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39 Killer Ways to Get Targeted Traffic with Video Advertising

There are many advantages of making video a part of the marketing strategy. Video can be grasped easily by the audience, and it provides entertainment and product education. More and more businesses are using video advertisements in their online digital strategy as this is the type of content that gives the best Return on Investment. Video advertising use on social network sites such as Facebook, YouTube etc. and let us now see the ways to drive traffic with video advertising.

  1. Facebook has more than one billion daily users and it is said that people spend at least forty minutes on average in a day. Facebook video advertisements have great potential for businesses online.
  2. Quality of video content has impact on engagement and the ability to drive traffic. Share good quality content organically at the right time.
  3. Promote the video ads to target fans and also target website visitors.
  4. The video ads on Facebook should be made more intimate to get more engagement and shares.
  5. Another effective way to use Facebook Ads to get traffic is to give some tips or let audience learn something useful with the video.
  6. Facebook is the place to have fun and people love to watch videos with entertaining content that is related to the topic.
  7. Facebook traffic is mobile driven and the advertisers should also target the mobile crowd.
  8. Behind the scenes videos and interviews etc are more successful on Facebook.
  9. Add video playlist so that people can easily navigate through the videos.
  10. Include call to action in the Facebook video and this significantly drives traffic.
  11. Do not stop with single ad. Create more and more ads and let Facebook decide which of the advertisement is working best.
  12. Share stories about product and services to bring in more traffic and conversions.
  13. Share the video ad on YouTube on blog posts, websites and other places.
  14. Share the video on social media and also on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  15. Let the YouTube video ad is of good quality.
  16. Ensure that the video ad is created with best audio quality.
  17. The attention span of internet users is very less and keeping them engaged from beginning to end is possible only when the video content is funny and engaging.
  18. Keep away from creating content with controversial topics
  19. Optimize the video ad to get more traffic.
  20. Use annotations to insert clickable links to make the video ad more interactive.
  21. Transcribe the videos to rank higher and get more traffic.
  22. Transcription of the videos must be without error for more benefits.
  23. Place YouTube cards and recommends other videos or directs the viewers to official websites.
  24. YouTube cards also work on mobiles.
  25. Use all the types of YouTube cards – fan funding, video, playlist, merchandise, fundraising or associated website.
  26. Share the YouTube video ad on various social media platforms.
  27. Make the videos easy to share
  28. Optimize the thumbnail.
  29. One of the best way to leverage YouTube is to show the features of the products
  30. End each video ad with simple and easy to call action
  31. Invest in good quality production of video ads
  32. Create video content as per the interest of the audience
  33. Use the first three seconds of the video to incorporate compelling content.
  34. Create how to videos and create Meta descriptions of the video to drive traffic.
  35. The conversion rate and traffic can be increased with product description videos and tutorials.
  36. Create video ads for YouTube and Facebook and use short videos for other platforms such as Instagram and Vine.
  37. Video ads can be used to retarget individuals who already visited the channel or site.
  38. Create testimonial videos with long time customers.
  39. Captions and subtitling help rank higher.

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Video haves the power to accelerate the growth of the company. Video advertising is most effect ad medium.

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