Wedding Video Live Streaming

Wedding Video Live Streaming Big Trend in India

Weddings are the occasion of joy and togetherness of near and dear. People may miss at birthday parties and other functions but will not like to lose in weddings as it has such charm and joy. The binding of families and people with tradition can see in Indian weddings. India has received a significant boost with the new ongoing trend of online Wedding Video Live Streaming to reach the dear ones who are not able to attend the wedding.

Indians spend some millions on weddings every year. Now the Wedding Video Live Streaming had become the new buzz across the web as well as new for wedding planners too.

By going with the Wedding Video Live Streaming, your wedding occasion will live stream across the web, and it had already become a fast catching trend in the country.

To cover such types of events, all you require is a high-definition camera and high-speed internet and good knowledge in handling things while live-streaming the wedding occasion.

Many startups are now working on this live stream wedding trend and are working on different plans to go with cost-effective solutions. More than 75 percent of viewers have occupied the live streams from India.

The majority of the viewers for the Wedding Video Live Streaming are foreigners who are unable to reach India for their loved one’s marriage. Here are some important things to know about the Wedding Video Live Streaming.

The wedding video live streaming trend has been steadily increasing in popularity over the last few years. It is affordable for couples to have a professional videographer on their big day without breaking the bank.

  1. The first step in creating a wedding video live streaming package is choosing your desired number of hours and whether you want an audio or video feed.
  2. Next, decide on what type of coverage you would like- full event with speeches and dances, ceremony only, reception only, or any combination thereof. If you’re unsure about which option to go with, consider how many guests will be attending and what sort of activities are planned throughout the day. What does your budget allow?
  3. Once this information has been collected by emailing us here at [email protected], we will send out our contract for review before filming!
  • Wedding video live streaming is a new way for people to share in the joy of the day
  • It’s an affordable and creative alternative to traditional wedding videos
  • With videographers, photographers, and DJ’s all using live streaming services like Periscope or Facebook Live to broadcast their events, it can be hard for couples to find someone who offers this service
  • The best time to start planning your own event is now!
  • Video streaming is becoming more popular for weddings
  • The bride and groom can view the video live as it’s being recorded
  • Streaming videos are typically saved to a cloud server so they can be accessed later on
  • A lot of companies offer packages that include unlimited recording time, storage space, and number of people in the viewing party
  • The importance of live streaming
  • Benefits of live streaming for the bride and groom
  • How to set up a live streaming account on Facebook, YouTube, or Ustream with either a computer or smartphone
  • What type of equipment is needed for live streaming (e.g., camera), and how often you should plan to charge your battery
  • Important things for the bride and groom to remember when hosting their own wedding video stream
  • The number of live streaming platforms for weddings has increased from 9 to 18 in the past year
  • Wedding videographers are now also using Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Periscope as a way to reach more people
  • People are using their smartphones to stream their wedding ceremonies on sites like Instagram and Snapchat
  • Streaming video to the internet is a cost-effective way for couples to share their wedding day with friends and family who are unable to attend
  • The number of live-streamed weddings has grown by over 400% since 2010
  • In recent years, more people have been choosing live streaming as an option because it provides a higher level of personalization than traditional videography services
  • Services like Facebook Live offer free streaming for up to 4 hours at a time, which can be helpful if you’re on a budget
  • Live streaming is becoming more popular for weddings as a way to share the experience with friends and family who are unable to attend
  • The trend started in Asia but has now become popular in the US
  • It’s easy to set up live stream- all you need is a smartphone or tablet
  • You can also use Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or Twitter live
  • Increase your video’s production value by adding music, graphics, and animations
  • Create a slideshow of pictures to accompany the video to help viewers feel like they were there
  • Use live streaming services for instant sharing on social media
  • Live Streaming is a great way to capture the whole event
  • It’s easy to set up and can be done with just your phone
  • The best place for live streaming is in front of the bride or groom, but they can also be on each side of the altar or at one end of the aisle- it all depends on what you’re looking for
  • You’ll need an internet connection and a good signal if you want it to work well
  • Wedding video live streaming is a trend that has been on the rise in recent years
  • It’s an alternative to traditional wedding videos, which can be expensive and time-consuming
  • The benefits of live streaming include being able to share your day with those who couldn’t make it, as well as capturing all the emotions of your big day
  • This article will provide you with some helpful tips for making sure your event goes smoothly

Key Elements for Wedding Video Live Streaming


The live streaming needs high-speed internet connectivity at the marriage location with at least 257 kbps for the clear webcast. You can lease the internet connection at venue, but one must make sure the link must not be shared as it may decrease the bandwidth.


You need a good camera to capture the marriage perfectly. So, it is better to consider the USB streamable video camera with high definition quality. Go with shots close up of bride and bridegroom as people are excited to have a look from the other side through live. So manage the camera lens and don’t be shaky as it distracts the viewers while watching the live from their place.

Flexibility is important

The camera must be flexible and must not be shaken at all. You must bore the viewers those are watching live. So get some best shots from the couple and live to stream them. Make it flexible as you must reach the entire venue, so be sure about wiring which can provide better flexibility.


Go with good wireless mic which is ready for entire broadcast. Audio is the leading company in the live broadcast. You may also communicate spontaneously during the live webcast introducing the marriage venues etc. make sure you choose the right media platform. Make sure you have better software requirements for the live telecast or webcast.

Wedding Video Live Streaming Tips

  • Use a live streaming app or website to broadcast the wedding
  • Send an email to family and friends with a link to the live stream
  • Ask close friends and family members who are not attending to watch from their home on their phone, tablet, or computer
  • Encourage guests at the wedding by mentioning that they can watch it online if they want.
  • The use of live streaming video is on the rise
  • It’s a great way to share your wedding day with friends and family who couldn’t make it in person
  • Live streaming video offers an intimacy that no other medium can provide
  • You need a high-quality camera, a strong internet connection, and good lighting for your event to be successful.
  • Live Streaming is the future of video
  • The best live streaming cameras for live streaming weddings are high-end and professional grade
  • many different types of lenses can be used depending on what you’re looking to capture
  • You will need a good tripod to stabilize the camera while filming, as well as an external microphone (if needed)
  • A lot of people use live-streaming apps like Periscope or Facebook Live to stream their wedding from their phone
  • Live streaming is on the rise
  • In 2017, nearly a quarter of all U.S. adults watched at least one live stream per month
  • This year, more than half of millennials will use their mobile device to watch video content
  • Live-streaming is now being used for weddings and other events as an alternative to traditional videography services
  • Use a dedicated camera for streaming
  • Find the best internet connection possible and use an ethernet cable to connect your camera to it
  • Get a tripod or other steadying device for the camera
  • Make sure you have enough lighting so that people can see what’s going on, but not too much light because then you’ll risk getting glare in your footage from windows and lamps
  • Test out different angles of filming, including close-ups of guests’ faces as well as wide shots of the whole room
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