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Virtual Reality Marketing For Travel Brands

Virtual Reality has become one of the most popular technologies being applied to the marketing of various industries. One of the sectors that get lots of benefits from Virtual Reality Marketing is the travel industry.

VR helps to enhance the travel experience, and it also influences the behavior of travel consumers. Potential customers can catch a glimpse of the destination when VR used in the tour or activity business.

Virtual reality is a technology, a computer-based simulation. The interactive environment can be created using this technology with which the user can get a real and physical experience. A headset,  glasses are needed to use this technology. The VR headset allows the users to do many things from playing games to traveling to new destinations.

How VR can use in the Travel Industry

  • Create VR media and distribute it to travel agents for marketing and promotion.
  • Allow the customers to experience the tours and activities before booking their own experiences.
  • Offer reality experience to those who may never make it to some destinations.
  • Enjoy the significant returns on their investments in VR technology. VR technology videos will boost the bookings.

How Virtual Tours Offer Best Customer Experience

Virtual reality tour is the best way to grab the attention of the audience. Virtual tours give the opportunity to be interactive, and the viewers can navigate around the image. These allow the audience to imagine themselves in the destinations.

Virtual tours on the websites of the travel agents increase the time the visitors spend on the website. This will influence the buying decision of the prospective consumers.

The virtual tours can be made simple to be shareable so that more viewers share them and this widens the audience reach. Virtual tours give a unique experience to the customers. These are the accurate representation of a destination, airlines or hotels.

With virtual tours, the potential travelers can be in any place of the world. They can explore the details. Virtual tours give an excellent opportunity for travel brands to break through the traditional marketing practices and offer something unique and engaging to the prospective clients.

Virtual Reality is here to stay. This technology is being used to enrich the user experience.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Marketing in Travel Brands

  • Virtual Reality marketing for the travel industry is used to enhance customer experience.
  • VR content gives a lasting impression on potential customers, and this is an interactive way to keep the visitors engaged.
  • Virtual Reality is a better way to connect with the clients.
  • VR technology allows the users to see a place in real life and the audience will feel transported to the destinations.
  • The technology enhances the travel experience, especially at the pre-booking stage.
  • They can better target the search and pick up the kind of experience they love.
  • Instead of reading the reviews of travel destinations or hotels, the users can experience them in virtual reality videos and immersive audios.

Future of Virtual Reality in Travel Marketing

Hotels, travel agencies and also airlines are adopting virtual reality as part of their marketing strategies. There are several virtual reality travel apps that users can use to see what they can get out of the trip.

Big names in travel industry already adopted VR in their marketing strategies and got positive results. They have seen an increase in their booking and also increase in return on investment.

Virtual reality is growing fast and even the user base. Virtual reality drives higher emotional engagement among people. The technology is here to stay and is going to play a vital role in travel brands marketing in the coming years.

The technology for travel brands is expected to see massive growth in the next couple of years. More and more brands will adopt the technology, and the user base will continue to grow.

Top Travel Organizations Who Successfully Embracing VR

With virtual reality marketing, potential customers will be able to experience their destination, airplanes, and hotels.

Qantas Airways:

Qantas Airways used VR marketing to showcase premier destinations to the potential travelers.

Thomas Cook:

Thomas Cook also embraced virtual reality marketing to experience destination and airlines.

Meriton Hotel:

MeritonHotel used Virtual Reality to let the prospect customers experience the weather of a destination they also allow guests of their hotels to borrow headsets to experience the destinations they want to visit.

Tourism Australia:

Tourism Australia issues travel agents with headsets as part of promoting traveling to new places.

Western Hotels and Resorts:

Best Western Hotels and Resorts also use virtual reality technology to take the guest on a VR tour of nearly 2000 of their properties.

Lufthansa Airlines:

Lufthansa airlines also made VR a component of their marketing strategy.

Virtual Reality is gaining momentum, and travel industry are embracing this technology to deliver an engaging and immersive experience to the customers. Biggest names in travel are already using the technology.

