Live Stream Production

The Ultimate Guide to Live Stream Production

Live streaming has become the most popular today across the web. The live streaming enhances the communication between the customers and the brands in real time. Marketers are also approaching the live streaming to reach the audience across the web. They are also following different tactics for their live video streaming and production online. Marketers are planning with different strategic approaches for their live product launches and event handling, live contests and many other things. But the live video production and live streaming need good software and hardware specifications which are very important for the better streaming online.

Streaming Encoders for Live Streaming Production

Encoders are the devices that used for the conversion of the data from one format to another format and it requires particular hardware or software which is essential for the feeds of the streamable data. Many different popular formats are used for the window media streaming, and the most popular encoders are RTMP which called a real-time messaging protocol. The encoders took different formats that are needed and convert them into various codec’s. The live content must be formatted properly to convert them into codec’s using the right encoders.

Adobe media live encoder software

Adobe media encoder is used to capture the live video which consists of media encoder that streams the audio and video files in real time with the Adobe media server. Which enable the broadcasting the live events like sports events, webcasts etc. It supports the cross platforms and can be compatible with both PC and as well as Mac platforms. It supports the dynamic streaming and enhances compete for control over the live streams with DVR functionality. It also ensures the real-time delivery even at the sub-optimal conditions that add good support for the quality during the encoding process.

Teradek VidiU encoder

The VidiU encoder can deliver the best quality video from the camera to the live. It can accepts the HDMI input files and get connects with an external mic and also streams audio and video with RTMP. It can be cable free up to one hour and was rechargeable and can connect to Ethernet or the internet. It is compatible with the mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

Elemental Live encoder

Elemental Live streaming encoder utilised for the live video processing system that provides the professional content at production and the distribution along with the best audio and video recording for the live streaming across different media platforms online. The system has good benefits of best a parallel hardware that is flexible and has compatible software that is intelligent and can ensure high performance for the compression of videos online. It can also process the multiple audio outputs and delivers the high efficiency and quality performance for the live video formatting across any device.


Wirecast is a live streaming production tool that is used to create the live and on-demand video content and broadcasts across the web. It works like a video switch that controls the real-time switching between the live video cams that mix dynamically with the source media. It can deliver the professional production of video for live streaming.

Hardware for live streaming production

The Blackmagic design deck link recorder has a capture card with the HDMI and SDI inputs to capture the video that was not compressed at 10 bit from the camera directly to the PC. It also ingests the footage from living and playback of the recording.

Software’s for Live streaming

Cameras for live streaming

There are different varieties of cameras that are used most commonly for streaming the media online. Some cams are inbuilt and some are connected with the cameras. The HDMI cameras and SDI cameras along with the output analog cameras and wi-fi compatibility cameras are the best for streaming the video.

Sony Ex-1 camera

The Sony Ex-1 camera is a professional video camera that comes with the best quality of the image. The Ex1 uses the fixed 14x high definition lens and also have some fascinating features, many camcorders do not support the autofocus for live streaming but this one can able to perform that action with ease. This camera splits the different novel focus ring and becomes the autofocus normally. It can provide the absolute focus on the position around the feet and meters along with best controls. The settings also allow you to manipulate the colour, gamma, and knee variables and can store six profiles on the camera with different looks.

Video streaming platforms

Youtube live

Youtube live offers live streaming where the users can go live at any time for any reason across te platform. The first thing that users have to do is to enable the live streaming option in their channel. You must not have received any channel restrictions since 90 days and your channel must be verified in order to continue the live streaming. now enable the live streaming from the creator studio tools and start your stream and you can also schedule the stream.

Facebook live

Through Facebook live video feature you can attract the followers and let the users now about yourself and about your company with real-time interactions. To go live on Facebook you have to enable the Facebook live and can go live via application also.


Periscope is the great live streaming application that is owned by the Twitter platform. To go live on periscope, you must have a Twitter account. The app allows the users to broadcast the video and explore the world. It also provides the best space to interact with the people via hearts and comments features. The people can also discover the popular live video streams that are happening around the world and can share it instantly to social networks.

Promotion tools

Twitter and Facebook are the best promotional tools for the live streaming video broadcasts. The broadcasts must promote once the plan completed. You must promote your broadcast by creating the hashtags that are relevant to your broadcast and promote them on twitter platform very easily.

Therefore, whenever you are planning a video streaming, be sure that you have all software and hardware that are necessary for the streaming along with the best knowledge to promote and share the live stream online to get successful.

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