Ephemeral Video Marketing

Ephemeral Video Marketing

Digital marketing was stepping towards numerous ways to explore the world of marketing. Many mobile platforms and other applications are following different marketing strategies to reach people in different ways.

The Ephemeral video marketing is one of the new trending ways to reach the people. With the content containing messages and video shots which can be visible for a limited time on the platform. And after that, they will get disappeared in newsfeed like Snapchat application.

What exactly is Ephemeral video marketing?

Previously, the content is generally stored in the profile of different platforms just like Facebook media.

But, there will not be any preservation of the content within the platform when comes to the ephemeral marketing. This is exactly what Snapchat is dealing with and also got successful with the ephemeral marketing today.

How to use Snapchat for Ephemeral Marketing?

The temporary consumption of the content was increased day by day with the live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat.

The apps like Snapchat was the best for ephemeral marketing as it is an ephemeral platform itself which do not store any content that was shared between the users.

So, there will not be any need of large storage points in your smart devices for this kind of applications.

Snapchat was growing with the ephemeral marketing as the target. Users are just following one another to the Snapchat application which is allowing the users to cover the things within the time.

The advertising got more added value with the ephemeral marketing. The Snapchat is offering great opportunity for the marketers to capture the attention of the users on Snapchat for few seconds every time.

The ephemeral marketing was generally focused on the most important topic which reduces the social noise across the web.

There are some billions of content that were floating around the web so long and sometimes it become a big headache to access the right information among the fake ones due to crowded content across the web.

The marketers can utilize the Snapchat with various features and here are some best ways to go with ephemeral marketing on Snapchat for your business needs.

Get started with new ways

Snapchat has the time limit which makes the platform different from the other platforms today.

It is the best platform that leverages the audience engagement. Start marketing your business with some new give away from your side to the audience by asking them to involve and participate in the entries.

Also do reply to them directly in real time following the one to one type of interaction strategy.

Get partnered with new influencers on Snapchat

The ephemeral influencer marketing is the new angle which can be done through the Snapchat platform today.

So do collaborate with the influencers on Snapchat for your business marketing. Promote your product or brand to the demographic you have targeted.

Ephemeral marketing for Brands

The brand marketing is generally included with the delivering of the message to the people with the effective campaigns.

In this age of ephemeral marketing, the 10 second fading of content makes the audience eager to know about the things as it is a general human behaviour that we don’t look for the things which are already with us for a long time but always excited about the things that are just fade away within a short span of time.

So, follow the same formula to reach the audience with your brand message on Snapchat ephemeral marketing.

The behind the scenes strategy

Go with the snaps like images of your staff with some added fun and a good glimpse of your brand or company.

Teaser of your product launch. etc can be interesting to the audience to follow and can also generate good conversions and follow to your brand.

Many brands had already succeeded with this strategy.

Go with good call to actions

Snapchat calls to actions are more effective than any other in ephemeral marketing.

So, go with a strong call to actions which can help you to grab the audience attention.

Ephemeral Marketing campaigns

The marketing campaigns are very important to stick in the audience mind.

So, go with the Snapchat campaigns for your brand which can be effective like a real time interaction with the audience.

So, one can go on with the question and answer type of sessions to build good interaction and audience engagement to your brand with your marketing campaigns.

Ephemeral marketing tips and Tricks

• Don’t misuse the time

• Ephemeral marketing follows the time. So, go on with the right time plan.

• Utilize the stories feature appropriately

• Interact with the audience with good marketing campaigns

• As the time is very short in ephemeral marketing, try to capture the audience attention in the first three seconds itself.

• Don’t forget to call to actions and real-time interactions with your audience.

Ephemeral content Statistics

More than 100 million monthly users are active on Snapchat. More than 70 percent Snapchat active users are like to watch the ads and ad campaigns as it will not take more time and just lasts for ten seconds of time.

Due to vertical video marketing that was added to the ephemeral marketing which makes the Snapchat more efficient platform for the marketers.

Therefore, Snapchat was serious with the present competition and approaching the people in its unique ways of reaching the audience across the platform. More and more people are adding the Snapchat to their daily routine and marketer’s numbers was also increasing dramatically day to day.

In this busy world, ephemeral marketing is the right way for the marketers and brands to reach people as it will not waste the valuable time of the people. So, there is a great future for the ephemeral marketing.

Snapchat Ephemeral Video Marketing

The advertisers are always on the search for a new and comfortable ways for their product and services marketing. As the communication has improved with the latest technologies and innovations in the form of services and applications via mobile, the marketers are focusing more on the technology for their marketing. Among those new ways, the Snapchat came into the use of better marketing and better consumer reach for the marketers.

The Snapchat is the time and image-based social application which was released and have updated to the iOS which supports the application. it has good new features in which as support to the use of single reply button option.

Features of Snapchat for marketers and its usage

Snapchat is designed as the viewers can have the chance to view only once per snap. The viewer must be alert and concentrated towards the engagement instantly, and the viewers can watch and rewatch the snapper day. As the people have argued this one-time snap view, it has updated its feature for the rewatching option with its replay button. The messages on Snapchat will disappear automatically within a short period.The replay option can be used one time per a day.

The brands can use the 10 seconds snap instead of long and lengthy messages on the Snapchat. Many brands and companies like 16 handles have tried this application as their marketing strategy and adequately achieved the things. The campaign was carried on Snapchat and successfully engaged nearly 2000 costumers towards their store. Many sports channels and other brands were also using the Snapchat application as their strategy, and it was revealed that more than 62 million installations along with the 34 million monthly users are noted for Snapchat use.

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