What is Android TV? – Guide to Google’s Smart TV Platform

Android TV has become the new buzz across the web after closing Google TV. Yes, there is the right sort of reason behind the shutdown of Google TV. The main thing is its lack of applications, and it does not have access to play store.

When comes to Android TV, It is entirely different from the Google TV. It can able to access the Google Play Store. The mobile developers can apply the modifications to make the Android App. It also has Google cast support and is optimized for the big screen. Let us go through deeper into Android TV.

What exactly is Android TV?

• It is specially designed to enjoy the TV on your Phone. It is all about the easiness in navigating across the apps.

• There is no draw over phone calls through TV. It is also easy to access the applications, entertainment with simple interactions. It is nothing but the Smart television.

• You can feel your TV just like a mobile in your hands.

• It offer controls over the voice across other devices just like in Android devices.

• It is similar to the card-based interface, and the developers will get an opportunity to adapt with the apps on big screen.

• It promotes the quick customization of the television content which suits best.

• Even the TV manufacturers also have a different advantage.

• They does not need to develop their app or app store as it has access to the Google play store. It also keeps the Android on the big screen.

Android TV box

• These boxes are the most popular thing that allows the users to receive a wide range advantages like accessing the internet to stream the videos to your TV.

• These boxes will turn your TV into smart devices. It possess a broad range of options to the users.

• People utilize the services for streaming the TV shows and movies from different streaming sites.

Android TV Vs TV box

• It organizes the content on one platform for a better organization which is included with the search and search functionality.

• This is just like a media hub that user can access the content over the web from their ideal platform.

• The main difference between the Android TV and the regular TV box is the operating system.

• It is a particular version, and it is powered by the Android Operating System. However, still some applications will not run without the rooting device.

• The apps are designed to run on television instead of touch screen.

How did an Android TV box work?

This box is just like a TV setup box that is connected to a television.

• It can be setup with an Ethernet cable or a wifi connection.

• Once the box is getting connected with the TV and internet connectivity, the apps will get installed.

• Android is an operating system which is just similar to windows etc. You see such type of system in mobile phones.

• They run by RAM processors which make the devices portable by using the same hardware system.

• The Android Operating system is an open source and is free of cost.

• The hardware is also cheaper in cost. It is installed in the small box to run the same hardware that can provide the better input as well as the output options.

• The primary function of the Android box is to stream the video content to the users and allow them to access their favorite TV shows and movies. Users can treat it just like their standard computer machine.

• These boxes are available in all shapes, sizes at different prices. Low-cost budget boxes are already available in the market.

• Every box will come up with own setup and manufactures modify the android codes to fit with the machines.

Android TV remote control

• Different types of remote controls can be used for the Android TV box that delivers the best user experience.

• They are available in various sizes and shapes.

• Users can select the most comfortable remote for their Android TV.

• For example, if they like some typing sort of remotes rather than screen type remotes, they can choose among them. There are many different models with the best remote controls

Android TV Vs Smart TV

• It is the best pick when comes to smart TVs. Both Android and smart TV are smart, but Android is more comfortable when compared to smart TV.

• Smart TV has many built-in apps that can connect to the internet. Users can avail everything in one smart TV package. The smart TV needs only one remote control.

• This can turn any TV into the smart television. It is low in cost when compared to smart TV. It had large app library.

• Smart TV costs more compared to the Android TV. It has insufficient applications compared with the Android TV.

• It needs another setup box, and users need to know the Android interface. The new updates might not support with all smart TVs, but the Android TV can support the updates with ease without any errors.

YouTube video for Android TV

YouTube video app can be downloaded on the Android TV from the Google app store. You can select from the video list to play on the big screen. It allows you to access the vast media library of YouTube on the big screen. You can search by typing the content using the remote keyboard and enjoy watching the YouTube content on the big screen.

Android TV Boxes Worth Looking Forward To 2020

Android TV Boxes have become increasingly popular with the home users. They allow them to stream content over the internet on your TV. You can also view content that is stored on your local storage on these boxes.

Due to their popularity, there are various Android TV Boxes available in the market; therefore, selecting the best one can prove to be an overwhelming experience. We have compiled a list of the best TV Boxes, which you can buy to stream videos seamlessly over the internet on your television sets. Let’s have a look at them.

Nvidia Shield TV

NvidiaSheild TV, without any doubt, has become the most sought-after Android TV Box of 2019. The latest model of this box comes with enhanced Bluetooth gaming controller and a remote. These features have made this not only the best Android TV box for streaming the content but also for gaming purposes. The latest model has a reduced size, which makes it easily portable.

Q-Box 4K

If you are looking for an Android TV box without burning a hole in your pocket, Q-Box 4k is the best one for you. It provides a whole lot of features at the most affordable rates. It has 16GB built-in storage, 2GB Ram, optical audio out, and is compatible with external storage. Moreover, it comes preloaded with popular video streaming platforms i.e., YouTube, Netflix, and Cody.

SkyStream One

SkySteam has made its way to the list of Best Android TV boxes as it allows the users to view an unlimited number of movies, shows, or sports by using both paid and free apps. Moreover, users can also use this Android TV box for viewing the live telecast of the sports events by using the add-ons with it.

WeTek Play 2

WeTek play two is soon going to become the best Android TV box of 2019 due to its impeccable features. The Android TV box can provide you with all the entertainment you are looking with its 2GHz Quad-core processor, 8-bit h365, and 4K Support. You can watch unlimited movies, shows, and sports on this box. With its ultra HD 4K quality, the experience of watching your favorite TV shows and movies will enhance up to a great extent.

Kukele S912

Having some of the most powerful specifications, Kukele s912 is another Android TV box, which deserves the recognition. It has a 64-bit processor, dual-band Wi-Fi module, and 3 GB Ram, which enables it to give a seamless performance. Moreover, it comes with remote control and a keyboard for the convenience of the users. You can stream your favorite content for hours on this amazing Android TV Box.


These are the top 5 Android TV boxes available in the market. The price of each of these depends on their specifications and features they boast of. Buy the one, which fits your requirement and fall in your budget bracket to enjoy high-quality video streaming on your television sets.

Finally, It is smartest TV in this new technology generation. Android TV is the best way to get connected with your applications and the cheapest way to access the wide range of content on your big screen.

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