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How to Create a Landing Page Video that Converts at 2001

Landing Page Video most important element for Online Marketing for all types of all sizes of businesses. A landing page is a page that people come to when an advertisement or an email URL directs them. A landing page is a specific page and not the homepage of the website. Landing pages should have some objectives.

A landing page that is well-designed that can make conversions for the marketing campaigns. Instead of diverting your visitors to a general website, direct them to a landing page that can lead them in a direction that helps to reach the marketing goal.

How To Create A Perfect Video Landing Page

Creating a landing page that converts 200% is not comfortable. We can maximise the effectiveness of landing page, and some guidelines have to be kept in mind when creating it.

The landing page must have a headline that instantly grabs the attention of the reader.

It should provide all the information that the user wants the product or service.

At the same time, it should not be lengthy. The landing page must also contain compelling images.

The human brain processes images faster than text. Therefore use large photos that are relevant to the product or service. The image must be of high quality.

The landing page should have a clear call to action. It can be requesting the user to visit another site, shop now, sign up or watch a video.

To pull the user more in-depth into the conversion funnel offer them something in the form of coupons or discounts, free trial or a whitepaper, etc.

Create a sense of urgency buys pairing the offer with a deadline. Show the user how pleasurable it is to have the product or service.

Another essential element landing pages must have trustworthy testimonials. Use pictures in testimonials.

Testimonials should not be from celebrities but from people who are relevant to the target audience. Provide the contact information to the user on landing pages.

Have a guarantee statement also on the landing page. It should be visible to the user. It is recommended position it close to the calls to action. It gives assurance to the users who are ready to convert.

How a Landing Page Video Can be the New Face of Your Service

When you start a website for your business, content is the least of your worries. You have a ton of it. Each business is unique, and of course, there are lots say about yourself. But what if you have to say very little?

Studies say that the average attention span of a web user today is eight seconds! Do you have that tiny little bit of content that says it all? Having a landing page video solves this problem.

With most businesses going online, having that special bit of content that your target consumer will remember means you have already introduced the customer to your company’s face. You have made a personal connection!

Personally become the face of your company in a Landing Page Video

When customers engage with your business through an online platform, they generally don’t experience a human connection. What they see is a product and lots of text with a few numbers floating around.

But a video like this in the landing page can totally change the perception.

Michael Dubin of created this video to introduce to his customers the simple concept of having razor blades delivered home for a handsome bargain and in a scheduled fashion so that one may never have to deal with the problem of blunt blades again.

His video went viral as a great number of viewers responded to Michael’s concept and his comic timing. His company, a mere start-up at the time, became a grand success in no time.

Share the experience that you are selling

A product has designed. It has features and upgrades, a cool, sleek design or two may be. But a landing page for a service usually comes with the words, ‘we are the best providers of so and so.’ ‘You are guaranteed the best experience letting us take care of your so and so.’ Why not show it instead of saying it?

This landing page of captures our interest. Not only does it host a video that talks about the company’s mission statement through the words of many who experienced its services, but it also features a mute background that elucidates the kind of feel and experiences generated by using the services provided there.

Disarm customers with your friendly attitude

Landing page videos are also an excellent way to show customers what attitude defines your company. You could be quirky like Mr. Dollar Shave we introduced you to in the first video or you could be like these guys at ZenCash.

The company has since been acquired by a larger company, but their landing page video was just the right combination of friendly and upbeat. As far as attitudes go, we know that’s just the one to be had when dealing with clients who are late on their payments. The video cleverly goes on to explain their nifty services in this smart tone.

Or just give it to them straight

Being honest and transparent works too. If you are introducing a new service or a new product that requires a bit of thinking, it is best to get to the point fast. In a landing page video that is impressive in more ways than one, gives consumers a quick overview of their software and how using it would benefit their business.

TapInfluencers approach is measuredly sensible and at times satirical and fun which might just strike a chord with frustrated marketers who are unable to crack it in today’s social media without the help of influencers.

