Video Ads On Snapchat Stories

Video Ads On Snapchat Stories

Snapchat introduced Snapchat Partners in June this year. Videos ads can be served between the stories now, as per the plan of Snapchat. Two months after since then the idea is expanded and more and more advertisers are ready and eager to reach the users on Snapchat.

Snapchat has over 150 million active daily users.The number of Snapchat regular active users in continuing to climb up. Snapchat video ads are full screen and play with audio with default.

Video Ads on Snapchat Stories

Snapchat is a top-rated app that allows sharing photos and videos with individual friends or groups. The pictures and videos shared are self-destruct. After the recipient opens it, these automatically deleted after just a few seconds.

Snapchat stories are an excellent way for brands to share with their followers and fans. Snapchat stories can be a video or a photo. These posted to the own stories section or feed. These are visible to all the friends. Videos in Snapchat stories live for a day and during this time friends can see them again and again. They automatically deleted after twenty-four hours.

Snapchat stories introduced in 2013. Stories are now famous to cover live events and brands and influencers to using this feature to enhance their social profiles. Brands can take advantage of Snapchat stories videos to target their younger audience.

  • Snapchat is the best platform to target younger audience because this is the most popular social network app among teens.
  • Snapchat is used for a minimum of thirty minutes every day by users. Brands can engage them with their videos by speaking in their language.
  • It is the best app for brands for live event coverage. They can also offer behind the scenes content for their audience.
  • Snapchat video ads can be customized and measured based on the goals.
  • Direct links can added to stories. And thus marketers can cross-promote their Snapchat stories video content on multiple channels.

The Stories can utilize created a sense of urgency as the snaps expire after twenty-four hours. Brands can use videos on stories to give a sneak peek of new products, offer promotional or discount codes or show behind-the-scenes to its followers.

Features Of Snapchat Partner Ads

The ads appear between the feeds of users. These skippable video ads that arise between the snaps is ten seconds.

These video ads can be targeted based on age, location, and type of device. But the vertical videos with the right call to action cannot be swiped up to watch a more extended video clip or will not give the option of visiting a website to the user.

The launching of Snapchat stories ads was with the objective that the brands would be able to reach wider audiences. But they are now giving the brands other benefits such as Video views, traffics, conversions and mobile app installs.

Millions of people use Snapchat every day. Video views grew by 350% since 2015, and the social media app is the most used among consumers in the age group of 12-24.

Video ads on Snapchat stories can be in the format of MP4 or MOV. These can be between 3-10 seconds in duration, and the maximum file size can be 32 MB.

Snapchat stories vertical video ads capture larger audience when compared to other platforms. Targeting the audience as possible.

Snapchat limits the ads that a user watches on Snapchat to 3 times a day. Snapchat is irrespective of how many Snaps the user sees in a day.

Snapchat Signs 14 Creative Partners For Advertisers

These partners are creative in designing, custom game designing, interactive medium for videos and lead generation.

The creative partner program increases the viewing experience with apps. It open ups with interactive games.

Snapchat signs for 14 companies they do best in working on Cinematograph, games, lead generation, playable ads development, mobile couponing, 360-degree video players, Sensory experience, Snap Ads, data capture and more.

Snapchat wants to develop a new interactive medium like when people swipe on ads the app leads open up with the Snapchat app.

Snap’s Partners work with on building creating the interactive experience for the Users. Here we have listed the 14 companies the Snapchat tied up for Advertisers.

Jebbit – Jebbit Works for advertisers in lead generation Campaigns.

Adludio – Works on Haptics and Gyroscope.

UnderTone – Creates the Sophisticated premium brand experience and well-designed Ad campaigns.

Famous – Instant App provider easy to create Snap Ads.

Whalar – Communicates with brands and Influencers.

Flyr – Creates Custom template designs for businesses.

Entrypoint – Specialized in creating spherical video ads.

GameCommerce – Provides game development platform for creating game Ads.

TreSensa – Builds custom games to fulfill advertisers needs.

CrossInstall – Crossinstall develops playable Ads.

Wirewax – Wirewax offers a video engagement technology directly communicate with people and objects on video.

Slyce – creates custom coupons for brands.

Popwallet – develops mobile coupons for distribution and redemption measurements.

Ceros – Specialized in creating interactive animation ads.


These are the Feature and the 14 significant companies who ties up with Snapchat, for creative interactive Sanpchat Video ads with Snapchat Stories.

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