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Virtual Reality Advertising – The Ultimate Guide

Virtual reality is ruling the world of videos. The video watching behaviour of the people had greatly changed, and people are more interested in the content which can make them experience something very different. Virtual Reality has drawn the people into the world of creation and made them experience as if they are in the real world.

What is Virtual Reality Advertising?

Today we can transform our smartphones as a VR headsets and able to experience the virtual experience. Even there is no content shortage to watch as the video giant YouTube platform was already set the largest library to watch the video content. The interest towards the mainstream of virtual reality has grown four-times much better than previous year growth.

The technology had changed the viewing experience, and people love to watch the VR content. This made the advertisers look more professional side of things to reach the people with what they love and like. So, here comes the virtual reality of advertising.

Virtual reality advertising had captured the marketer’s attention as the technology can help them to get connected with the customers with the deep immersion using the VR technology. The VR can give the emotional impact on the people with its immersion technology.

The people can get involved with the ads made with VR as there will not be any disturbance that can take them away from the content as the technology made it more interesting to watch with the best experience. The only thing that advertisers have to get is a development in VR and usage of different video formats for advertising and marketing.

Why advertisers should utilize the virtual Reality?

When coming to brands perspective the virtual reality helps them, to dig deeper to get connect with the audience. Many leading brands have got successful with the effort towards including the virtual reality in their marketing strategies.

Generally, brands have certain problems while marketing and advertising their brands. The first thing is they fail to outreach and engage the customers and the second one is minimal competitive advantages, and the final one is customer forgot about the brand. These are the main problems that brands are facing in advertising today. These problems can be solved with the virtual reality technology.

Before going to the creation of virtual reality advertising, you have to understand what brands have to understand their interest in VR. Let us go through that point first.

Virtual reality is not a brand new technology element today that came as a newcomer. It is not at all a new one today, and as an addition, it was developed with new features with real applications to the brands.

Before your investment in the virtual reality technology for your brand advertising, you have to brainstorm these questions in your mind and then decide for the creation of VR ads for your brands.

Can you provide something different to your viewers that you cannot achieve with the general format ads?

This is the first question you have to think whether the VR can change and develop the engagement of your brand or not. Because if you can provide the best to your audience more than what VR can do with your brand, then you can go with the other or regular format. Or if you are pretty sure that will change your targeted things in your strategy then VR will positively change the things. Well, it’s not about thinking positive or negative but, it is all about practicality as all brands are not same.

The second thing you have to know is whether you can make a budget that can fit with VR standards or not. Budget is significant to convey the things in certain formats because; it needs definite setup, software and much more to implement the things in a better way.

Along with these two questions in your mind, also think about the positive and negatives and know about the things in a clear way and estimate the outcomes.

Devices needed to create Virtual Reality Advertising

For virtual reality advertising, you must need certain VR supportive devices for advertising with VR format. Here are the devices that are needed for the Virtual Reality ads.

VR mainly needs tow type of devices. The first one is Desktop VR and Mobile VR.

The Desktop VR offer great fidelity for better VR experience. They support the inbuilt display which depends upon the external PC to initiate the connectivity via cable. Oculus rift is one such device that is highly used in desktop VR devices.

The second one is mobile VR devices which couple with the smartphones like Samsung galaxy which made these VR devices available for all. The main advantage of the mobile VR devices is its portability and low costs. These mobile VR headsets are generally cost up to 150 $ which starts from 5$.

VR headsets

The mobile VR headsets fall into two different categories one is for mobile or tethering. Generally, the headset’s lenses separate the screen into two images. Some headsets like Samsung Gear VR, Google Day Dream are less expensive compared to other headsets that support VR. headsets like oculus rift, HTC vive etc are physically connected with the PCs.

Virtual Reality Advertising Platforms

The virtual reality platforms are continuously evolved and developed with new features for the advertisers. Advertisers are experimenting new ad types.


The Virtualsky is one of the VR ad platforms which offer the best analytics with best tools for the advertisers.


Immersev platform provides the advertisers with the view through rates and clicks through rates. The platform also delivers the track reports to the advertisers time to time.


This platform mainly targets the navigation, browsing and other purchase behavior of the audience after watching the ad created by the advertisers. The platform also provides detailed analytical tools for VR advertisers.

• VR technology is used in different ways by providing the people with good experience. Brands like Redbull have followed the same by providing their customer with an experience of flying.

• VR is also used in exploring the imagination and brads are using the same trend to bring a new experience to their customers across the web.

• It has revolutionized the education and training

• It becomes a great trend in gaming and took the gaming category to the next level.

So, finally, VR technology is trending and remain as a future trending element with new developments.

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