Top Fashion YouTube Channels

Top Fashion YouTube Channels To Follow In 2022

Fashion is a fashionable eloquent face of the present Gen that is mostly slicked on online or offline fashion stores, especially about clothing, lifestyle, makeup, hairstyle, footwear, and accessories, etc. Though it may be the present or past the fashion drives for years as no one has left to find themselves fashion chicks. Fashion connotes social and chronological system that dress is the social signifier.

How YouTube changed the face of Fashion?

YouTube is shaping the world of the Fashion industry. This is where millions of vloggers are exploiting through popular style and beauty concepts by gaining the attention of millions of YouTube audiences. If there is no YouTube platform, then there won’t be any word to define ‘top YouTube fashion channels.’ These Fashion YouTube creators are making their careers through the lifetime achievement of reaching their fan base. YouTube is the only ramp to explore their fashion business.

Do you think that fashion brands or creators are the best of YouTube?

Is fashion being proved by itself without YouTube?

What does it mean for fashion brands to have YouTube?

Why are the Fashion Bloggers turning to Fashion Vloggers?

The one-word answer for those questions is YouTube and its real-time engaging audience. The concept of video streaming on YouTube has given life to the million YouTube creators that can be fashion or anything. Along with the creators, the fashion brands explore their business at a very affordable price that anyone can. Almost 90% of fashion brands are showing their presence on YouTube to get the most relevant and potential customers.

Fashion is not just the drift of the modern era, and it is the antique treasure as it continues to be trending

What are the top fashion channels on YouTube? Who is being the most influential influencers?

We can see that most of the fashion bloggers hinge on vlogging as the video platform is playing a vital role in social media than textual content. These fashion channels are attracting the audience by placing beauty tutorials, fashion tips, shopping hauls, and DIY fashion hacks, etc.

By researching each fashion brand’s or creator’s profile along with the performance metrics and demographics of the audience they have, we collected the list of top fashion channels on YouTube. The below-listed fashion channels are conquering the fashion world on YouTube by launching their fashion products or services in a creative video form that surely reaches the audience.

Mostly they place trend collection that are being required by the latest audience Gen. Moreover, they are playing another significant career role of Influencer for the relevant brands or persons. The fashion brands are establishing the business skyscraper by connecting with their relevant audience through the frontier YouTube.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is one of the top subscribed fashion YouTube channels. In this channel, we can find the facial make up video tutorials, fashion & beauty tips, DIYs, and also about life. She features her fashion products and books, as well.

Nikkie De Jager

Nikkie Tutorials is the name of her fashion YouTube channel where she uploads the facial makeup tutorials by leaving the rest of the make up to the other vloggers.

Rachel Meyer

She is one of the top trending fashion vloggers on YouTube. She creates the videos of first impression makeup and outfits as those videos are more interesting to watch. We can find her channel with the name Grave3yardGirl.

Mariand Castrejon

Yuva is the most famous name of Mariand Castrejon. She creates fashion and beauty tutorials and also features the fashion products on her channel.

Daniel Simmons

Fashion, lifestyle, and fitness are the passion of Daniel Simmons. He completely serves the fashion videos of modern street style on YouTube. The audience can find fashion tips, lookbooks, exercise routines, and vlogs, etc.

One Dapper Street

The actual name of One Dapper Street is Marcel Floruss, and he was model before he starts his fashion career on YouTube. This channel is the fashion hub for the audience to find all types of fashion.

Alex Costa

He is one of the top trending men fashion YouTuber. Before he jumps to the lifestyle hub, he was a gamer. He is famous for revealing skin secrets, fitness regimens, meal plans, grooming hacks, trending outfits, and hairstyle tips, etc.

Samantha Maria

She is much famous for featuring videos of travel, hauls, and style.

Niki and Gabi

They create DIY and lifestyle videos that are from the fashion category. Hairstyling is the most concentrated category on this YouTube channel. They also create comedy spoof, personal, and music videos.

Tanya Burr

The makeup tutorials, baking videos, shopping haul videos, and personal vlogs, etc. are the most distinct category in her channel.


Bugging through the searching million websites or channels to find the best fashion channel is utter nonsense. After making a complete analysis of many fashion channels by cramming many sources, we have gathered the best and unique performing Fashion YouTube channels that you can find nowhere. And one thing that these channels are more informative and accurate.

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