Blockchain for Video Advertising

Blockchain for Video Advertising: The Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing

Are you intended to use Blockchain for Video Advertising?

How is the blockchain transforming the digital marketing and advertising?

To what extent the advertisers and publishers are satisfied by using blockchain technology?

The role of blockchain in video advertising has been explained here.

What is Blockchain?

The online payment transactions that have been done by using the peer to peer network of computers is termed as the blockchain technology. The use of blockchain technology will enable no third parties and makes a direct transaction of the amount.

Benefits of Blockchain for Video Advertising

Fraud detection:

Fraud in video advertising is the major concern that everyone is facing in the advertising industry. The parties that are involving in the blockchain are verified and disclosed. In further transactions, the data that has been collected will not be reused. All the parties are enabled to know about all the transactions that are taken place.

Targeting and engaging the audiences:

The video advertising platforms and advertisers are investing in bulk to gain the advanced advertising strategies to deliver the right messages to the exact audiences at the right time. The blockchain based video advertisements will give the efficient results of fulfilling the advertiser requirements. The blockchain technology will allow the advertisers or businesses to use the gather customer data to make the direct customer communication. That helps in scrutinize the customer needs and to invest more on adverting for the potential customers.


The involvement of third parties to alter or to record and no specific parties are involved.

Selling and buying video ads:

The blockchain technology will allow the advertisers and publishers to participate directly while selling and buying the video ads or with the involvement of fewer third parties.


The transactions that are held by using the blockchain technology that is added to the database or blockchain ledger will be disclosed to all the participants that are involved in the chain.

Safety and security:

The peer to peer networks and decentralization in the blockchain will not allow altering by the central control. That means when the entry has done in the ledger of the blockchain then the previous block should allow accessing and the copy of the blockchain is framed in the network nodes.


The blockchain will provide the complete trust on one another through without knowing each other. The data or payments that have been involved in the blockchain transaction will be visible to all the parties, and it will not let them mask their identity.

Demolishing the involvement of the third parties:

The decentralized ad system of blockchain technology will allow the business brands to pay the audiences directly for viewing the video ads. The blockchain technology in video advertising will allow skipping the process of buying video ads through easy transactions while buying that provides complete security to the clients.

Detection of real-time audiences:

It can be used to collect the statistics about the performance of the video ad campaign. That means the advertisers can find whether the video ad campaign is being watched by the real-time audiences or not. The clicks are coming from the bots, or targeted audiences can be identified, and through this, they can pay for the genuine clicks.


Many blockchain platforms like Decent are encouraging the content creators and writers to launch their excellent content on blockchain that helps them to get paid immediately.

Working Of Blockchain In Video Advertising

The blockchain is the natural fit for digital advertising supply chain. Blockchain for potential advertising benefits includes transparency, cost reduction, increased efficiency and fraud elimination. Many blockchain application comes across in digital advertising, video advertising which provides for linear television, long-form video, premium video and TV ads.

Blockchain Working Procedure:

Buyers want to buy some product and pay through Blockchain coin or request for a transaction.

In online transaction is represented as a block.

Next, the transaction broadcast through peer to peer networks of Computers.

Then Networks verify the buyers identify and validate the buyer’s transaction in a secure way.

Once the transaction verified, the trade added to the Blockchain for providing a payment record.

Payment is moved to the seller account to complete the transaction. The payments are made with Block coin.

The Transaction completed with more transparency and fraud-free. Blockchain plays a critical role for trusted transaction directly verifying with trusted partners.

Examples of Blockchain for Video Advertising

Here are some real time examples of Companies who used blockchain technology in Video Advertising.

ARK Blockchain Advertising:

ARK Invest and Investing in Disruptive innovations is a leading investment manager focused on innovations how they are changing the digital world work. ARK identifies large-scale investment opportunities resulting from innovative technologies like Big Data, cloud computing, robotics, the blockchain, DNA sequencing and machine learning. It explains the financial technologies advantages using this blockchain advertising.

Whale Blockchain Advertising:

This Blockchain Advertising example of Whale explains the different uses of Whale’s Blockchain technology-based platform. Whale consists of dominant and professional team, to achieve popular blockchain technologies in lifestyle. Whale aims the technical applications like Cryptocurrency mining Hardware, ASIC, software, and hardware integrated developments.


Steem Blockchain Advertising:

Steem is a blockchain based social media website which runs social networking websites and blogging. Steem is a social news service which is a blockchain based rewards platform to the publishers to run campaigns, monetize and to build the community. This example explains the overview of the Steem and how it can use to gain rewards to build a thriving community.

Aigang Blockchain Advertising:

Aigang Blockchain advertising explains the overview of the Aigang and quick use of Aigang. It is digital insurance company which uses blockchain protocols. Aigang allows insurance to the internet things using smart contracts and DAO. The use of Aigang is quite simple and download like a desktop or mobile apps.


REGA Blockchain Advertising:

REGA comes under Crowdsourced Blockchain platform and also world’s first Crowdsourced Blockchain technology used the company. In Crowdsource the community of individuals sharing their risks with one another. This example explains how the risks balanced in REGA and how the data is safe using Blockchain technology.



Blockchain technology in video advertising industry is the most beneficial aspect for advertisers and publishers to enhance their branding capabilities in reaching the targeted and genuine customers with complete security.

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