Why Videos Go Viral: Lessons from the Most Shared 100 Million Videos Taught Us

We can find the echoes of viral especially in the category of video and most of the video marketers or vloggers will be in the dream of being in the world of viral videos which are most responsible for sculpting the lasting image in public. A viral video will spread the creativity of one’s video that boosts to generate the ultimate upcoming videos which are being demanded by huge recognition.

YouTube is the best platform to make the video content successful. There are millions of unique visitors to the site and hours of video are uploaded every minute on this platform. 

This is the best place to access the audience. Some videos go viral in just a few minutes after uploading on YouTube many of us do not know what makes a video go viral.

Some videos get millions of views in the first days of uploading. 

What makes them go viral?

What can we learn from the world’s most shared videos? 

Some of the viral video showed people participating in social experiments. If you observe the viral videos, there are some emotions that the audience gets connected to the content. If the audience is not connected, they will not care to watch the videos.

If they are connected, they will start sharing it with their friends. There is a secure connection between emotions and virality of the content.The viral videos also taught us that 61% of the shares is because the video is impressive. Funny things are the most shared, and this percentage is around 43%. 

It is also revealed that if the content of the video is unique, it is going to be shared by 29%.The logo of the company is not showed in the video until the viewer is interested in the story and
then the product is introduced. The audience must feel that they are sharing something valuable with their friends.

Video content is not going to go viral magically. An audience should relate to the content and feel it a privilege to share it. They should have some reason to interact with the video. Thus targeting the right audience is very important.

How are they going viral? What’s the reason behind that and how to put a step in that world?

Why People Share Videos on Social Media?

Most of the marketers will give preference to share on social media because it has too many communities which make any shared video to go viral. A shared video will disclose a clear picture to the audience than the words from the mouth.

Mostly the videos on social media will be shared when it is extraordinary that brings a specific value. To reveal the status of the brand including drawbacks and benefits the audience will share. Through this activity, the video marketers or vloggers will get linked audience which leads to more views.

Why Timing Matter

Timing is the most precious weapon to aim the targeted audience. For example, if there are no online users and you are uploading and sharing the multiple videos then it is useless. Isn’t? No views or likes or tweets and remains as being flooded.

So, focus on the audience browsing time and just release the video then see the results. The perfect schedule to produce the video will give the overall outcome.

Videos should be short

Short is the sweetest word to hear and as well the videos, in short, will be preferred than lengthy videos. Most of the audience doesn’t find time to watch sitting for hours and the short videos are very easy to load and download in short time.

Always make short videos which are being trendy in the social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.

Videos will go Viral when we work as a Team, not as an individual

The combination of all thoughts putting in the creation of video will extract the amazing demand from the audience which in turn makes that video to go viral.

If any unexposed bugs eat the success of the video will identify anyone in the team. The entire circle of the whole team will be helpful to make plenty of shares for that video.

Quantity is important when compared to duration

All audience will pick the video when it has an ultimate quantity of content without regarding the time duration either it may be 10 seconds or 20 minutes. Hence choose the better quantity of content fulfills the audience requirements.

Video should have Global Appeal with Global Audience Sharing

If any video wants to go viral then it should have a global impact. Just provide the video in multilingual forms with subtitles that everyone understands. Try to cope up with the Intercontinental YouTubers to cross-promote your videos at their channels and vice versa.

Choose the theme of the video that has been being on the global trends. All these strategies will make the video to acquire global audience sharing.

Release Date is Important

The release date is most crucial to get the attention of the spectators. Just blast the videos when there no any trending events, movie releases and live matches. If you do at that time then they might not let the audience to go through your videos this press you growth to down immediately.

Viral Title is Important

The title is the sovereign of video only through which it gets viral recognition. All the viewers might aggressive to watch the video when the title of the video looks amazing and trending in simple word eye-striking. It’s fair to import the global trending titles.

Social Platforms are key to get Viral Video Success

All social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have a bulk of audience communities which are keeping busy by the audience at 24×7.

These types of platforms are the major publishers to make our video to go viral. Once the video has acquired the place of viral on these platforms, then every video of ones will be on the list of viral.

Initial Paid Advertising will give Boost views

Paid advertising has the special appearance to clutch the more views at the stage of a startup. Paid advertisements will be placed at the entrance of any page where the users mostly visit and will be given priority.


This might give you a clear picture of how million video views have appeared for a particular video which makes that video to go viral. If you are thinking to make your video to go viral in short period just implement all these tactics.

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