Virtual Reality 101: A Complete Guide to VR Video 2024

Day by day plenty of advanced applications are being in the market but only a few them are draining the attention of the global market. In such category, the Virtual Reality is in the top position by magnetizing the most of the users with its unique feature. Now everyone wants to view the videos with virtual reality experience which gives the most pleasure. Here is the complete guide to go through more about virtual rality video

The word that is being chanted by everyone from gamers to video marketers and advertisers is Virtual Reality.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is nothing but the immersive experience that being generated by using the certain equipment like VR headsets that include some other accessories.

In simple words, the virtual reality video will give the real time experience of being in that video.

With this concept, the VR headsets are becoming most seeking one to video game lovers.

The vloggers are fetching a number of ways to find the best 360-degree video cameras to follow the trending concept.

What is VR Device?

As we discussed above VR Headsets are one that plays an essential role to fulfill the virtual reality concept. These headsets will give the complete virtual reality experience.

We can find varied VR headsets like Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR and HTC Vive etc. are being operated with their own apps.

What is Mixed Reality?

The involvement of both digital and physical objects that give the completely new surroundings with effective visualization and in this, both the real world and virtual world have been combined which is named as the mixed reality.

What are the types of Virtual Reality Headsets?

There are different types of Virtual Reality Headsets and here is the list.

Google Cardboard

Samsung Gear VR

Oculus Rift

HTC Vive

Sony PlayStation VR

Usage of Virtual Reality Videos in Different Industries

Arts & Design

The environment of the Arts and Design with virtual reality will be the most enthusiastic one to gain more visitors.


Especially movies will make use of VR to have much more audiences.


The online teaching with VR concept will make the learner to learn quickly and easily.


Most of the online gaming services will provide the VR experience to the players.

Travel & Tourism

To give the demo of visiting places in the tour through VR will generate more interest in the tourists to make plan immediately.

Real estate

This VR will be used to show the particular property by describing every inch to the buyer or tenant.


To define the qualityand designs of the products this is most useful.

Medical & Healthcare

it can be used to train the nurses and doctors. As well as the rehabilitation can be monetized.


Especially Football and Basketball have the huge fan base and this can attain some more fans.

All these are the important categories at which the continuous engagement of the public will be found. Hence to elaborate much more these are turning towards the virtual reality concept.

Demand to create VR content:

Most branded companies will crawl to generate the ultimate VR content for the brand promotion.

Filming industry completely slants on VR:

The VR films will be produced as they are much excited to watch and generates much more entertainment.

Gaming world is the VR:

Cent percent of the online video games will be designed with the concept of virtual reality.

Brand Investment on VR:

All the branded companies will make an investment to explore the VR concept at everywhere.

The craze of VR developers:

As everything turns to VR world then the developers are the most seeking in the market.

Fashion and Merchandising on VR:

The evergreen trend fashion and the merchandising of products or goods will use the theme of VR to give the best service to the customers.

PlayStation totally equipped with VR:

PlayStation has become daily usage device at each home and it will be generated with the VR equipment to proliferate the gaming experience at the player.

Huge demand for advanced VR headsets:

The advanced VR headsets which are having ultimate featured will be preferred by the users.

4 Apps to Create Virtual Reality Videos

Virtual reality resembles the growth of technology in the online video marketing today. The virtual reality video content is the present buzz across the web. This popular trend was followed up with a 360-degree video content launched by the video giant Youtube platform; later the Facebook platform also started the trend of virtual reality video content on the newsfeed. Whenever a new trend appeared on the news, many individual vloggers and marketers were busy on the trails with different formats, and their main agenda is always to reach the crowd across the web. Here are some best applications to Create Virtual Reality Videos with your images and the video content.

The Full Dive for Android

It is the best camera application which allows the users take pictures with a single camera and enhance VR experience. The results can’t drive the exact 360 degrees but pretty good when we viewed through the headset.

Cardboard camera for Android

The cardboard camera can help the users to record the images and videos and the users can include the audio for better immersive experience

Video Stitch for Windows and Mac

It is very useful to produce a professional quality virtual reality video which demands the best post production and synchronizes the various footages which are not very difficult. The app can automatically stabilize enhance and calibrates the images for the Virtual reality viewing.

Google Street View for both Android and iOS

This app is compatible with both the android and iOS users with an efficient 360-degree image capture. You can upload images directly to the service and it can be enjoyed without a VR headset.

