Video Hosting for Business

The Ultimate Guide to Video Hosting for Business

Businesses choose the best video hosting platform base with the goal of their marketing plan. The selection also influenced by the type of videos that created, the target audience, and the budget of the business. Businesses usually host their videos through third-party video hosting sites. Companies use the video content to get extra traffic and exposure for their brand.

Video Hosting or Business

success of any business depends on the visibility of their video content. By understanding the power of video, most businesses are using video content to get the required exposure. Video Hosting can achieve if the videos uploaded to the right place. The video host should make the videos reach the masses and grab the attention of the viewers.

Creating a video required a lot of resources, and this process is time-consuming and can be expensive. To get the maximum value for the efforts and money spent the businesses must host their video at the right place. To choose the best video hosting platform, first, define the objective. YouTube is the first name that comes to mind when thinking of video hosting. There are many alternatives to YouTube, but this largest search engine is the most popular offering many advanced features.

YouTube Alternatives for Business Video Hosting

YouTube is the most popular video hosting platform. This is the place many people go to search for a topic. But this is not the only place to upload the videos online. There are alternatives to YouTube.

Wistia offer free accounts and many valuable features for video hosting. The consumer service is great and the marketer can use the call to action, email capturing and other features. The site is user friendly. Free accounts however come with Wistia logo on videos and sharing features are not supported for all social media.

• Vimeo is another online video hosting site where the marketer can choose to sell or rent the videos.

• On Dailymotion, different account options are available all include unlimited bandwidth. The storage space is also unlimited. The site offers fast customer support. Videos can be uploaded very fast and easily.

Sproutvideo is another video hosting site that has strong customer support team. All plans of this site add no ads to the uploaded videos. Free plan is not available and only free trail is offered.

Advantages of Video Hosting for Business

Businesses can get lot of advantages with video hosting. Using video hosting platforms helps the video to go viral. Reaching a larger audience is possible. Most video hosting sites offer their services for free, though the features may be limited. The video hosting sites also track the analytics of the video. It is easy to share the video from thee platforms.

Using the popular video hosting sites helps people find the videos and also the business website. These sites also offer sharing features, and people share the video with their friends and family, and these increases reach. Any business can choose to make their video content visible to the only select audience and using video hosting can help to achieve this. Hosting the videos external prevents slow website loading issues and bandwidth issues.

Common YouTube Etiquette for Businesses

Use your YouTube channel to share webinars, slides to PowerPoint presentations, or a video response to an industry-related video. YouTube Etiquette for Businesses explained here. You can also hold internal and external interviews that relate to popular topics in your industry to drive traffic to your channel.

  • Make sure that your video is easy to find both on and off of YouTube. Include your targeted keywords somewhere in your title to optimize your SEO. The more effectively you do this, the more likely it is that your video will be found on both YouTube and Google.
  • Stay organized. Once your company has posted a large number of videos, things can become much disorganized if left to chance. Sort related videos into specific playlists so that customers can more easily find what they are looking for.
  • Not every viewer will read the video description or comments. Watching your video is nice, but you want your visitors to go one step farther. Try embedding a link to your website or a related blog to drive your potential customers to your sales funnel.
  • You want to be active on YouTube so that viewers will periodically check back on your channel, but don’t post a pointless video. Post content that will be beneficial to your customers and targets. If you are unable to come up with an idea for a video actively participate in the community.
  • Your YouTube channel is a product of your company. The low-quality video will reflect the standards of quality that your company holds, whether it is true or not. Poor lighting, camera work, or audio will drive your viewers to another channel, and it is improbable that they will return. Make sure that the videos you produce are professional and of high quality so that customers will connect high-quality video with high-quality products and services.

Pros and Cons of Hosting Videos in Your Own Website

Videos engage more audience than text and adding videos to the website can help get new visitors. Most people use online video platforms to host their videos from where the audience directed to the website. This way, the traffic is for the video platforms but not to the site. Many publishers choose to host their videos on their own websites.

Brands of businesses can either upload the videos to deliver their messages to the potential customers on their website or sharing platforms. There are advantages and disadvantages of hosting videos on online sharing platforms or own site. But before taking this decision, it is essential to know them all.

Pros of hosting videos on own website

• The publisher will have control over the videos and the copyright over the videos is preserved by them. There is no risk of someone banning or deleting the videos.

• The videos that are hosted on the own website is difficult to download.

• Google allows incorporating the tracking and analytical tool for the videos.

• When videos are hosted on one’s own website, all the traffic belongs to the videos or the website.

• It is possible to design the videos in any way, they like.

• Having a suitable web player on the website can create a unique style for the website.

Cons of hosting videos on own website

• The process of uploading videos on the website is complicated compared to uploading videos on online sharing platforms such as YouTube.

• When the videos need to host on their website, the producers have to pay for it. But some video platforms like YouTube do not charge anything. The benefits of using the own website for hosting videos and using some online video platform needs to weighed.

• Using online video platforms such as YouTube for hosting videos is simple but to host them on the website, some coding skills are required based on the video software.

• When the videos hosted on an own website, the viewers would be limited unlike on YouTube where they appear in search results also.

• The control of producers of videos is limited when they host them on other online video platforms.

• There are changes such as YouTube suspending of removing the videos if they receive any complaints.

• Thus the producers need to be very careful and create videos following the rules and regulations of the video-sharing platforms.

• Nowadays, it is easy to download videos from the internet using some ripping software from video sharing platforms.

Video sharing platforms like YouTube place videos to get profit and some audience may find them interrupting and lose interest to watch them and this may result in losing viewers.

• When videos are hosted on an own website, there will be no revenue from ads.

• With self-hosting on the website, the video playback is going to be very slow. If most people try watching the video at the same time, it may load slow which can irritate the audience.

• All technical issues related to the video are to be fixed by the website owner.

• The amount of exposure that the producer gets for the videos hosted on the own website is limited.

Videos attract new visitors to the website and this increases traffic. There are many opportunities to get the maximum benefit from videos. Thus when using video content, it is important to think about the better delivery method. Each option has different benefits. Figure out what suits best for you.

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