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YouTube for Political Advertising: Guide to Political Ad Campaign 2022

As the elections are reaching the near line of the election date, the politicians are more aggressive in expelling their ad campaign strategy. We can say that it is an excellent luck time for media companies to find a flood of political advertising dollars.

Rising awareness about politics is the major challenge for advertisers, especially using social media channels. The winning of any political party stands to depend on the delivery of their message and lookouts at the relevant voters through which they can profoundly influence them to vote for their party or person.

To do that, any politician should make the echoes of their political campaign with the most effective advertising strategy. Especially in today’s political campaign, when you don’t include the digital frame of the advertising strategy, then it is useless to explore your political campaign.

Why is it going to happen?

As we compare social media usage from the last decades to present, there are a lot of changes that occurred in the usage of social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, etc. But in all of them, YouTube is the most engaged channel as it is streaming video content at free or low cost.

Video is the most preferred content by the audience to watch all-time whenever they need it. The candidates are raising funds successfully through online advertising on YouTube. It is showing the most significant impact on politicians to reach their most engaging voters.

The launch of political ads on YouTube helps to win the competition and bang their political party name.

“Knock the voter’s digital door to delivery your message – possible on YouTube.”

Politicians can reserve advertising space on YouTube

YouTube is letting the political parties make the purchase of ad space on its platform to target their voters. The early voting states such as South Carolina in the United States can make use of this campaign opportunity.

In Google Ads, we can find the YouTube tool like ‘Instant Reserve’ to launch their ad campaigns. It is testing this tool with multiple advertisers over many industries.

The marketers can plan and book the campaign slots with a fixed budget by using this tool. Moreover, they can predict the reach of the political campaign in advance of launch.

YouTube parent Google has seen that top trending politicians like Donald Trump, along with other forefront election runners who are more competing for the election race, spend nearly $21.8 million to launch their advertising campaigns on its platform.

The most significant benefit of placing political campaigns on YouTube is that the ads are also served on the homepage, which is the most engaging landing page of YouTube.

How Can Politicians take advantage of YouTube’s Instant Reserve?

Under Control:

At the fixed budget, you can buy the impressions.

Great Prominence:

The political ads campaigns can be placed at the top of the YouTube home page.

Brand Awareness:

Any political party can reach a wide range of audiences while comparing with the auction-based campaign; you can reach a huge audience through this campaign tool.

Categories of YouTube Campaign Advertisements


Here the election candidates introduce themselves to gain the audience attention by highly influential messages.


These are ads in which the celebrities or industrialists involve in ad campaigns by supporting the particular candidate or party. This ads show huge impact on the voters to choose their candidate.


The intention of this ad campaign is touching the emotions of the audience that directs them to connect with the words of the presenter in the ad campaign.


These are the ads where one candidate or party targets the personality, opinion and past record of the opponent. The contrast ad campaigns are highly influential source as they deliver the positive information or message of the person.

Citizen Testimonial:

In this type of ad campaigns the involvement of common citizens takes place to elevate the specific leader and their capabilities. This is also another most workable ad campaign type to get the voter attention.

Attack Ad Campaigns:

the negative ads are mainly intended to attack the opponent incapabilities and not revealing the truth.

Bandwagon Ad Campaign:

This is where most of the people will be influenced that there should be done something.

Character Ad Campaign:

What type of person the nominated candidate will be defined here.

Fear Ad:

Motivating the audience to vote for the candidate if not something bad will happen.

Lip Flopping Ad Campaign:

The weaknesses of the opponent will be elevated here.

Music or Jingle Ad Campaign:

The slogan or song that immediately catched by the audience will be composed.

Plain Folk Ad Campaign:

Composing the campaign by using the language that all understand.

Evidence Ad:

The actual information including the facts will be used.

Political Advertising completely becoming Digital

  • For each $1 spent about $ 0.03 to 0.05 is going to digital.
  • Top digital advertising spenders inclining to be contested, statewide races, broad and now Presidential candidates.
  • The top trending political leader Trump spent 44% on digital media, while S. Senate spent 4 to 7 percent and 54% by commercial companies.
  • 2021 Presidential election race is on fire that Trump has spent more on YouTube than any other politicians.

Tips for running successful political ad campaigns on YouTube

  • Before running the ad campaigns on YouTube, go through the YouTube political advertising policy guidelines.
  • Defining and investing in an exact voter audience mandatory to engage your ad campaign.
  • Always be on top to compose the careful and strategic ad campaign messages to the YouTube audience that reaches the wider audience.
  • Go on takedown act on YouTube if you find any content images of you on opponents’ videos. There are too many third parties available to take off this activity.
  • Go ahead on building both the YouTube skippable ads and non-skippable ads.
  • Set the budget before launch the ad campaign.
  • Hire the best advertising agencies that are entirely relevant to politics or who have expert and practical knowledge of politics.

Buying YouTube Instant Reservation Advertising – Political

The advertising agencies or advertisers can make the purchase of reservation advertising on cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), fixed cost per day (CPD), or fixed budget category.

Here the advertisers need to book the CPM campaign and should deliver the creative assets to implement; also, this should happen 3 business days before the start of the campaign date.

Before three weeks, the CPD campaign should be booked, and within 3 business days before the start of the campaign, the creative assets should be delivered.

The Ad-formats that are available on YouTube Instant Reservation Tool

Non-skippable video ads:

These can be played before, after, and during the video plays on YouTube. The politicians can make the best use of it to deliver powerful and simple message and can find greater visibility.

Masthead CPM ads:

These ad formats allow your ads to display on the top of the YouTube homepage, which is the most engaging home feed of audiences. These ads are available on YouTube over desktop, YouTube apps for TV, and mobile apps.

Skippable Video Ads:

When the audience plays the video, these skippable ads start playing. This ad length can be up to 6 minutes, which can be skipped after 5 seconds. It increments the audience’s view count on YouTube video ads.

Bumper ads:

It is 6 seconds of video ads, which is non-skippable.

Masthead CPD:

This is a CPD ad that enables your ads to be displayed on the top of the Home feed of YouTube. These are available on YouTube across mobile apps and desktop.


The goal of YouTube Instant Reservation ads for political ad campaigns is to provide more transparency in the launch of political campaigns that reach the real-time voters. To make your election campaign more effective election campaigns reserve the ad space on YouTube. Make effective use of YouTube to engage your voters with creative ad campaigns.

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