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50 Best Video Advertising Networks Around the World

Digital ads across publisher sites and apps can be purchased by the advertisers using networks. These offer different types of targeting such as automotive, travels, beauty and so on.

1. Adsterra is an advertising network for publishers. Different ad formats are offered by Adsterra for mobile as well as for web.

2. Vibrant Media ad networks offers different ad formats such as in-text, in-image, mosaic and storyboard.

3. Another ad network is the AdRecovery that helps the publishers to increase the ad revenue. Interesting feature is that the ad blocked traffic is also monetized.

4. Clicksor offers banner ads, in –text ads, rich media and pop-under ad formats.

5. Revcontent is an ad network focuses on the quality more and does not accept most number of applications. Higher revenues, loyal audience and increased engagement rates for partners are the advantages of it.

6. offers monetized as impressions – nearly 2 billion ad impressions per day.

7. Ad Maven is another user-friendly ad network platform and servers more than five hundred million ad impressions every day.

8. Creafi Online Media serves ad impressions based on behavioral, retargeting and semantic methodologies.

9. is an ad network for publishers and has major names as its publishers including Forbes, Reuters and Cosmopolitan.

10. Epom market is cross-platform ad network for advertisers and publishers and offers services in more than forty countries.

11. Adbuff is considered an alternative for AdSense for publishers. This is a real-time bidding platform.

12. Media Nexus ad network serves high quality video impressions and offers monthly payments to publishers.

13. Infolinks ad network offers ad units such as InTag, InFrame, InText and InScreen ad units for better SEO.

14. Haxhas serves video, rich media and mobile ads.

15. AdBlade ad network offers brand safety and the ad units it offers deliver best performance, it is claimed.

16. PropllerAds servers banner ads in different sizes.

17. Revenue Hits offers the publishers to monetize the website with pop up, text ads and other formats of ads.

18. BlogAds is an ad networks that allows managing multiple sites from one account.

19. Undertone provides standard IAB ad formats and other high impact ad formats that bring higher user engagement.

20. PulsePoint offers ad impression with better ad targeting and the publishers and monetize them.

21. BidVertiser is an ad format that supports various ad formats.

22. Conversant is a real time publisher interface and offers cross-platform ad solutions.

23. AdCash ad networks provide high quality ads and supports standard display formats.

24. Chitika has large number of publishers on its ad network and serves four billion and more ads per month.

25. Tribal Fusion offer free ad servicing technology, reliable payments and real-time reporting and allows controlling the content of ads.

26. WWW Promoter provides advanced targeting, competitive CPMS and high fill rates.

27. Google AdSense is an ad network for web publishers and the network size is over two million publishers.

28. BuySell Ads is another ad network for web publishers and offers CPM and Fixed rate types of ad impression.

29. Chitika offers CPC types of ad impressions.

30. Kontera is another in-line text ad network for publishers and offers CPC type ad impressions.

31. Amazon Associates offers CPA type of ad impression and the network size is 1.6 million sellers.

32. LiveIntent is email ad network for publishers and offers CPM type of ad impressions.

33. Another email ad network for publishers is the and offers CPC and CPM type of ad impressions.

34. AdMob is a mobile app ad network that offers CPC and CPM type of ad impressions.

35. Another mobile app ad network is the AirPush that offers CPA, CPC and CPM types.

36. iAd offers CPC and CPM type ad impressions.

37. YouTube Partner Program offers CPC, CPM types of video ads for publishers.

38. Google DFP Video is another video ad network for publishers.

39. PubGalaxy is an ad network for social sties that offers great customer support.

40. is another ad network for social sites and monetizes the desktop, tablet and mobile ad impressions.

41. Evolve Media is an ad network for news sites.

42. Sonobi is another ad network for news sites and offers hundred percent fill rate.

43. Komoona is n easy to set up ad network for news sites.

44. Specific media ad network works on flat CPM basis.

45. TO Media ad network for news sites offers ad impressions for US, UK, Germany and Australia.

46. Epic Game Ads is an ad network for gaming sites and offers display ads in standard format.

47. Venatus is another ad network for gaming sites and provides best offers for UK traffic.

48. Intergi is another ad network for gaming sites and offers video and standard size ad impressions.

49. CPX Brealtime is an ad network for header bidding.

50. Index Exchange is another header bidding ad network.

Some of the ad networks selectively work for the type of quality of the publishers. These ad networks offer digital inventory for mobile and video. While choosing the ad network, check the pricing options also as these offer several options such as cost per thousand impressions, viewable CPM, cost per click etc.

10 Points to Remember while Creating a Perfect Video Ad

Businesses of all sizes and types need promotion. Business owners must understand the basics of creating a perfect ad. Video ads proved to be very powerful for building the brand to increase conversions. However, it is a challenge to create a perfect video ad. Here are few tips for this.

1. Ask yourself about how you plan to have your video. Will it introduce your product or services or you want to give a special offer etc.

2. Personalizing the video with the photos of the people who are behind the brand. Include customer testimonials, pictures of your company, office, etc.

3. Keep the script ready before you start shooting the video. If you cannot write the script even though you know best about your company and is the best person to tell people about it, take the help of a scriptwriter.

4. If you are not comfortable before the camera, use voice over and let the voice artist describe the company over the visuals.

5. Have perfect lighting. It is a good idea to purchase a professional video light kit.

6. Take care that the people who will appear in the video wear neutral, clean and attractive clothing.

7. Keep the video short and sweet. The length of the video should be more than thirty seconds.

8. Customers should have a good reason to click your video.

9. You should include a call to action and direct the audience to take the next step.

10. Include your contact information, coupon or special offer.

The quality and the content of the video explains volumes about business. Video creates a solid personal relationship and emotionally connects the viewers with the brand. Apart from the above things, you should also remember that distributing video and capturing the attention of customers is also important.

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