How to Target Audience Using Twitter Video Advertising

The Twitter platform allows the better conversation with the consumers. The video content is just included within the tweets and the platform also connected with the bluefin labs to bolster which is a firm basing on the TV analytics which has the capability of reaching the people on Twitter and as well as on their social TV.

Hence the brands got satisfied and convinced with the value of Twitter and spending on the video advertising on the Twitter platform.

Getting Started With Twitter’s Video Ads

Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging platform on the web. Many marketers were also in the planning of their strategies with the twitter to implement on towards the video advertising on Twitter because Twitter has started the highlighting of the video clips in real-time.

Twitter allows and provided the opportunity for the content owners to earn from their ads along with the platform which was sponsored by the sponsors. The highlighted videos can be seen in Tweet, and that will attract the audience to click on to the player to watch the video ad.

Advertisers are also going towards the video ads with Twitter as they are succeeded in increasing their awareness by using Twitter as their advertising medium. So, the Twitter video ads have a good response to the social platforms today.

As the consumer approaching behavior has varied with the technology and developments of the digital media, marketers are also following the same to reach the expectations of the consumers and attracting and educating them with their brand videos on various platforms. Now twitter also came on the list of other platforms which are offering video ad services.

Ways To Use Twitter Video For Your Branding

  • Twitter is the noisiest microblogging platform on the web where the conversations carried with the hashtags in real-time. The new video feature on Twitter makes the brands to turn towards the Twitter video advertising to build their brand on the web.
  • A video is the most powerful and graceful form of advertising medium where the consumers or viewers can be attracted and understand well about their needs and what the brand offers to them in a short period more than words can do.
  • So, every marketer was planning their marketing and advertising strategy with the video as the key element in their plan. So, when it comes to the Twitter platform, it is different and creates better relations with the connections online.
  • Twitter’s approach towards the video allows the different types of videos to play radically in various styles on to the feed. It also focuses on video streaming as it also owns the six-second vine videos on the platform.
  • It also acquired the live streaming application called Periscope, which has surprising statistics in which one billion users in 40 days after the Twitter connected Meerkat application. So, brands are going towards the Twitter platform for their marketing and adverting purposes.
  • From various studies, it was revealed that more than 70 percent people were tweeting and using the Twitter platform while watching the Television and 40 percent of them was Tweeting towards the Hashtags that were started by the news channels and various live programs online.
  • So, brands are creating their own Twitter account and increasing their exposure by posting various video clips in different styles about their company, brand, products, and tutorials too and starting a real-time conversation with the people on Twitter.

Twitterís New Video Ad Strategy

Twitter has started the new video services on its platform for its users. The video is becoming more and more powerful with the integration of the video content and the development of the various features that are related to the video taking the media to the next step in this digital world.

Marketers are voting for the video marketing all the time by following the latest trends in the video. All social platforms became a platform for video marketing. The organizing of the content was undergoing several changes on social platforms time to time and likewise on the Twitter platform too.

Twitter announced a newly organized content on its social network where the publishers can post their video to Twitter, and the platform will attach a pre-roll video as in front of the video clips. The theory was just similar to the YouTube pre-roll ads.

The Twitterís pre-roll ads split the revenue with the creators of the video. The platform was planning to get advertisers to buy the promoted Tweet units on its platform.

Though Twitter has designed the pre-roll ads just like YouTube, it does not have that much content as YouTube does. So, the Twitter platform was going to generate more content by encouraging the publishers and content owners on its platform by providing them some attractive terms where they can get benefited.

Google was keeping some 45 percent ad revenue; Twitter challenged by taking 30 percent of revenue only.

TV Viewers Who Engage on Twitter have Higher Rates of Ad Recall [Research]

Twitter is the busiest microblogging platform on the web. People love to tweet what they are feeling and how they are. It is the most engaging platform too. Today we can see many television news channels like CNN; Times live news hours are connecting the audience to share their views on a particular schedule via a Twitter platform.

  • Some music channels are also following the same to get the audience involved in the various entertainment programmes and so.
  • When it comes to the advertisements, people are reacting differently to commercial video ads and tweeting their response to particular video ads. It helps the marketers to know what type of ads are working for an audience to grab their attention which can help in delivering the ad even better to raise their conversion rates.
  • According to various research reports, it is revealed that Twitter is the platform to now the emotional reactions of the people towards an ad and there is no other better place than Twitter for advertising and reaching the right people.
  • The television shows are generating more reactions having the higher ad recall. More than 48.2 percent of users on Twitter are more likely to recall an ad that is on air during the show.
  • More than 61.9 percent of people are more likely to use the Twitter platform actively by Tweeting on the various shows during a program watching. They are more likely to recall the advertisement during the program compared to the people who are not using the Twitter platform.
  • The promoted tweets on Twitter have the great impact of television ads. More than nine percent increase in the television commercial advertisement recall was noticed in Twitter users.

Therefore, it was concluded that Twitter users are three times more likely to recall the TV ads that other users who are less emotional. More than 60 percent of Tweeters are emotional and are likely to purchase the goods from the advertisers of a television ad.