In an earlier article in this blog, we have already discussed the essential elements required for the creation of a landing page video.

Early on, predictions have made that by the end of this year video will gain the upper hand in consumer-driven traffic by 69%! Consumers are already falling into the habit pattern of looking at a product’s video before buying it. The same will be true for services and non-material purchases pretty soon.

10 Best Practices for Landing Page Videos

When people are diverted to your landing page, they may not know anything about your page, your business or your services. It is important to grab their attention in seconds so that they will stay on your page for some time.

Landing page video is one of the characteristics of a landing page that converts. The landing page video must be created so that it complements the contents on the landing page. Here are few best practices for videos for the landing page.

1. Identify your target audience and create videos for separate landing pages. The video must answer all the questions of the visitor.

2. Make your landing page videos short and clear. The video must be able to give quick answers to the visitors.

3. Let your landing page be simple and has headers, sidebars and other things the take away the focus of the visitors. The purpose of the landing page is to make the visitor buy, sign up etc.

4. The length of the landing page video requires being less than two minutes.

5. Don’t let the landing page video automatically auto play.

6. The goal of the landing page video is to capture the visitor and for this, the video should be of high quality and your products appear attractive to the visitor on the video.

7. Make the purpose of the landing page clear to the visitors. At the end of the video make calls to action.

8. Check the analytics of the video and find how the landing page video is performing.

9. A/B test your landing page videos.

10. Those who do not have enough budgets to make a high-quality landing page video can go for the gif.

The landing page video gives a good opportunity to convert the visitors. Having a landing page video is proved to increase the engagement and conversions.

How To Use Video Landing Page For Video Marketing

The types of landing pages that we use for video marketing depend on the objective of the campaign. The different types of landing pages are – landing page created specifically for a campaign, integrated into the official website structure and another is a page that provides more information and is also called the microsite.

The landing page optimisation is the perfect way to increase conversions and for a better return on investment. The landing page must deliver what the video ad that diverted the audience promises.

Landing page for video marketing should suit the need of the visitor. It should have the right buttons that encourage them to take the correct course of action.

The landing page of any video marketing should be made mobile friendly. The page should also have a strong call to action. Having a video on the landing page is also strong strategy. A complex idea can be conveyed effectively with a video.

The content on the landing page should support the video that diverted the audience here. A video on the landing page should not make to autoplay. it may make the audience feel that the ad is pushed on them and may leave the landing page.

A/B testing is very beneficial for the landing page. This helps to see which layout works well to increase sales. Also, test the thumbnails of the video on the landing page to find the best for increasing conversion rate.

10 Quick Tips to Get More Out of Your B2B Video Landing Page

Video landing page for any B2B must generate leads and result in conversions. Online marketing is not easy for B2B companies as the sales cycle is very long.

1. B2B companies must create different video landing pages for different sales cycle stages – that is a new customer would like to know more about the company, the prospect lead may want to know more about the product to make purchase decision etc.

2. Offer some valuable content such as an eBook, whitepaper etc for the viewers to download after filling their contact details on the video landing page. This helps you to contact them later.

3. Create landing page video contact for target prospects. Leads want to interact personally with the brands.

4. To connect more with the viewers personally, use customer testimonial on the landing page.

5. Optimize the website for SEO. The video landing page will then result in better search ranking.

6. Submit the video sitemap fo the website to Google webmaster tools.

7. Add transcripts to video landing pages. Transcripts proved to increase the revenue by at least sixteen percent.

8. Single video landing page may not be enough for B2B are the preferences of buyers varies. Support the independent research process of the viewers by including links to relevant content.

9. Check your call to action. It should be clear and tell the potential leads what they can do to get benefits.

10. Create compelling thumbnails to the video landing pages.

Another important thing that B2B companies should follow is to see that their video landing pages load quickly. Optimize the video landing pages for search and get the most from them.


A well-planned, result oriented landing page video may just be what the customers will remember about your company in the long run.Here are few quick tips to get more benefits from video landing pages for B2B. So make it a good one.

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