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Exclusive Interview with Tarankit Sharma: Founder Of Tiara Motion Exclusive interview with Tarankit Sharma – Founder of Tiara Motion.

Tell us something about your company Tiara Motion.

Tiara Motion was founded in 2012 with a simple goal – to create stunning animated videos for companies that find it hard to explain their ideas to their customers.

Our team comprises animators, scriptwriters, voice-over talents, and designers who work together seamlessly to create fresh and unique content. We have made over 1000 videos for clients in 15+ countries.

What are Explainer videos services?

People must understand the difference between animated videos and explainer videos. Individuals come up with brilliant new ideas that can change the World, but if no one understands their concept, those ideas are shelved.

Explainer videos help break down complex ideas into simple words and animations that people of all ages can understand. For example, we can write about how an engine works thoroughly, but seeing it in spirit with an explanatory voice-over will do a much better job educating its audience.

Also, an animated video adds a fun element to the most boring topics to keep the viewer hooked until the end of the video. This is why explainer videos are crucial for a company’s success.

What makes the best in online Video content?

There is no way to define what goes into making a successful online video. We observe many parameters during our brainstorming sessions to determine the ‘intent’ and the ‘target audience.’

The content of the video is vital. You can have the best software and tools, but if your content lacks soul, it will be evident in the final product. Each video is aimed at a specific audience.

An explainer video for a toxic-free Sippy cup is aimed at mothers. Thus, the video style, animation, and voice are molded to connect to that audience. The video needs to communicate with the audience in their language and style.

Tailoring your content to the web platform your video will host is also important. For example, Facebook will auto-play a video without sound as your scroll past your timeline.

Facebook videos with subtitles perform better than standard videos, as they hook the audience without needing the voice-over to be heard. Such details make or break the success of an online video.

Social media is a well-established marketing platform. Companies have realized that they need to emotionally connect with people to draw them towards their products and convert them into paying customers.

We help companies in this by custom-creating social media video marketing campaigns. This includes short animated GIFs, videos, and graphics regularly posted on a pre-planned timeline.

To establish a brand, your company must maintain a steady stream of confident and inspiring posts that can engage your target audience.

These strategies also help clear any doubts or questions the audience may have and showcase why your product/company differs from the competition.

Tell us something about your Tiara Motion process concerning Video Production.

Entrepreneurs and companies are successful because they have an x-factor missing in their competition. We at Tiara Motion take your ideas into videos that can make people go, “Ah! I get it now.”

The process starts with a rough storyboard – how we imagine the video to play through. This includes the animation style, characters, and story; all figured out through rigorous brainstorming sessions.

Once we are satisfied, the voice-over script is created and recorded through a voice talent whose tone ‘fits’ the theme of the video. The animation and design process follows right after this step, where character design, animation, backdrops, music, and SFX are layered simultaneously to arrive at the final video.

Share a few words about the Tiara Motion Success Model.

There are no corners that you can cut to establish a successful business. The competition is growing daily, and if you don’t maintain the quality of work, you will be lost in the crowd.

We believe we have succeeded in creating a good client base because we handle each video uniquely with the same passion and curiosity.

You could be a start-up or a great multinational; for us, you are a client that needs a spectacular video. We have even created a video for Reliance Jio, the highest-funded start-up in the World, but that doesn’t deter us from giving love and attention to all our other clients.

We never bite off more work than we can chew since art cannot rush. We maintain a great and creative atmosphere in our workspace, as reflected in our videos.

Tell me something about your corporate videos and Landing Page Videos.

In today’s World, your website is your office. No matter how good you work, it must look impressive. A corporate video inspires confidence in your company by showcasing your skills, potential, achievement, and goals impressively and entertainingly.

Visitors can learn everything they need to know about your company just by clicking a button. In a World where convenience is everything, corporate videos deliver the perfect elevator pitch every single time.

The average attention span of a user is less than 8 seconds. They close the page if they find nothing that catches their eye. A landing page video is a great way to learn about a product without reading through tons of text.

Suppose half the battle is already won if you can get your idea across in 60 seconds or less. A good explainer video pays for itself through higher conversion rates, whereas a wrong video can leave a long-lasting bad taste to the visitors!

Online video production is a grey area. Many free and cheap online tools let you create animated clips. They use pre-animated templates that can be slightly modified to produce content.

The problem is that there is a chance that a hundred other people have used the same platform to create the same video. All of them look the same; all of them sell different products. Not a good scenario to be in.

There is a need for custom animation when it comes to explainer videos. If you sell birthday cakes shaped like balloons, it will be hard for you to find a matching template! The little quirks of energy, the characters, the colors, and the story are everything a video needs to succeed.

Art cannot be mechanized, which is reinforced by the fact that many new customers turn to us after they see their automated videos fail on their web page.
What are the Latest Tiara Motion Services that can help brands?

A company must change according to its marketplace. Today, most internet traffic is accessed through smartphones and tablets instead of computers.

We have recognized this shift and are tailoring content that works much better on this platform. There has been a dynamic shift in how blogs appear to users, and including short animated gifs and videos is a trend that will be visible this year.

There is also a growing trend of including custom animated gifs in a website, making them more interactive and lively for their audience.

Tiara Motion is also working on creating videos that play better on mobile devices, ensuring a much better experience for the viewer. We are also working on creating animated videos for VR devices, which can be a great educational tool for children to learn about the World through an interactive platform.

Thank you, Tarankit Sharma, for sharing your valuable input with readers.

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