craze by proving themselves as the creators of a new trend. Don’t waste your time by searching more just go through these channels then you can find what is new in it.

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