How to Build a Video Landing Page from Scratch?

Before going to create a video landing page from scratch, you need to know what exactly mean the landing page and in what way they are relevant to your business.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page that helps you to convert your visitors into your customers or subscribers. The primary purpose of a landing page is to improve the conversion rate for your business. An Effective landing page plays a vital role in your online business success.

Many ready-made landing pages are available for the businesses those don’t have an efficient team to design the landing pages for their online business. However, they might be the best choice for your business as you have very fewer options for customization. Businesses need to pay for the same landing page every month.

Video Landing Page Basics

You need to learn some basics for creating an effective amending pages. Here are some best basics you need to know.

Page design

You check any landing page service providers’ site then you can notice that there are hundreds of pages which are just basic templates. They can be termed as lead generation pages which can boost the lead generation sales.

Option pages

These type of pages are showing some offer just like downloading an e-book by submitting the email address of the visitor.

Signup pages

This kind of landing pages is used in promoting the upcoming webinars or other live sessions. The primary targets are to get a good number of signups.

These are some types of landing pages. There are different varieties of landing pages you can utilize for your online business site. However, every landing page must contain the value of proposal and CTA along with attractive visual media.

Copy of landing page

Grabbing the reader attention is a very arduous task as you need to balance the things to catch the viewer’s attention.

Give your visitors the best options but limit them accordingly

Your visitors might be at different points in the buying cycle. You need to allow them to know your ability and what exactly you are offering them through your landing page. The options you give to your visitors must turn towards your sales funnel.

Hosting Video on Landing Page Vs External Video Embed on Landing Page

Hosting your video is much better than the external video embedding when comes to landing pages. You can self-host, or you can take the third-party solution for hosting the content for your landing pages. The embedded videos get link backed to the YouTube and other social platforms from which you have embedded. So, it is best to host your own.

How to Create a Video Landing Page with Third Party Tools and Platforms

• You might already go through several posts related to the creation of effective landing pages for your website. What works for your site might not match up and fit for other sites.

• Creating your landing pages is very effective procedure but a little bit expensive.

• If you have good copywriters, they can bring more effectiveness to your landing pages.

• The first thing you have to think before creating a landing page is about the features, price, and support.

• There are many third-party tools and platforms that can help you to create the best landing pages with less effort on your own.

Here are some details about the third party tools and platforms that can help you in creating your best landing pages for your online business site or website.

IM Creator

• IM creator services are one of the best, and it can provide you an ideal landing page.

• You can create an attractive landing page.

• It is best for the word press users with less coding knowledge.

• It is available for no monetary cost.


• It is paid service provider which charges around seventy dollars for five thousand views per month.

• It provides some limited landing pages which are modern and transparent that are aligned with the best optimization options.

• It also offers the A/B testing in which very few service providers are offering this type of services.


• The price starts from 30 dollars for 5k visitors

• It provides unlimited A/B testing tools

• It is a fantastic option for your landing page with nominal cost.

• You can select the best, trendy that fits your requirements.


• The unbounce platform is one of the best optimization platforms for landing pages.

• It provides the customized landing page templates and also provides the users to create their landing page.

• The service starts at 50 dollars per month and also provides unlimited A/b testing tools.

• It is the best testing software across the web.


HubSpot offers the best bundle of tools for inbound marketing. It allows the users and makes them able to attach the forms and flow up the emails to the platform. It also supports the users to create their one landing pages with tools.

Video Landing Page Best Practices

• The main headline for your landing page must be relevant to the ad visitor that directs to a relevant page.

• Make strong call to actions

• Use different directional cues to your call to actions like arrows showing the videos or photos below.

• If you are going with some lead generation forms when the CTA is below the fold, it makes some directional cue points below the page button.

• Your landing page must have a single usage, and you need to focus more on the message you want to deliver.

• Every element on your page must be aligned conceptually.

• Appropriately showcase your products and services.

• Utilize the video to improve the conversion rate by 80%

• Remove the content that is not necessary.

• Utilize the real testimonials to make your landing page more authentic.

• Show your social status to your visitors.

• Go for A/B testing to deliver the best to your customers.

• Offer something to your visitors and encourage them to sign up or subscribe.

• Show your contact numbers to convey people that you are real.

• Don’t divert your inbound traffic to your homepage and make it divert towards your landing page.

Follow these above best practices and tips while creating your landing page for the website.

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