How to use Disappearing Video for Social Media Brand Building?

Video has already become the mandatory thing for every marketer to reach their audience and to deliver their brand message in an efficient manner. The usage of the video has been changing time to time with new practices in the present digital marketing ecosystem.

Let us know how disappearing content is useful to build your brand.

What is Disappearing content?

Disappearing content is nothing but the content which appears for a particular period and deletes automatically from the platform. This type of content is known as a disappearing content. It has more value than the regular content.

About disappearing content

Disappearing video is already a known feature to all marketers and social media users with the Snapchat application. The Instagram stories and Snapchat stories features are the best way to go with the disappearing video strategy. Most of the marketers think that disappearing video is a big negative to the brand building as it appears only for 24 hours and disappears which might lose the audience.

But, it is a big no to your perspective because disappearing content will bring the most engaging customers towards your brand. It enhances your sales potential and thus boosts your ROI as well as build your brand across the web.

Disappearing content has a greater number of possibilities to attract the audience across the web using these content platforms if you have a clear strategy for the same.

Snapchat stories

Snapchat stories are one such form of ephemeral marketing which is commonly known as disappearing content. It had included the new features like replies to the stories, geo filters, etc. and turned the marketing more compelling on Snapchat. Here are some tips to build your brand on Snapchat using the disappearing content.

Increase the user engagement with your content

The center part of the Snapchat is the Snapchat stories. It contains a collection of videos, images, replays that are available for 24 hours.

Reply to the Snapchat stories especially for the videos. Host some question and answer type of sessions with short videos in Snapchat stories feature.

Collect the audience feedback and make sure you prepare some more question and answer type videos basing on audience suggestions and queries in next video story.

This process will connect your audience to your brand which is the first step in brand building.

Product launch

Launch your product details and the complete snapshot of your product in the small video. It can enhance your brand presence, and the audience can quickly go through your brand page and increase your presence across the web.

Along with these above practices, you can elaborate your marketing strategies to the best use of the disappearing content.

Instagram stories and new features

Instagram stories and the live broadcasting features were already updated a year ago and were trending in the ephemeral marketing practices.

Use Instagram teaser

Your photos and videos will scroll very quickly on the Instagram platform. So, it is very easy to build anticipation by using quick snaps in the form of video.

Create excitement

Excitement is the key way to pull the audience towards your video content. So, try to raise excitement in the audience with your content. Offer something exclusive to your audience to build your brand.


Be consistent in posting and giving replies to the stories posted on Instagram as well as on the Snapchat too. Consistency is the primary element that can help you to boost your brand and build it efficiently.

Best Practices


Storytelling is a key factor in ephemeral marketing or marketing using the disappearing content on Snapchat and Instagram platforms. So, narrate your story by placing the viewer or audience at the center of your story. That means the audience must be connected with your story. Then only they can get connected with your efforts in building your brand.

Contests and promotions

Contents and promotions are the best way to get connected with your audience and get better ROI along with the brand building.

Use exclusive shopping codes or coupon codes with some discounts to your products. It will appear for 24 hours; it becomes an exclusive content for the most engaged audience.

It can raise the excitement in your audience to buy particular products as it will be going to expire in 24 hours.

It worked well when something was very exciting to grab. So, conduct some contests about your brand and offer the exclusive discounts and coupon codes to your audience.

Brand loyalty

Gift something to your valuable customers to build brand loyalty. To build better brand loyalty, make sure you offer something exclusively free for your customers on Snapchat and Instagram.

This approach will bring a very positive impact and also ensures word of mouth advertising on other social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Tips to follow for efficient brand building using Disappearing content

• Don’t repurpose your content for branding. When comes to disappearing content repurposing is a wrong idea.

• Make some fresh and valuable content on Instagram and Snapchat.

• Don’t use the content that is utilized or posted on other social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, etc.

• Add some humor; people love to smile and love to be entertained by the brands with the content. So add some fun to your videos.

• Go with long-term planning for the brand building as a one day or two-day planning might not work out in the case of Snapchat and Instagram brand building. So build a long term plan step by step and implement the same in a better way.

• Raise the excitement levels of your users and generate offer codes for your audience.

Follow these above suggestions and tips while using the disappearing content for your brand building.

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