Virtual Reality Video

Virtual Reality Video: The Definitive Guide

Virtual reality is a technology in which real-life environment or situation or recreated using computers. Virtual Reality Video stimulates the vision and hearing of the user and gets immersed. Virtual reality use for gaming, entertainment, etc. and it is a marketing innovation which is on the rise and is the best content consumption channel.

Using virtual reality in digital advertising proved to increase engagement. And marketers are going to introduce Virtual reality video into their marketing strategy in the coming months.

Impacts of Virtual Reality Video on global industries

VR videos used in many sectors including that of travel. VR is used to add entertainment to long flights, virtual exploration of cities, VR tour of hotel rooms during booking, etc. In education, 3D versions of course material used.

Students engaged in the virtual field trips. In medicine, VR is useful for long-distance surgery and to train surgeons and doctors on virtual patients. In space travel, humans and also robots trained for low gravity environments in VR.

Virtual Reality has created a significant impact on Society. They are primly gaming industries gaining massive revenue from VR headsets and video games. It’s a prediction that more than 75% of people use VR headsets in their routine life.

The healthcare industry is going to introduce its training and educational videos using 360 degrees VR devices for better understanding. Implementing VR videos in Educational institutions will create an immersive experience for the students.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Videos

People are getting used to taking for granted the digital technology, and one of the innovations that can still inspire the consumers is the virtual reality.

The virtual video is capable of making the significant impact on some sectors. In digital marketing, it is becoming a big challenge for brands to stand out and reach the targeted audience.

Virtual reality is an efficient way for brands to tell their stories and engage the audience. A personal connection with the brand is possible with the type of technology.

Marketing especially using virtual reality can help the travel industry. The users will put on the headset and teleported to exotic destinations. Virtual reality helps in selling the travel package.

Virtual reality videos would also benefit the automotive industry marketing. The videos can take the user virtually behind the car for test driving.

Where does VR video fit into 2019?

Video in marketing is on the rise and is the number one content consumption channel. Using interactive video intent is the next step from the video, and this provides interactive customer experience.

Travel sector is already using the virtual reality videos to show their exotic holiday scenery or the flights, and this is helping to convert the users.

Now it is the turn of the retail and real-estate sector to use more virtual reality videos for their business.

Use of virtual reality is the most engaging way for marketers to reach their audience quickly, efficiently and this is very interactive too.

However, there is the requirement of devices to experience virtual reality videos which makes it harder to reach potential customers.

VR is going to revolutionize the business in many ways. The headsets reached to offices, malls, medical units and various other places. The technology is going to change the forms of marketing and advertising. This is how VR video is going to make the future exciting and profitable for the businesses and customers.

The gaming experience with headsets such as Oculus Rift of Facebook is going to be fascinating and impressive.

When it comes to entertainment, the audience can see the action happening from different angles and feel the things running on the screen. The 9D and 12D shows are going to change the movie watching forever.

Users can take the advantages of virtual reality videos to feel the pleasure of being at the places they wish to visit through remote tours to museums.

Virtual reality experts are now experimenting to satisfy the other senses of users apart from eyes and ears. There are predictions that upcoming gadgets are going to treat the nose and skin of the user also with smell and touch. The next stage of virtual reality is going to be total sensory immersion.

The future of e-commerce is also going to revolve around VR. Consumers will try the clothing and other products before they buy them.

Virtual reality is used by the brands in marketing in the right direction. Virtual reality videos will delight and convince the users to buy the product of the service. VR helps to connect the audience with new possibilities.

New Virtual Reality Headsets Coming Soon

Use of virtual reality videos for business is increasing, and the consumers are amazed by the whole experience. The VR devices, however, are not cheap. Most popular devices dominating the VR headset market now are the Oculus VR, Playstation VR, Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

New headsets and goggles are coming soon giving more options for the consumers. It expected that the sale of virtual reality headsets would grow to around twenty million in 2019.

The new companies trying to have their place in the market are the Zeiss VR one plus, Razer OSVR Hacker Development Kit, Fove VR, Lenovo with its VR headset costing $300, Pico Technology, Dell VR headset, Acer VR headset and Sixa Rivvr.

Virtual Reality is evolving, but slowly, this is because it needs specialized equipment. Marketers are most quick to adopt any new technology to take their products and services to the customers.

Global Statistics Fir Virtual Reality Video

70% of the Consumers who own VR headsets bought games on it.

More than 14 million Virtual reality and Augmented Reality headset are expected to sell out in 2019.

Over 171 million Virtual reality Videos users Globally.

We can consider 70% of VR headset purchasing between 2019 to 2022

Headsets, video gaming, Education, Healthcare, and Entertainment industries have the most significant impact in 2020.

Among 100%, 75% of people trust that Virtual reality is a good thing.