Virtual Reality Originals – The Next Big Thing

Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for quite some time. VR   is a computer technology that makes the user feel the virtual reality using the software or hardware. In other words, VR artificially creates a sensory experience that can include hearing, smell, touch & sight as well.

VR is already gaining momentum with leading brands like Audi, Jaguar & Volvo releasing their VR ads. Not to be left behind, brands from other segments including Coca-Cola, Nike, etc also entered the fray to cash in on VR through their VR ads.

VR, though more lucrative for the marketers to promote their products, is still experiencing teething problems. Some of the problems and the solutions are discussed below:

1) VR is mostly an individual’s private experience and hence cannot be shared. As a solution to this issue, brands should ‘create a corresponding 360-degree video & launch on social media’.

2) The required handy hardware (VR headset) is not available for every potential customer. Google is offering cardboard headset that can hold the smartphone running apps specifically designed to evoke VR.

Given the huge potential that VR is offering, many startups are working on technologies to ensure maximum VR experience to the users. One of the technologies is eye-tracking technology. Eye-tracking is considered as an immediate update in the VR headsets. This technology is likely to come to use minimum one year down the line.

• VR hardware market size by 2021 ($2 billion).

• VR software market size by 2021 ($24 billion).

• VR head-mounted display shipments during 2016 (1.43 million)

• Samsung Gear VR device unit sales in 2016 (5 million).

Above are some of the projects/statistics about VR that will confirm that Virtual Reality is going to be the next big thing.

Branded Virtual Reality Videos – The Next Big Thing

Virtual reality is really the next big thing. Facebook has been able to promote the concept of VR attracting more masses to this segment, and naturally, the marketers also approach the same place for promotion of their products. FB has been retaining its supremacy in its field of operation and hence is the natural destination for the marketers for the promotion of their brands. However, there are still competitors like YouTube also imposing their impact on VR segment as well.

Despite the fact the VR is one of the lucrative arenas for the marketers, big names like Samsung, Sony, Microsoft along with many others are reported to have dropped their VR products. One of the reasons for brands avoiding VR at least, for the time being, can be attributed to the cost of entry and requirement of suitable hardware.

YouTube is the undisputed leader of VR videos with provision to watch every single video with a VR headset. Uploads of 360 degree videos are showing phenomenal growth, and as a proof, the global search interest for VR has grown by nearly 4x in the last year. Google already shipped millions of Google Cardboard viewers to bring VR experience to everyone.

Coming to branding, YouTube has the following brands in the leaderboard:

1) The BMW M2 – eyes n Gigi Hadid (360 deg video).

2) McDonald’s Angry birds 360 take over

3) Oreo

4) Hyundai

5) Honda

6) Nike


8) Samsung

9) Comcast XFINITY

10) Jumeirah

VR has traveled long way from a gaming tool and is slowly in various businesses. In view of the huge potential that VR is offering, it becomes the duty of the marketer to do his bit to cash in on this potential.

Virtual Reality Advertising – The Next Big Thing

Virtual reality in advertising in the new medium that allows the brands to tell a story and lead the viewers inside the VR ad environment. Virtual Reality is a significant opportunity for advertisers who understand how to harness it. VR ad designing is challenging. VR technology is still in the growing stage and may take a little bit of time to reach the masses.

Introduction to Virtual Reality Advertising

Virtual Reality or VR is an innovation in the interaction of humans and computers. It is going to change how people will experience the digital world in the future with the help of light devices and mobile technology advancement. After Facebook invested in Oculus – Google, Sony, Samsung, and others also invested in this technology. Viewers experience virtual Reality with a head-mounted display, and the ads created in virtual reality make the viewers complete immerse in what they watch. As the viewer moves his head, the movements also tracked, and the display is adjusted as per the movement.

Virtual Reality Advertising Platforms

Advertising platforms for virtual reality are evolving. Here are few advertising platforms.

• VirtualSky helps create immersive VR ads to consumers using headsets and smartphones. This also offers analytics for the ads.

• Immersv VR is a mobile VR Ad network and VR developer. It also tracks the view through rates of the VR ads.

• Retinad, another VR ad platform provides the advertisers with analytics of purchase behavior, browsing and other analytics. They create ads in banner 360 videos, image carousel and others.

• Vertebrae use heatmaps to track the VR ad analytics.

