Vlogging Tips

Vlogging Tips: How to Start a Great Vlog

Vlogging is one of the best ways to express our creativity, and this is also one of the great ways to make money. This can be a great career if done in the right way. However, one should understand a few things before creating a YouTube channel. This helps in creating vlogs and develops the YouTube channel by using our Vlogging Tips

Vlogging Tips

Vlogging for whom?

People who are experts in their niche might have spent a lot of time learning about things they want to talk in their YouTube vlogs. Here are some tips that help in making vlogging career and give success in it.

  • To become a successful vlogger, one has to keep learning and keep updated.
  • Filming the videos is not a big thing, it can be done with even a smartphone.
  • However to make them look professional, one has to use good quality equipment and also the film requires to be edited. Learn about the camera and also find good editing software.
  • Gaining new viewers is a big task for any YouTube channel. Marketing the channel and the videos are required to get views and audience.
  • Make use of the popularity of social media to market the content.
  • Regularly posting the updates on social channels will help reach the audience and to improve engagement.
  • To be a successful vlogger, one has to have schedules and commit to those schedules.
  • To be a successful vlogger one has to like interacting with the audience and keep them engaged.

Naming a YouTube Channel

Name of a channel plays an essential role in the success of it. Here are some tips to name the channel.

  • The name should represent the band.
  • They should be relevant to the content and also it should suit the values, beliefs, and tone.
  • Do not try to give a fancy name or a tongue twister; people should be able to pronounce and type the name quickly.
  • Make sure that the name is as simple as possible.
  • Choose a name that is unique and also makes sense.
  • Choose a name visual so that people will easily remember it.
  • The more visible the name is, the more comfortable for the people to remember it.
  • Take the above things into consideration when naming the YouTube channel.

How to Start Vlogging?

Before filming the first video and uploading it to the YouTube channel, one has to analyze and plan things. The first thing is to understand why you are vlogging. The goal of vlogging can be different for different people.

Some might want to make it their career, or some might want to share things with the friends. If you are serious and want to make vlogging your career, think of the time you can spend for the development of the channel.

  • Choosing the niche for the YouTube channel. This is important because this helps to focus on the topics and this is the first step for creating a successful channel.
  • Identify the audience. Set short and long-term goals for the channel.
  • Choose a suitable and unique name for the channel.
  • Practice the techniques of vlogging to hone the skills and only then film and upload the videos on YouTube channels.
  • Make sure that the content you are creating is watchable and informative.
  • Practice before the camera to gain confidence.
  • Find an excellent digital camera to create high-quality videos. Quality of the videos plays a significant role when it comes to increasing views and to sustain viewership.
  • Also, pay attention to the audio quality.

Rules for making your vlog a great success

YouTube is a full platform. Hundreds of hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. There is too much competition and becoming a successful vlogger is difficult. But one can still make the vlog a great success.

Because video is still the best and most effective way to promote oneself or the brands. The video is being preferred by people to gain information.

Another reason why many people are vlogging is that the prices of good equipment needed for creating vlogs are falling. A video on the site can increase traffic effectively. Undeniably, online video is the most powerful method. Here are some rules and tips to make the vlog a success.

  • Get reliable equipment. You need to have a webcam or a high-quality camera as per your requirements. Get a better microphone so that people can hear you better.
  • Prepare the vlog content beforehand. Practice well.
  • Learn to upload the video to several platforms.
  • After publishing the video on the blog or YouTube share the link with friends and family and also on social media. So that, it reaches more people, and it can bring more views.
  • Set realistic goals for the vlog.
  • Learn to use the social media. Build a community.
  • Interact with the audience.
  • Entertain and provide them information and offer some value for watching your vlogs.

There is other who provides information online but what makes you unique is how interestingly you can provide information to them.
Consistency is the key to the success of the vlog.

Dos and Don’ts of Effective Guest Vlogging

Video online continues to grow. Conversational videos are the popular trend. This is also called video blogging or vlogging. Guest vlogging is an effective way to get more views and subscribers to the YouTube channel. This also helps in building a connection with the audience. The dos and don’ts of Effective guest vlogging is given here.

Effective Guest Vlogging

Look for vloggers that are related to your niche or industry. Their audience should be interested in your niche. They should have engaged the audience. Search for the guest vloggers in the industry. Social media is a great place to look for guest vloggers.

Guest vlogging helps the growth of the YouTube channel by increasing the exposure. Guest vlogging makes the audience see the vlogger as an expert in the niche. Guest vlogging can be done by collaborating on a single video idea or make separate videos and exchange for uploading on your own channels.


When guest vlogging, collaborating with the right partner is very important.

Look for vlogger who has a similar audience as your own YouTube channel.

Understand each other’s audience.

Create content that is relevant to other channel viewers.

Add branding to guest vlog.

In the video intro, add your YouTube channel name and social media links.

Add a link also in the description that leads the audience of another channel to your channel playlist.


Do not copy the format of others.

Don’t repeat a topic that the host channel already covered.

Show your unique personality but do not change your style for a new audience.

Do not focus on self-promotion.

Before you invite some guest for video blogging for your channel, decide the goals of guest vlogging. Getting exposure and building backlinks are usually the major goals of guest vlogging. Find the one with a good number of engaged audience. To do the effective guest Vlogging just consider the above tactics.


Vlog is a video blog, a blog in the video format and is the most popular online video content on platforms such as YouTube. With the popularity of the videos keeping on increasing, experiment with your vlogs, find what is working and what is not and make your blog a great success.

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