One in 3 people has experienced Virtual reality Videos.

The Ultimate Guide To YouTube Virtual Reality Video Analytics

Virtual Reality had made its impact on all marketers, advertisers, and creators.

It is a new area for all people who are connected in the Video Advertising. With the entry of 360-Degree Videos, creators become busy experimenting with the changes in video space, and the VR occupied a significant space in the present system. People are sharing their experiences with Virtual Reality Videos and are more interested in consuming the Virtual Reality Videos.

YouTube has a vast library which contains great VR Content. So, Google is trying to dominate the Virtual Reality space on YouTube.
The platform had observed different VR content and the viewers statistics and response to those videos.

Marketers, Advertisers, and Creators are kept busy themselves in creating the Virtual reality videos by making YouTube as their mainstream platform. However, another doubt rose in marketers and creators mind is about the measurement of engagement levels on YouTube for Virtual Reality Video. Video Analytics play a vital role in every strategy whether you are a creator, marketer or advertiser.

Analytics helps you to solve the weak areas and helps in utilizing the high points in Marketing and Advertising. It helps the creators to understand what the audience is expecting from their work and what type of content must be focused to improve their standards and engagement levels on YouTube Platform.

This is the reason; YouTube announced a new feature for analyzing the Virtual Reality Videos with VR Analytics. YouTube is adding VR heat maps which allows the video creators to look at the viewer’s interests and who are focusing on the VR video.

This feature is also available for the Virtual Reality videos which have crossed 1000 video views. Once the VR video has crossed 1000 views, an overlay grid and heat map will be shown that includes the watch time basing on the region-specific.

YouTube Platform focusing more on VR Videos

• YouTube has developed certain standards for making the 360 Degrees VR videos to perform and look better in an efficient way.

• The Google internal VR team had implemented the 360-degree videos on Android Devices, but it becomes somewhat problematic while layout with the spherical type of objects on the rectangle.

• You can watch 360-degree videos using Samsung Gear VR, Daydream view by Google, etc. The problem is with the way of viewing content by the viewers as the highest quality areas on screen are visualized, but the least are least likely watched by viewers.

• YouTube has targeted the best quality VR system and targeting the best quality viewer’s Gaze. It has developed the “equiangular Map” and successfully managed the high-quality pixels in the 360-degree videos.

• Hence, the viewers can experience less blur while watching the VR videos on Android devices.

• YouTube and Google platform had already set new standards for improving the VR experience for viewers on YouTube platform.

Basing on the YouTube analysis, the following things are revealed for better viewing experience to the viewers

• Always focus on what is in front of you. A 360-degree video allows you to have a free view around in any direction of the video.

• People are spending more than 75% of their time in front of 90 degrees of a video. So, it is better not to forget which is in front of the viewer.

• People are spending their valuable time focusing on what is in front of them. They are watching complete 360-degree video space and exploring the entire 360-degree viewing.

• If the full scene is engaging to the viewers, viewers will be more likely to explore the complete 360-degree view.

• Creators should focus more on the animations, markers to grab the attention from the viewers towards the different parts of a scene that is pictured in the video.

• Creators need to keep different experiences that a viewer undergo while watching the 360 degree and VR videos.

• For example, viewers might watch the VR videos on the desktop, mobile and with some portable cardboard setup. So, creators need to focus on the type of view experiencing by the viewers to deliver them the best of all.

What are Video Heat Maps?

Video heat maps provide the information about the customer interactions and engagement with the videos. It is a visually based engagement that can be delivered with the hardware and software that is specialized in the eye tracking technology.

It requires extensive time to set up the things and gathers the individuals in a certain physical location at a particular time. The heat map can be able to compare the total number of viewers or visitors to your video.

The heat maps are designed to track the video engagement levels in depth by delivering the detailed analytics reports basing on the consumer or viewer engagement with your content. It is especially beneficial in the VR video analytics.

Heat maps in YouTube Virtual Reality

As a creator, you might think that to experience something new and unique. You might already get blazed to try something new with VR to generate a good number of videos that can fetch more viewers.

While creating the VR content, you need to focus on the viewers. YouTube introduced Heat maps for 360 degree as well as the virtual reality videos grabbing some 1000 views that provide you the better insight about the viewers who are engaging with the content.

By using the heat maps, you will be able to watch the exact parts of the video to catch the attention of the viewers on YouTube platform. You can also know about the particular part of the video that your viewers are watching.

The YouTube platform shows the heat maps in the video with red color along with the viewpoints in yellow, blue, purple shades basing on the attention. The conclusions can be drawn from the heat map.

Finally, VR is becoming the top priority to the major video platforms.

50 Facts and Figures about Virtual Reality Videos

Virtual reality is the next big thing for media consumption in the coming years. It is expected that the market of virtual reality will surpass the market of smartphones in the coming two to three years. Virtual Reality Videos are leading in the current generation. Here are some unknown facts and figures about the Virtual Reality Videos.