Virtual Reality Advertising Campaigns

VR ads allow the user to feel the product or service and give them an immersive and interactive experience. Brands understand the power of VR to engage the users on a different level. Nescafe is the first coffee brand to provide virtual reality experience by taking them to Brazil coffee fields. Honda created VR ad for its NM4 Vultus motorbike promotion. The campaign was immersive, targeted, engaging and innovative. Samsung Electronics also into VR and launched VR storytelling app called VR stories. McDonald Sweden made their happy meal boxes into virtual reality devices so that kids can experience VR reality.

Best Practices for Virtual Reality Advertising

This is now the now and bold age for storytelling. Virtual reality technology is a big and new canvas available for advertisers to teleport the viewers to the new world. To ensure engagement, user immersion and balance of curation, few best practices need to be followed by VR advertisers.

• Immersive digital experience stimulates the emotions of the use. Advertisers and brands must create a compelling emotional journey for the user.

• While designing VR experiences, it is necessary to create a realistic environment. Thus use suitable audio to the VR videos make it more interesting. Audio helps in creating a more convicting world and to enhance emotional tone.

• Ensure mobile VR experience for the users by giving them the option to stare for a long time in one direction.

• To make realistic VR ads, use the 360-degree videos and 3D apart from still photography.

• Focus on the story you are telling.

• Research, planning, storyboarding, testing and iterating are required to create great VR experience.

Virtual reality is now not the technology used by just gamers but it captured the imagination of one and all including the ad agencies. The application is, however, difficult for some industries. The technology is here to stay and is expected to be bigger than mobile in the coming few years.

Virtual Reality Live Streaming – The Next Big Thing

Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big thing. There are already many players vying for their due pie in the VR live streaming market. Names like YouTube, Facebook, Scope, NextVR are some of the names that already became famous for VR. You can find everything about Virtual Reality Live Streaming.

Almost all the channels are following the two-pronged strategy.They are broadcasting the VR videos of their own and also allowing users to upload VR videos (subject to the terms and conditions which are channel-specific).

How VR works:

VR goggles take 360-degree visual experiences even further with their capability to adjust what you see based on the direction the user’s face is pointing.Further entertainment is added when platforms such as Virtuix Omni enable adding additional sensory cues.These sensors allow the user to walk in the virtual world as created by the VR goggles.

Future of VR & 360 degree applications:

Going by the trend, we can see huge potential for these latest trends of VR, 360 degree live streaming.We can see VR in many days today functions as well thereby further increasing in its popularity.

What this technology has for business:

There may be big business in the whole concept of VR, 360 Degree live streaming. Though these concepts seem to be toys, these are a reality, and people are ready to adopt these technologies and the relevant hardware as well. We have a record (of 2015) stating that there are as many as more than 300 companies in the field of VR and their business in this technology is around USD 13 Billion, and there is a direct employment opportunity for nearly 40,000 developers.

Virtual Reality and 360-degree Streaming using Wowza:

Virtual Reality and 360 Degree streaming are the two latest and innovative concepts powering events. The event can be a sporting event or a live concert. The live streaming gives the user the ultimate satisfaction and happiness once he is provided with this feature.

Wowza earlier offered video on demand, and there are other services like Helix Universal Server, Adobe Flash Media Server, etc. Wowza Streaming Engine, developed by Wowza Media Systems, is one of the prospective players in the field of VR, and 360 degrees live streaming. The company earlier released seven versions and the latest version released on June 2016 is the one with the capability to offer VR with 360 Degree live streaming.

360 Live Streaming Camera:

After seeing the real things that are happening in the field of 360 degrees live streaming, the need for the required hardware is an item in demand. The first and foremost equipment to record is the camera. The camera is the heart of the video that is being recorded and published. The camera is supposed to consist of multiple lenses, or it may be a single-lens camera.

The advantage of the multi-lens camera over a single-lens camera is that the former can capture footage that has to be stitched together later. Another important point of consideration before selection of camera is the image quality and resolution.

Presently as many 19 companies are offering this wonderful product, i.e., 360 degrees live streaming camera. Some of the names include Ricoh Theta S, Facebook Surround 360, Bublcam, Kodak SP360 4K, Panono 360 degree camera, LG 360 CAM, ALLie Cam,360 Fly, etc. Samsung, Facebook, HTC are some of the names doing rounds in the field of Cameras suitable for this technology.

Based on what has explained above, we can safely conclude that VR 360 degree live streaming is the next big thing and the whole is anxiously looking to take full advantage of the same.