Twitter’s First View Video Product For Brands

  • Twitter is the noisiest microblogging platform across the web. It is the platform which has the top real-time conversations. It is the platform which can connect the real audience time with hashtags and conversations.
  • It is the most used platform by celebrities who connect with Twitter to share their views and experiences with Tweets. The platform is going with a step forward by introducing the various features for marketers.
  • The first view is newly introduced the Twitter feature which is the best way to get engaging and acquire high visibility to share the brand story with the best video content in a creative way across the Twitter audience.
  • Some millions of people are connecting with the Twitter platform to get engaged in the different conversations and talking about their interests and passions towards the things.
  • And the marketers are using the Twitter platform to reach the people in real-time with the premium audience via promoted trends and the moments which can able to create important brand moments for the product launching along with the event sponsorships etc.
  • The first View is allowing the marketers to scale up further using Twitter’s First view feature. It helps the marketers to achieve the important audience with their own with 24-hour efficient advertising real estate for 24 hours.
  • Whenever the users first visit the application or log in on Twitter, the ad slot in the timelines appeared with a promoted video from the brands. So, it is the best chance for the marketers to grab the attention of the users with their powerful visual story across the Twitter audience.

Getting Started with Twitter Video Ads for App Promotion

Twitter is the noisiest real-time platform for the social interactions. Marketers are going to the Twitter platform for advertising and the promotions. More than 80 percent of people are watching different content using mobile devices. It makes the advertisers go with the app promotions to drive the users to the cost-effective app installations and to raise the engagement levels.

Mobile Application Promotion

Mobile App Promotion can help the advertisers to get the good exposure. Twitter has introduced various ad formats for better app promotion. The native Twitter ads, App install ads, and app promotion ads are some of the video ad formats for better app promotion on Twitter platform.

The app promotion ads on the Twitter platform allow the users to the downloading page or to access the link towards the specific page within the application. With the acquirement of the Mobile ad targeting startup, Twitter has reached nearly 40 billion ad impressions daily.

The app install ads can allow the users to install the app with high quality. Advertisers can also be allowed to buy the prioritized installs basing on the cost per installation.

The new ad formats are some in beta stage and where has been under the development stage. The Twitter ads are performing three times better than any other social media platform in-app promotion.

The real-time tweets are beneficial in better interaction between the users and developers on the platform which can establish the good interaction.

Twitter has launched the mobile app install ads in two categories to promote on Twitter, i.e., optimized action bidding and cost per install bidding.

Optimized action bidding mainly intended to make a bid by clicking on the app. Whereas, the bid for the installation of the app is produced on cost per install bidding.

How To Create Targeted Video Ad Campaigns On Twitter

Targeting is the main agenda of any ad that is placed on various platforms. The options for targeting a particular ad campaign are different from different platforms.

When comes to Twitter platform, it is the noisiest micro-blogging platform and already makes its new step towards the video feature and targeting of the brands on its platform. Marketers must know the creation of targeted ad campaigns on various platforms to get success in the promotion.

Here is how to create the Twitter Targeted ad campaigns. There are various types of targeting on the Twitter platform.

  • The first thing is targeting the followers of any popular account and can target up to 100 followers. Target the people with the same interests. Also, target the people basing on the location.
  • Target With The Keywords And Include Them In The Campaigns.
  • Different kinds of Twitter Ad formats are available on the Twitter platform. The promoted tweets on Twitter are one such format in which the video can be promoted, and the promoted account can target the Twitter users to follow the brand you are promoting.
  • The promoted trends can leverage the context of the promotion of the campaigns.
  • The campaign ID helps in the targeted engagement of the campaign.
  • The viewers who have watched the video will be targeted and promotes the User ID with a targeting value in the organic content of the advertisers.
  • Always update the workflow of the campaign Ad combine the broad targeting criteria basing on the followers, interests, etc. the engaged retargeting on the Twitter platform allows the advertisers to target the audience across the devices.

Why Your Brand Needs A Periscope Marketing Strategy

Video content has great demand in the marketing today, and the live streams have the special attention with the new applications like Periscope which allowing the brands to meet the audience in real time as well as to share their live streams on the platforms too.

So, brands are utilising these live stream applications to power up their marketing. When comes to the live streaming periscope, marketing, every brand must have this one in their marketing plan and here are some reasons why your brand must include the periscope marketing strategy.

It edifies your Brand

It is challenging for the startups to make their mark in the audience about their brand. So, the live streaming application like Periscope helps to improve themselves and to provide an inside look to the audience about their company and their standards to have a better idea of the services providing them.

It helps to gain great engagement towards your Brand

Periscope marketing is the best plan to reach the millions of audience as if any viewer was interested in watching your live stream means they are very soon to be interested in your products and services offered by the brand or company.

Better Connectivity

You can connect with the audience as the periscope is also allowing the live stream to get saved and even allows the brands to share the content on different platforms.

Go with Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, videos have great popularity as the consumers are very interested to know about the different features of the companies and their factory tours, etc. which makes a new perspective in marketing.

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