However, using VR to provide compelling content for prospective travelers is not reserved for big names alone. Even the companies with tight marketing budgets can make use of this technology.

VR offers lots of opportunities in travel and tourism industry. It benefits the companies and also enhances lives of customers. Implementing latest technology is essential in this ever-competitive industry.

VR helps to stay apart from competitors. Allow the prospective client to enjoy the new sights and exotic adventures without actually leaving the comfort of their space.

Cine Gears Virtual Reality Workflow Solutions – Guest Article

Cine Gears Inc Brings one of the most innovative, intuitive, and efficient solutions for virtual reality and 3D workflow to the professional film industry. Our system, from filming rigs to stitching software designed to optimize workflow for any virtual reality format. Including full stereoscopic 3D 360 degree virtual reality filming with live review; for the first time in the industry you can review your stereoscopic 3D 360 degrees virtual reality live, fully stitched with extreme precision and unnoticeable stitch lines.

Capture your content with the fully modular, entirely customizable Hex filming rig. With the Hex and the Hex Mini-rigs, you can fully customise your camera and lens setup, camera positioning, and some cameras used. Capture 360 VR with as few as three cameras, or capture full stereoscopic 360-degree cinematic quality virtual reality with up to 14 cameras with the full sized Hex VR rig. These rigs are designed for the utmost in precision, giving you the perfect shot every time.

Using StereoStitch software, review any format of virtual reality live as it captured. This software currently allows for a live review of any VR format with high-quality automatic stitching, including stereoscopic 3D VR. Control the playback with a mouse, or switch it to full gyroscopic motion control with your headset. StereoStitch also provides post-production stitching solutions.

Review your 3D, VR, and 3D VR footage either live on-set, in post-production, or anytime at all with the Cinegears VR3D Player virtual reality HMD. The days of using a cell phone to view VR are over, with our fully self-contained virtual reality headset. Stream live stitched VR straight to the player for immediate review, load saved stitched files onto the device’s internal storage for later analysis, or even stream content via the built-in wifi and Bluetooth.

Here at Cine Gears Inc., we strive to be a driving force behind the future of Virtual Reality production. The workflow solutions mentioned here are not our complete array of virtual reality equipment. We would be happy to discuss the stuff discussed here as well as any of our other gear at any time!

10 Best Virtual Reality Gears Head Mounted Displays (HMD)

Virtual Reality is advancing and had proved to be a promising tool for creators. VR technology requires being experienced using gears or heading mounted displays. Here we will talk about the VR gears and HMDs that are already in the market or expected to hit the markets soon. Topmost Virtual Reality Gears are listed here.

1. Google Daydream View is claimed to be at least thirty percent lighter than other mobile headsets. Compatible with Google Pixel Phone.

2. Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset, the brand popular for VR offers Rift, a kit that included headset, remote, motion sensors and other cables. The headset is lightweight and fits all head sizes.

3. Samsung Gear VR is compatible with several models of Samsung smartphones and lets experience VR on mobiles. The headset is lightweight and is made with breathable material. A smooth touch pad is provided in latest models for menu navigation.

4. HTC Vive is an option for experience VR for gaming. This is priced highly and required high-end GPU PC.

5. PlayStation VR headset offers great user experience. It is comfortable to wear. There are some shortcomings in using this but the ergonomic and stylish design will be liked by people.

6. Avegant Glyph is a fully portable VR headset as it is called. Virtual retina display is used as a screen and the user can see the most realistic picture.

7. Google Cardboard was first announced by Google in the year 2014. This is a low-cost way to experience VR experience.

8. Microsoft HoloLens combines virtual and augmented reality and recognizes voice commands and gestures with Kinect-style technology.

9. Razer OSVR is an open-source virtual reality approach that comes with 5.5 inch OLED display with full HD resolution. There is, however, no plans for consumer release.

10. Visus VR headset will support most smartphones. This uses Tridef 3D software that can be purchased along with the headset.

VR head-mounted displays of all sorts are available now. Choose the headset based on your budget. Whichever device you use there is VR world waiting for you and making it easier now to access it.

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