Kids Music Videos in Virtual Reality – The Next Big Thing

The importance of virtual reality is growing in the music industry. More and more music video creators are discovering the power of virtual reality and making videos, especially for kids. Virtual reality is widely available now than before. The world of kids is full of fantasy creatures. Their worlds revolve around their beloved celebrity. Creating music videos in virtual reality with the favorite celebrity of the kids to engage the children seems to be the trend now.

Kids Music Videos in Virtual Reality

In recent times, we have seen that music videos created for kids in virtual reality technology. Recently OneRepublic released a Kids music video shot with this technology. This music is now available for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. It can also be watched on YouTube 360 and Facebook 360.

The rise of virtual reality can spell a rebirth for kids music videos. Music artists now have many ways to use virtual reality technology for storytelling. Virtual reality in kids’ music video allows controlling the field of vision from perspectives never before seen. Music artists are now embracing VR technology slowly. The trend of making kids music videos in virtual reality is here to stay. The music artists are going to make the kids feel like they are with the singer writing the lyrics, scoring the music, and so on. This type of content is going to engage the kids to like never before.

360 Degree Videos for Kids

360-degree videos for kids are made with the omnidirectional camera to capture the images from behind, above, and below. The videos are viewed on desktop screens and can be controlled by the normal mouse. Google Cardboard is another device that can be used to view the videos, and the user can physically control the view by turning the head left, right, or lookup. The integration of 360-degree videos in education helps the students to learn things easily.

Kid friendly VR apps are also now available, and the best is Google’s expeditions, which are a free app. Jurassic Land which is also free but with in-app purchases, Lamper cardboard: First flight which is also free and Froggy VR that comes with in-app purchases.

Kids Virtual Reality Video Products

Major manufacturers of VR products are setting age limits. Oculus Rift and Gear VR headsets require the user to be above thirteen years of age. Children aged twelve years cannot use Sony’s PlayStation VR. There are other kid-friendly VR products available in the market.

• Google Cardboard VR Glasses can be chosen to be used by kids for experiencing Virtual Technology. However, these should be used by the children only under the supervision of adults.

• Brand marketers are taking an opportunity of VR to target the kids in their marketing strategies. Mc Donalds Sweden offered to make Happy Meal Boxed into VR viewers.

• Coca-cola turned packaging for 12 packs of soda into VR headset.

• Mattel View-Master Toy was being turned into VR headset in partnership with Google.

With virtual reality and 360 videos getting popular, the VR headsets are on the wish list of the kids, and many get doubt whether these are safe to be used by the kids. VR technology is good for the children or not. There is a need for more research on the effects of virtual reality on children. Some scientists say that prolonged exposure to VR devices might damage brain development and can also lead to eyestrain. There is no proof that VR is unsafe for children, but one of the biggest concerns is the impact of this technology in the eyes of kids.

How to Create and Upload Virtual Reality Videos on YouTube

Virtual reality has become the next biggest thing in video marketing today. The video giant YouTube has announced the virtual reality video content of its platform in January 2015. The virtual reality videos enhance the viewer experience to the next stage in this digital world. The viewer can experience the real-time viewing and can also fee that they are there at the place they are watching n the video.

The virtual reality videos also show the audience about the things around in depth.

The YouTube platform announced the compatibility of the virtual reality videos o YouTube application for the phones with iOS and Android technology.

These videos are generally can be viewed by using the Google cardboard viewer. They can be shown as 360-degree videos without the three-dimensional effect.

In order to create the virtual reality videos, the videos must be shoot with the specific compatible cameras for 360 degree videos.

Some cameras like Ricoh Theta, Kodak etc are available in the stores.

The video must encoded with the certain settings to can be the compatibility of the video. The YouTube platform was supporting from 24 to 60 frames per second.

Preparing the 360 degree videos for upload

The video file must be included with the particular metadata for the compatible playback

The file that enables the 360 degree videos must be created with an application.

You have to unzip the file and open the 360 degree video metadata application

If you are using Mac type then, you have to click onto the right side and click open button

Make video selection and click on to the inject and save option

Enter the name of the file and save it

New file can be created at same location and upload the new one to YouTube

The process can take nearly an hour to complete.

Uploading the virtual reality file

Check the video whether it is enable the playback or not

Watch the video on your computer

The playback can be available after an hour

Feature the button over the top left which can be rotated by using the WASD keys

Confirm the video

Edit if necessary by using the YouTube video editor and other tools


Everyone should know the creation and uploading of VR videos As Virtual Reality is major stream of Video technology.

Everything turns to the virtual reality and the current trending video platforms will completely migrate to have the virtual reality videos to gain more audiences than the present.

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