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Significant Ways to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Live Video

Facebook was a great platform to share the business updates by Facebook Live Videos and share another dimension of their business. Facebook Live offers several uses for brands who are looking to engage with clients and generate leads. Email marketing can be a key asset for delivering focused and timely information to potential customers. Businesses should collect email addresses from existing customers through Facebook Live Videos to stay connected with them. Through Emails, companies can keep updated their new products and services. We will show you how to grow your email list fast with Facebook live video for great success.

Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Live Video

Promote your Facebook Live before one week.

Leverage Long Live videos

Go on deeper and trending topics.

Share your Facebook live link on social media.

Facebook Live lets the business pages broadcast in real-time. It does not need any creative fancy videos to promote, Just offer Live videos about your business. Spend a little amount of time on perfect streaming and adjust the screen resolution, quality, and backgrounds.

Drive huge traffic to FB live.

Promote your lead magnet 2 to 3 times during Live

Do your Live again and again.

Consistency is everything that you should maintain.

Demonstrate your personality through live

Use the interactivity techniques for more audience.

Add Closed captions to your videos.

Give an in-depth explanation of trending topics.

Prep with your Website feedbacks

Use different platforms to drive traffic.

Track and measure your success

Tell a powerful story to the customers.

Set up an email nature sequence

Make sure to interact with pinned comments.

Broadcast from business Facebook pages

Define your audience with loyalty

Use a strong call to action buttons.

Promote your products through Live

One of the best ways to connect with your audience through Facebook Live is to push a button. Live video option helps build the right audience. Facebook Live streaming all about interacting and connecting with your audience in real-time. Maybe it can breaks down barriers of traditional marketing limitations.

Make sure to offer exclusive content.

Build the email list using Facebook Live

Dedicate one day in a week to go live

Make sure to work with paid promotions.

Promote content with Google ads

Introduce yourself while going Live

Ease your nerves by practicing several times

Offer Giveaways to the audience

Try to interact with your Buyers.

Repurpose your live streaming videos

Promote your live like blockbuster movies

Use Facebook groups to promote

Choose a trending topic with good titles.

Scroll stopping headlines to Facebook live

Draw attention to your CTAs

Linking the website on your Facebook business page will drive more traffic to your company websites. The more people engage through Call to action to get your website, and it has the better opportunity to read more about your products and service. Offering Live on Facebook business pages is suitable for your social media presence, and it will boost your rankings in search engine queries.

Spread the specific timings of your Live each weak

Establish your connection with viewers

Create a Facebook account and set up a live video

Use your videos to promote products, events, or services

Encourage viewers to subscribe on YouTube for more content

Create an engaging video that people want to share with their friends

Schedule the time and date for your live video on Facebook in advance of the event so you can promote it more easily

Make sure your Facebook page is set up to allow for live video

Invite people to watch your Live videos by sending them an invitation or posting about them on social media

Create content that is engaging and interesting so viewers will want to stay tuned in

Set up your Facebook Live video

Create a Facebook event for the video, inviting all of your friends and family to watch it live

Add an offer or giveaway for anyone who watches the broadcast live

Share about the broadcast on social media every day leading up to it

Keep in mind that you need to be engaging with viewers during the broadcast

Add your email address to the “About” section of your profile

Go live on Facebook with an informative video about something you’re passionate about, like gardening or cooking

Use hashtags that are relevant to what you’re talking about and interact with others in the comments section

Encourage people who watch your video to subscribe to your channel

Use Facebook Live to promote your email list

Include a call-to-action to sign up for your newsletter at the end of every video

Ask viewers to subscribe in the comments section or reply with their email address

Incentivize people by offering them something valuable if they subscribe (e.g., exclusive content)

Add an “Events” tab to the page and create a live event for your next product launch or sale

Post links to the event on social media, including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat

Use Facebook Ads to target people who are interested in what you’re selling

Add an “About” section to the top of your page that includes who you are and what you do

Use Facebook Live video to introduce yourself on air, answer questions from viewers, and share content about your company’s products or services

Encourage people to subscribe by providing them with incentives like exclusive discounts or freebies

Share your video on other social media channels like Twitter and Instagram

Ask viewers to subscribe to your email list for updates on events, sales, etc.

Provide links in the description of the video so people can easily sign up for your email list

Use Facebook Live to answer questions and give demonstrations of products or services

Encourage people to share the video with their friends, which will create more exposure and get you new followers


There are several ways to grow your email list, but Facebook quickly grows your subscriber list by hosting a Live. It is possible to run effective Facebook Live promotions that build your email list and boost customer engagement. Do you want to grow your email list faster with Facebook live video? Hopefully, you get an idea by reading this guide on how to grow your email list quickly with these quick tricks.

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