Virtual Reality Videos Facts

  • In the coming two to three years, the virtual reality market is going to be worth $30 billion.
  • The growth of virtual reality is likely to come from the headset sales and videos of virtual reality.
  • According to some source, around 500 million virtual reality headsets are going to be sold in the coming eight to ten years.
  • This is good news for Facebook and Samsung as their VR gears Oculus Rift and Gear VR headset sales are going to be increased.
  • In the coming few years, around 170 million people will be using virtual reality technology across the globe.
  • The users that are going to use the technology will be the kids, teens etc.
  • Virtual reality headsets are expected to replace the gaming consoles or they may complement the consoles.
  • Samsung VR gear does not require a high priced PC and the mobile-based VR solutions are going to be widely accepted by consumers.
  • More than one million people already used the Samsung Gear VR in 2016, and the number is going to be increased further.
  • Introduction of 360 degree videos on YouTube is increasing viewers interest in watching the virtual reality content
  • More than two million people are subscribing to YouTube 360 channel.
  • People already watched more than one million hours of video using the Gear VR by February, 2016.
  • Virtual Reality apps are going to bring more revenue to Facebook.
  • More than two million developers registered for Oculus Rift to build games in virtual reality.
  • Apps such as Oculus cinema are allowing deeper immersion experiences for the users apart from gaming.
  • Health-care industry is also adopting virtual reality technology is a big way.
  • Virtual reality diagnostic images from scans and ultrasound are used in diagnosis and treatment for the patient.
  • Automotive industry is using virtual reality for design purpose as well as its campaign.
  • The term virtual reality is first used in 1938.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality, both were called artificial reality before 1980’s.
  • According to some other sources, the VR hardware and content users will be more than twenty-eight million in the next year.
  • The number is going to be more than nearly 5 million who adopted the technology in the in the beginning of 2016.
  • There are nearly 700 virtual reality start ups.
  • VR tool creator MediaSpika, VR social network TeliportMe and VR Publishing Platform Sketchfab are some of the startups that have much number of followers.
  • More number of gamers wants to upgrade their systems to pay virtual reality games.
  • The hardware market size in the world is growing to increase to 7.3 billion dollars in the coming few years.
  • The virtual reality software market size is likely to reach a value of 4.8 billion dollars in the next year.
  • The revenue from sale of virtual reality products is likely to reach 5.2 billion dollars in a year time from now.

  • Virtual reality is not always expensive. Google cardboard that launched in the year 2014 is made of cardboard and can be used with Android phone screens.
  • Cardboard from Google can be purchased for just a few dollars.
  • Google Cardboard is already downloaded more than ten million times till a year ago.
  • According to HTC, the sale of VR headsets will be more than that of smartphones by 2020.
  • VR headset and the smartphone are going to offer an alternative entertainment experience to the people.
  • The large size of VR headsets are presently not comfortable to carry, and it is predicted that more than seventy percent of the VR is going to be mobile.
  • Smartphone powered VR is emerging and progressing fast.
  • One out of the two VR headsets that are sold is going to be mobile VR headset.
  • Mobile VR headsets are now available in the market for different prices.
  • Missing the opportunity to use the virtual reality platform means missing out the huge audience.
  • Using the virtual reality platform means developing group of followers who are dedicated.
  • Another interesting fact is that sixty percent of the audiences still feel that virtual reality is only for gamers.
  • Provide more and more information to the viewers and they are more likely to get involved in the technology.
  • YouTube is the perfect platform for creating and experience 360 degree videos.
  • It is possible to test the 360 degree content on YouTube platform and see how people react to the content.
  • Expected that more than thirty percent of the consumer companies are likely to use the virtual reality technology for their marketing efforts in the year 2017.
  • Virtual reality always need not be expensive. It depends on the scope of the project. Big companies can invest thousands of dollars, and small companies can invest less.
  • Though the experience of strapping virtual reality is amazing, it cannot replace real life.
  • Virtual reality enhances the real life.
  • Another fact about virtual reality is that the best applications of VR are not related to gaming.
  • Do you know Google Cardboard was a side project for David Coz and Damient Henry, the two engineers?
  • Virtual reality is developed by any single person, but the growth of the technology is because of many people’s contribution.

The facts and figures about Virtual Reality Videos indicate that it is going to be the next big thing. Above mentioned are some of the facts and figures of Virtual Reality Videos. The popularity of the technology is growing and is not very far when this is going to achieve recognition worldwide in the coming days.


Virtual reality is a form of immersion that can provide the advantage of engaging the audience. The audience expects interactive advertisement and marketers should opt for virtual reality to keep the attention of their targeted consumers and ultimate make the sale.

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